75 Folsom #1204: Hall
Originally three individual units, the National Landmark Hills Plaza (75 Folsom) #1204 is now one 3,300+ square foot condo with three parking spaces, and three terraces. That’s 1.5 parking spaces (and terraces) per bedroom with HOA dues of $3,376 per month.
75 Folsom #1204: Floor Plan
Purchased for $4,125,000 in September 2000, #1204 returned to the market this past February asking $6,200,000, but since reduced to $4,900,000. It’s also now available for rent fully furnished asking $12,000-$15,000 per month depending upon term.
∙ Listing: 75 Folsom Street #1204 (2/4) 3,384 sqft – $4,900,000 [ubayp.com]
Hills Plaza #1204 – Furnished 2 Bedroom Condo for Rent [ubayp.com]

12 thoughts on “From Three To One And Six-ish To Five-ish (So Far): 75 Folsom #1204”
  1. seems odd to me.
    3400 sq ft and 2 bedrooms? I think few people would love that, despite the fact that it adheres to Jimmy’s LBI.
    but the views are great and the neighborhood is nice. not sure it’s $5M nice or $15k/mo nice, but it’s nice.
    overall the unit has some potential… but not sure that you can sell potential at this asking price.
    fantastic hallway and great room, but I’d want to redo a lot of the finishes if I lived there, especially in the kitchen and bathrooms.

  2. I leased this out in 1999/2000 for then owner,
    at the time was asking 12K, took 10K, if memory sserves. It is definately set up a grown up who
    likes to entertain.
    If I had Oprah’s checkbook, I could definately live here. This is a world class home.
    The views are stunning, The deck makes this home great.

  3. Great building, spectacular views, one of a kind size for anything in an elegant building with an on-the-bay view. The center units above a certain floor have very large decks, and the lowest one of those large decks is a common amenity.
    Downside in that building: ceiling heights. Atrociously low. Cramped feeling. An extra 6 inches would have done wonders.

  4. for the 4.9 mil you could buy and merge 3 hi floor units at the infinity right now, and spend 1 MIL on interior design and you would have a way better unit, way better views (30th floor or above). and 9-0 hgts instead of 7-9 or so.

  5. If I had Oprah’s checkbook, I could definately live here. This is a world class home.
    Why would anyone with Oprah’s checkbook want to live there? This is a noisy neighborhood. PH would be a better fit for her. Her main issue would be the helipad. You can’t get that for 5M.

  6. It is all about that deck, for me. Not for Oprah, for me and my trusty hound. (If I Could use oprahs checkbook to buy it.) I don’t think Oprah would come north of Montecito anyway. If she did I would want to place her in the uberpad at the St Cheezit. Or the top of 2500 Jackson. It would only be a pied a terre for the woman of steel.

  7. I was living in Santa Barbara at the time and the city was all abuzz about how she scouted for properties by helicopter and ended her search by making a tidy round number offer to the current owners. An offer at 250% the recent purchase price that they couldn’t refuse… I also remember how the neighbors b!tched about how this would bring the “wrong” folks to their exclusive area (heard that through the grapewine). Ah, Montecito… Now THAT is a nice neighborhood!

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