San Francisco's Millennium Tower (
Millennium Tower has received their Temporary Certificate of Occupancy (TCO), closings will commence on April 7th, and residents will start moving in on the 20th. In terms of the restaurant (RN74), the kitchen has been cleared cook and April 23rd should be the first night the public dines.
And speaking of kitchens, a peek at one from the midrise City Residences:
Millennium Tower: City Residence Kitchen
And a bath as well:
Millennium Tower: City Residence Bath
No update on sales since we last checked, but you can be certain that we will report on conversion and net new sales once they start to close.
Full Disclosure: Millennium Tower currently advertises on SocketSite but provided no compensation for (nor solicited) this post. They did, however, provide us with access to the development.
The Millennium: A Few Things You Might Know (And A Few You Don’t) [SocketSite]
Millennium Sales Update: Another Penthouse (#59A) In Contract [SocketSite]

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by jessep

    god those are incredible finishes
    makes me want to remodel

  2. Posted by snark17

    Terrific building. Hope the other towers planned for this area have such great design.

  3. Posted by anon1

    After being underwhelmed by so much “luxury” construction, all I can is: wow!

  4. Posted by Rob

    The big question is are you willing to live in the middle of a major construction zone for the next 5-8 years.

  5. Posted by anonsf

    Wow, that kitchen is craptacular! Especially the hideous marble.

  6. Posted by SFReo

    Agreed, does this mark a new Millenium for hideousness? I hope the whole building doesn’t look like this…
    What is that view out the kitchen, is that a wall 20ft away?
    On a more positive note, glad to hear the restaurant is opening soon.
    [Editor’s Note: That “wall” would be poor perspective on our part and the building across four lanes of Mission to the north. Again, in the midrise not tower.]

  7. Posted by jessep

    I’m sort of curious to know if those bay bridge views we see in the renderings, will be at all obstructed?
    Anyone got any info. I”m not sure.

  8. Posted by anon

    I like it, though all I keep imagining is the first time my partner sleepily leaves a pool of spilled coffee lying on it and the stain sets in… We’d be refinishing it all the time.

  9. Posted by kathleen

    Toured this building twice. Going back again. It is gorgeous inside and out. If you don’t want to live here. I highly recommend living in a building that looks out onto it.
    It is the only interesting looking residential high rise building built in the past 10 years.
    Look at the grand residences and at the townhouses.
    I am not a high rise fan but I am floored by this building.
    Really love it.

  10. Posted by Willow

    Pictures can be deceiving and I have not been in the building, but are the finishes that much better than what is offered at ORH or Infinity?
    Location for me is less than optimal too. Being across from the Transbay Terminal in it’s current condition is not a selling point.

  11. Posted by condoshopper

    is the bathroom picture slanted on purpose? i get a little nauseous from these angles.

  12. Posted by tipster

    No, the building is designed to sway in the wind. That’s how it will look during most of the month of March.

  13. Posted by huh?

    Willow – The Millenium certainly has far more marble in the kitchens and bathrooms than either One Rincon and Infinity. However anon makes a good point about how porous this type of marble tends to be. In a similar bathroom even small specs of my wife’s makeup tended to ‘smudge’ the surface fairly easily. That said, the units are well designed and are priced up accordingly.

  14. Posted by Poor in PacHeights

    Yeah – I thought Marble was a no,no for counter top becasue it stained easily…Maybe it’s an engineered material…faux marble at the Millenium? Oh the drama! The marble in the bath is much nice than the kitchen ‘marble’.
    Otherwise love the pics, are the counter tops in the bath matching marble? The kitchen seems to have storage space, but I’m assuming the full wall cabinets on the left are actually the fridge facade?

  15. Posted by ZibbyZ

    Marble in the kitchen…you all must not bake. There is nothing more ideal for rolling out dough – take a look into Tartine’s kitchen and see what the counters are made of!!
    The finishes look amazing, agree with the transbay ick factor.
    I wonder if the prices will drop again??? Thoughts? I think they are around $850-1.5K a sq ft, plus I imagine some steep HOAs.

