A plugged-in tipster notes a newly public animation for the St. Regis Penthouse. According to a plugged-in source, however, the animation will soon be obsolete as construction should be finished in a couple of months and the renderings will give way to reality.
Still asking $49,000,000.
UPDATE (7/15): Well, what was briefly public is now once again private. Hopefully those who were interested caught a peek. And if you didn’t, let’s just call it a reminder to plug in early and often.
Full Disclosure: The co-listing agent for the penthouse atop the San Francisco St. Regis advertises on SocketSite but had no prior knowledge of this post.
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10 thoughts on “St. Regis Penthouse Animation, Reality A Couple Months Out”
  1. There are so many properties touted as “luxury” units that aren’t luxurious at all. This ain’t one of those.
    This is luxury through and through. Rarely do I see a property that I salivate on, but this is one of them.
    If the reality looks *anything* like the video then the owner of this will be living large.
    the sticky part of course will be the $49M especially in this market. The only condo that I know of that approached this price in California’s market was Candy Spelling’s $47M condo.
    the other properties in this range I can think of would be The Plaza Hotel (a condo) in manhattan and 15 Central Park West. Little to nothing is selling in those two buildings this year.

  2. Fabulous! My only real comment is if you can (still) afford it, why even try selling it? These places are black holes for money. Build it because you enjoy the process and want to create something truly amazing, just don’t expect a return on it.
    And for the requisite snark: I seriously hope they put in some major air conditioning. On a day like today, that place is going to turn into a giant microwave.

  3. There is simply no rational that could justify this condo trading at $49M. End of story. There exists 4-5 people in the universe that might consider plunking down this much for a condo in san francisco. You could quite literally own any home in San Francisco for $50M. $50M is a big number. 🙂

  4. Why not buy a two story penthouse at 999 Green, re-do it to look similar to this, and save around 30 million ? Even though the views are far superior at a penthouse at 999 Green, you would have to give up the “prestigious” Market Street address to live at the top of Russian Hill.

  5. Not bad, but too many blank rectangles of different materials for me. Especially too many cheap wood and white wall rectangles. A little more color here and there and a curve or two to sooth the eye and you’d be much better off.

  6. If I had a house that could accommodate that many people for a sit-down dinner, I would not want an open kitchen — unless, of course, the evening’s entertainment was watching a celebrity chef make dinner…

  7. ^BobN about the open kitchen…. Yeah, I’d generally agree with you but when the place is a condo on top of the clouds, then I personally would want openness. Especially with tall (or even double height) ceilings).
    I wouldn’t care to live in a condo, especially in a high-rise. But if I had to do it I would want this unit (or something similar) and have it as open as possible. I’d love to float on cloud nine. I wouldn’t want to subdivide the place into closed-off rooms.

  8. UPDATE: Well, what was briefly public is now once again private. Hopefully those who were interested caught a peek. And if you didn’t, let’s just call it a reminder to plug in early and often…

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