4096 17th Street #206: Shower
Agent owned and listed as a short sale, 4096 17th Street #206 was purchased for $500,000 in October of 2005 and then remodeled. And while there’s only one bedroom and one bath, there are two shower heads (and a listing that, umm…features the feature).
∙ Listing: 4096 17th Street #206 – $549,000 [MLS]

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by jonj

    This…..sets the bar for photography on SS.
    No comment on the plumbing.
    What’s with the coffee cups?
    [Editor’s Note Just to be clear, the photo is straight from the listing and not our cameras.]

  2. Posted by astonished

    Remind me again, why is San Francisco thought of as being more sophisticated than Los Angeles?

  3. Posted by anon

    The SFAR version of Girls Gone Wild.

  4. Posted by tony

    I’m torn between
    “Wow, there’s a G-spot even I can find!”
    “Wow, “G” now has his own women’s fashion line?”
    Disregarding the contents, the shower itself looks nice too.

  5. Posted by john

    I can’t believe this place comes with two woman…AND coffee.
    Seriously though…shower heads are quite tall, no? (or they are not very tall women).

  6. Posted by Ryan

    Hey I think it’s cute. I mean if your gunna have to short sale, I’d want to laugh a little in the process. Ease up…

  7. Posted by cerky

    Are those Harvard mugs that they’re holding?

  8. Posted by socketsiteman

    Umm…that shower is sweet. And the two models are hot. I’m a fan.

  9. Posted by huh?

    Agree with Ryan – but for the two ladies no-one would even be talking about this listing. Apparently the photo had the desired effect.
    Now if the two gals came with the place, that might start a legit bidding war 🙂

  10. Posted by The Milkshake of Despair

    cool breeze blows through gate
    coffee warms two logo mugs
    shower with clothes on

  11. Posted by BigBuilderBuddy

    Isn’t having people in a MLS listing photo a violation per SFAR/Metrolist?

  12. Posted by tipster

    I think it’s clever.
    They obviously didn’t stage the place (and can’t really afford to) and they have a minor negative (only one bath) and so they make sure to accentuate the fact that, although it has only one bath, it has two showers. Kudos to them.
    And unlike most realtors, who have a photo from 1942 in the listing, these realtors have a current photo.
    And the showerheads are really high, so if beehive hairdos ever come back into vogue, you’ll be all set.
    Hard to imagine that they spent more than $50K on a remodel of a one bedroom one bath, the fact that it’s a short sale at $50K over their purchase price meant they probably used this place like the ATM that it was, and now will stick it to the bank to fund their lifestyles. Kudos to them once more.

  13. Posted by noearch

    this picture is so wrong. I mean, why can’t they have guys in the shower instead?

  14. Posted by J

    You guys treat objects like women!

  15. Posted by BobN

    This picture is silly. Look at the shower heads. See how high up they are? This shower was obviously built for two strapping lads*.
    * Or, possibly, Swedish women

  16. Posted by Mole Man

    Judging from the two types of shower head this is probably for some guy and his big dog, possibly an Irish Setter or Mastiff. Very practical!

  17. Posted by eddy

    This guy has the highest price per sq ft in the building at $1002 from 2005 at 500k. And now he’s looking for a premium on this deal in a short sale 4 years later in this market. And why is the short sale for more than he paid. Oh man, the only person getting any sort of bath/shower on this one is the lender. And I’m not even going to touch the irony of this picture in this listing.

  18. Posted by Chad

    @cerky. Yeah, certainly looks like it.
    Here’s one for comparison. I sized it down and then compared it with lady in left’s enlarged “cup” (no pun intended).

  19. Posted by Chad

    Oops. Wrong link.
    Here is the Harvard Mug ->

  20. Posted by Chad

    Not to obsess with this, but the 1st image of the Sherriff’s mug is what the girl in the right seems to be holding….
    So she must definitely be more “Fun” and open to trying out “new things”… LOL.

  21. Posted by waiting2nest

    As a woman, I find this picture offensive.

  22. Posted by kthnxybe

    As a woman, I don’t find it offensive, just silly. I have a hard time finding a picture of a couple of office girls that objectifying.
    The big question, besides why does a one bedroom condo have such a fancy bathroom, has been already asked. Just how short are these ladies? They can’t even reach the shower nozzles.

  23. Posted by The Milkshake of Despair

    “Just how short are these ladies?”
    If those marble tiles are 12×12″ then they’re 5’4″ to 5’7″ : Not tall but hardly short.
    By the same tile metric, those shower heads are 7′ off the ground which would be great for really tall people, taller than 6’8″. When you’re that tall you dream of having a shower that doesn’t require bending over just to get your hair wet.
    I also don’t find the photo offensive and am glad to see that the seller is having a little fun with the listing.
    Though the comments here do show that if you put women into a bathroom photo, some people will start expressing dirty thoughts.

  24. Posted by waiting2nest

    ” I have a hard time finding a picture of a couple of office girls that objectifying.”
    Yeah, I know they’re fully clothes in office attire, but it’s the “suggestive” nature of the photo – 2 attactive girls in a shower together.

  25. Posted by J

    That had not ocured to me…

  26. Posted by REpornaddict

    Well, sex is used to sell everything now.
    Guess real estate isn’t immune to it either..we are in a downturn after all….

  27. Posted by jaja

    This condo is in Castro. Hmm, let me think, let’s put 2 girls in the shower stall, that’ll make the gays wanna buy this condo even more.
    Unless they are targeting lesbians, I suggest they change the pics to two guys ASAP.

  28. Posted by mac

    U really have to have a large brick up ur bum if u find this pic offensive.

  29. Posted by bone

    what’s offensive is the suggestion that these are “office girls”. how do you know they are not doctors or lawyers or prostitutes?

  30. Posted by OneEyedMan

    ^^ Or worse – Real Estate Agents

  31. Posted by Chad

    @bone, who says “how do you know they are not doctors or lawyers or prostitutes”
    We don’t. And we don’t care either. These two women are HOT, and we will continue to adulate and dote on them. Because we love women 🙂
    I am sure you find this also “offensive”. Please.

  32. Posted by Buy High, Sell Low

    2 girls, 1 shower…
    Had to be said…

  33. Posted by Jimmy C

    if you can’t afford to buy, you shouldn’t comment on what a seller (who could afford something) can or can’t do.

  34. Posted by anonn

    remind me why is it that San Francisco is thought of as more sophisticated than Los Angeles
    remind me. What is it that San Francisco did to Los Angeles in this photo to make you say that.

  35. Posted by Chad

    @Jimmy who said if you can’t afford to buy, you shouldn’t comment on what a seller (who could afford something) can or can’t do.
    What kind of gullible reasoning is that ? By the same analogy, are you saying that over 300 million Americans have no right to say what a Presidential Candidate in the elections can or cannot do solely because none of these 300 million Americans are qualified to be President ?

  36. Posted by chuckie

    While the girls are gone and the price is about $50K cheaper, the agent owner is still flogging the listing some 6 odd months later.

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