  16. Posted by anon

    Ugh, it looks like a hotel. Lame.

  17. Posted by missiondweller

    Love the building but the kitchen cabinets look like cheap laminate. BTW I used to work next door on one of the top floors while this was going up, the views facing the Bay are fantastic.

  18. Posted by condoshopper

    the way that light reflects off of this tower is really beautiful. even Infinity, for all the acclaim it gets, looks like algae has grown on it.

  19. Posted by anonsf

    Marble in the kitchen…you all must not bake. There is nothing more ideal for rolling out dough – take a look into Tartine’s kitchen and see what the counters are made of!!
    Haha! Like anyone who buys in this building will EVER be rolling out dough! And where are the flour bins and the rolling racks for real heavy duty baking! 🙂

  20. Posted by Jeffrey W. Baker

    Except for the 600sqft units on the lower floors, the plans in Millenium are all quite spacious. They really seemed to have nailed it. Looking at these plans, I think this is the first SoMa building where I would actually consider living. 1RH is loaded with bogus floor plans and random taiwanese finishes, and half the units at Infinity have ridiculous concave floor plans. Both of those buildings suffer from the post-in-the-middle-of-the-room syndrome. Millenium looks much superior by contrast.

  21. Posted by JESSEP

    “post-in-the-middle-of-the-room syndrome”
    Been to 733 front?
    “Random tawainese finishes”
    My favorite catchphrase of the day!!

  22. Posted by Irwin Fletcher

    Wow. More ugly swirly marble ala The Watermark.
    Craptacular is right! LOL

  23. Posted by sparky-b

    White marble is not porous like other marbles and that why you see white in kitchens. It will stain some but not at all to the degree of other marbles and the tighter molecule grain is much better for bacteria, etc.

  24. Posted by sf THE CITY

    Who’s going to be able to afford luxury in this city? There’s no more investment bankers. The Pacific Stock Exchange is extinct. Biopharmaceutical companies and drying up. Office vacancy rates are leaving entire floors of office skyscrapers empty. The Chinese aren’t doing too well either.

  25. Posted by sfrob

    bath looks cool though photo is giving me a headache
    kitchen looks hideous… isn’t that like a 1990’s look? seems dated already

  26. Posted by tmornini

    I was shocked at the nasty kitchens. Saw a rather nice and large 2+2 on the lower half, eastern corner. Bad cabinets, and a tiny cheap microwave sitting loose in a cabinet, plugged into a visible plug, with 60% of the cabinet space wasted unless you’re going to store things on top of the microwave!
    All for $1.7M — must have been a nightmare. 🙁

  27. Posted by Anna

    MT finishes blow the Infinity away, especially the bathrooms. ORH isn’t in the same league.

  28. Posted by 45yo hipster

    why no patios? all i see is eons of glass panels skirting the bldg. btw, are patios in high rise res towers useful for hanging out? (nasty wind?) maybe they are better for just (pick one): spying on hottie chick in tower next door, throwing random items on cars below, putting fi-fi out when she needs to pee.
    -res tower newbie

  29. Posted by Turin

    Why are some of you worried about proximity to Transbay? The urine smell won’t carry past the 20’s, so no problem! 😉

  30. Posted by Outsider

    Anna: Agree the bathroom finishes at Millennium is far superior then both The Infinity & ORH. Quality of the common areas is also much better, especially compared to The Infinity. The Achilles heel for the Millennium is its location. There is absolutely nothing charming about that part of SOMA. Extremely congested area with dirty streets. A bit of Time Square feel. Most of the “standard” units also have the same claustrophobic shoebox floor plans one sees at ORH, Infinity, Blu, Hayes etc. I guess even the greatest architects cannot overcome the basic rectangular shape of the buildings. Then there is the near $1000 per sq ft price for the entry level units at Millennium WITHOUT parking. Remember Blu will take off $60K and Infinity $100K if you forgo the deeded parking space !

