“[Swords to Plowshares and the Chinatown Community Development Center] want to develop 150 Otis St., a surplus city-owned building, into permanent affordable rental housing for chronically homeless senior citizen vets. The project is scheduled to be completed in 2012.”
Surplus building to be affordable housing for homeless vets [Examiner]
150 Otis Street: San Francisco Homeless Resource [sfhomeless.wikia.com]

13 thoughts on “150 Otis: From Temporary To Permanent Shelter As Proposed”
  1. I wish someone would do a map of where all this housing in SF is and is planned. Hint: the concentration of red dots would make the whole SOMA, Octavia, TL and north mission into one huge red field, while the rest of the city would be relatively without dots. Its really awful.

  2. The way we treat our veterans is shameless compared to the risks they take and the price they pay for our freedoms. Whether you agree with the policies or not, they carry them out at great potential and real costs. Some of them end up with real problems as a result or real problems they would have had anyway and so what?
    Decent housing for homeless senior vets is an honorable thing to have in any neighborhood, and I’d be proud to have it right next door.
    I’m all for it.

  3. The political reality is that things like homeless shelters cannot go in single family residential neighborhoods. It’s a practical reality too…shelters really need to be near services, transit, etc. It’s a red herring to decry the concentration of shelters in neighborhoods like SOMA/ TL/ Etc….they can’t be equitably scattered across the entire city.

  4. so does anyone have insight as to what and where is being proposed in terms of homeless shelters and government sponsored housing in SOMA? it seems to warrant a little more discussion than what has been mentioned in past threads concerning SOMA related threads. current prices reflect an up and coming district that is more upscale and vibrant than its current situation. if there will be housing projects throughout i think it drastically changes the valuation process.

  5. When I lived in Puget Sound, habitat for humanity built a 4 br house. It went to a woman with a bunch of kids from Ethiopia. She had a real sob story. My point, and I agree with Tipster, is that if we have all this money sloshing around, we really should take care of our own, native born homeless. A lot of whom were veterans.
    The shoemakers children should have shoes!

  6. condoshopper – I believe the city has plans to build a “transitional housing center” at the corner of Essex Street and Folsom, where there is currently a parking lot.

  7. if they build transitional housing in rincon hill and south beach, what’s to stop these areas from turning into the likes of 6th and 7th street?

  8. ^Um, the massive amounts of high dollar real estate surrounding the public housing? There’s public housing in the Inner Richmond. There’s public housing on Sacramento less than a block from Fillmore. There are some SROs on Lombard. Why do these areas not become like 6th Street or Webster or Hunters Point? There’s a MIX of housing types. Mix = good. All public housing = bad.

    Swords is the biggest veteran POVERTY PIMP in the nations; STEALING MILLIONS & MILLIONS for their pockets while the veterans SUFFER on the streets or in their 12-STEP AA/NA RELIGIOUS CULT PRISONS….

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