Mark Hopkins Mansion

Speaking of captain’s homes, if you’ve ever wandered around the area of what was once the Mark Hopkins Mansion, now home to the Mark Hopkins Hotel, and wondered what was behind a former carriage house entrance at 1030 Leavenworth, here’s your chance to see.

1030 Leavenworth

Built in 1907 by Captain H. Mottet after the subsequent three-day fire rather than the 1906 earthquake itself destroyed the mansion. It’s been in the same family for over 30 years.

1030 Leavenworth: Bath

12 thoughts on “Behind The Old Carriage House Entrance Of The Mark Hopkins Mansion”
  1. How well does a hardwood floor work in a bathroom? What happens if there is an overflow?
    It certainly looks good. No grout problems.

  2. That’s a pretty slim connection- it’s three blocks away. And the opening is too low for a horse or a carriage to pass through. No matter which one goes first.
    Realtors will say anything (but we knew that).

  3. for the tub, I imagine any overflow or spillage is reliably and quickly dispatched by one’s valet.

  4. I restored a pine plank floor in the bathroom of a 200-yr-old house I used to own on the East Coast. I polyurethaned it (unlike the floors in the rest of the house, which were simply waxed). I wondered how the wood would perform in the wet environment, but it worked great. I simply used thick bathmats on the floors and made sure to wipe up spills promptly. No big deal, really, and the room was much more in harmony with the rest of the house than it would have been with tile.
    I think this place is awesome, setting aside the granny decor.

  5. I was looking for houses with the entrance for carriages and got here.
    Loved the photos and the bathroom called my attention – unusual use of wood for the bathtube,
    it looks cozy though

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