  31. Posted by ex SF-er

    very cool building, disappointing kitchen.
    I didn’t initially think I was going to like this building, but now that it’s built I actually really like it, especially this view.
    I hope the white laminate look goes away soon. (I’m sure these are lacquered, but they look more laminate) first infinity and now Millenium. were they asleep in the 80’s?
    at least they could go a more interesting colored lacquered look (red, blue, etc) OR go more modern (odd to hear me say that because I typically dislike modern). that would still be trendy and surely date quickly, but would look better than these.
    example of more modern (although very impractical)
    or make it more seamless:
    or add color:
    all of those look better IMO.
    [Editor’s Note: Out of 419 units total, only the 53 midrise City Residences feature the white cabinetry.]

  32. Posted by mini baller

    I can’t afford MT yet. have watched it from across the street go up. will be rocking out at beale street bar across the street w/ my closest friends to drive up noise pollution every night 60 stories up until PE comes oversold. enjoy!

  33. Posted by 45yo hipster

    Calling all res tower experts. Are outdoor patios useful/desireable way the fff up there? (blogging from my sea level garden in the sun, and curious!). Thx.

  34. Posted by sfjhawk

    The white kitchen cabinets remind me of what I have at the infinity, minus the white marble (instead we have green granite). I like the bath design though and yes, a funky angle.
    Speaking of re-modeling/design, does anyone know of a good interior designer that can assist with color selection, window treatments, and lighting? I’m interested and appreciate any and all recommendations/references and figured SS would be a good a source as any!

  35. Posted by anon

    For a good interior designer, I recommend Geri Rebstock
    She helped me with space planning, color and furniture selection plus finding the right blinds for my condo

  36. Posted by gowiththeflow

    sfjhawk did you change your counters out? The counters are actually black not green, that is why I ask?

  37. Posted by juju

    The kitchen looks nice. Those white marbles will stain…. but I think it’s part of the charm. The bathroom finishes are just ok. White marble tiles are not that expensive. It would have been much nicer if they are slabs instead of tiles (which since they obviously can do it because of economy of scale). The Stark set are not that pricy. It would have been nicer if they used Waterworks. I’ve not seen the kitchen cabinet in person so who knows how well they are constructed. They do look fine in the picture. The ones at Infinite is pretty cheap looking.

  38. Posted by bernie lomax

    looks nice, how much are the city residences?

  39. Posted by flaneur

    sfjhawk – No personnal experience, but I like the web site:

  40. Posted by sfjhawk

    thanks for the two recommendations!
    GWTF, nope, didn’t swap them out, but mine are not true solid black; more black w/green tint.

  41. Posted by tipster

    I walked through the lobby and the second level, with the sports club LA, pool, and wine lockers. That place is over the top BEAUTIFUL. The gym equipment is top of the line, and the finishes are superb. Better than anything I’ve seen in while. Millennium Partners does really first class work.

  42. Posted by Paul Hwang

    Just came from Millennium Tower Broker event: AMAZING! The Millennium Tower team has created an incredible urban oasis in the heart of the South Financial District. It’s apparent that the amenities and attention to detail were choreographed by a seasoned luxury developer with an eye on creating his opus / legacy. Probably the best bathrooms I’ve seen in a new development high rise.
    Michael Mina’s new venture RN74 is scheduled to open Friday on the ground floor for what I’m told is,”you can get a bite to eat and a glass of wine for $30″.
    Say what you will, but this is a great new building for San Francisco.

  43. Posted by UGH!

    [A]ll of these so called “luxury” towers, 1RH, Millenium, etc. don’t feel so luxurious when compared to what is being billed as luxury in other cities. Many of the new towers in other cities that are called luxury are ONLY FULL FLOOR unit projects. Millenium is nice, but not nearly as luxurious as what luxury buyers expected in San Francisco in the 1920’s or 30’s, with full floor units, deeded parking, and every convenience available from staff. Millenium is no 2006 Washington. Calling these towers “luxury” is as bizarre as what is now called a “penthouse” today in many towers like One Rincon, which sometimes do not even include higher ceilings, or different floorplans than the units below.
    Here is what 2 million gets you in a full floor building in a much better neighborhood in another city. Our firm worked on this project and the tower comes with units for live-in staff on lower floors as well as car spa, and on site nurse.

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