Green Couch Portfolio Shot
Okay, so we know we’re not giving you much notice but it’s the scoop and best we can do. Today, July 3rd, one of the hipper staging companies in town (Green Couch) is holding a warehouse sale. 11am to 4pm at 744 Alabama.
No promises, but at the very least perhaps a chopped pillow or two…

11 thoughts on “The Early (And Plugged-In) Bird Gets The Couch”
  1. Those pillow-choppers may be hip, but they could use a copy editor. This,

    Quality is not just a major tenant of our craft, but a measure of our daily pursuit.

    is simply painful.

  2. I am disappointed there is not an anecdote or two to accompany the scoop. There has got to be a data point or two lurking in there somewhere… not giving up hope though just yet as it’s often a plugged-in reader that delivers the goods 🙂

  3. The only furniture of any distinction is the green couch itself, which never appears in any of their stagings.

  4. Alas, they only just started pulling stuff out — at a snails pace — at 11 a.m. Mostly sofas. Disappointing all around.

  5. they could use a copy editor
    And what good would that do in this City? Obviously, this is a case of a protected “tenant”.

  6. I am so sorry for the typo/misspelling, we are so embarrassed. MS Word and Google mail have ruined my editorial skillz. Anyone agreeski?
    The word is changed. You might have to refresh your browser a couple times to see.
    That was an awesome time today, thanks for stopping by everybody!
    upward and onward.

  7. I love the Green Couch furniture…maybe next time around I’ll be in SF and can partake. (Actually, I think the green couch is horrible, but love the other stuff)

  8. “reproduction Barcelona chair”
    That’s a great price, if the knockoff’s quality is any good. I got a similar deal for those at a consignment shop last summer (they still have one or two available, last I checked). It really pops in our garage 🙂
    Those Barcelona chair reproductions are all over the place right now. Very comfy.
    Can you please give us a little more advance notice for these sales next time? Thanks in advance!

  9. Okay, so even a little less notice this time around (sorry dub dub) but the Green couch “Summer Warehouse Sale” started 45 minutes ago and runs until 3 this afternoon. 744 Alabama (between 19th and 20th Street). Perhaps we’ll see you there.

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