46 Tingley
The latest sale of 46 Tingley closed escrow on February 27 with a reported contract price of $500,000. Once again, purchased for $620,000 in September of 2004, bought back by the bank in September of 2008, and listed for $472,500 in January of 2009.
It’s Double Entendre Time For 46 Tingley Once Again: Go Bears! [SocketSite]

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by SF Joe

    27.5k over ask!!!! Market is heating back up.

  2. Posted by LMRiM

    LOL that somebody thought this was “worth” $500K! This bubble is dying hard, but dying it is. At least it’s 19%+ below its 2004 price, so that’s progress.
    I hope for the buyer’s sake it’s an FHA 3.5% down sort of deal. Not a whole lot of risk to a buyer with only 3.5% “skin” in the game.

  3. Posted by traumatic

    Hopefully the $27.5k overbid was to finance a few barrels of Kilz and white paint!

  4. Posted by flaneur

    Happy days are back! And congratulations to the new owner.

  5. Posted by yay!

    the arrogance of lrmim is really off-putting.
    it’s a nice house I think, we must understand that we all value real estate differently.

  6. Posted by tjg

    Does it come with an mba from berkeley?

  7. Posted by 45yo hipster

    Hey, as a Cal grad that paint job holds a special place in my heart. Me likey!

  8. Posted by pop_culture_zero

    What is the significance of the reference to Cyndi Lauper?

  9. Posted by jon jameson

    I agree with you, yay!.
    It’s all in the way one’s brought up, isn’t it?

  10. Posted by Stu

    I can’t hear the Cyndi Lauper so much as see the Captain Lou Albano

  11. Posted by Trip

    Maybe because she had a song called “True Colors”? Dunno. Sure dating myself.
    All I can add as a Stanford grad is that they certainly would have come out far better than this — 20% under 2004 selling price! — with a red and white color scheme.

  12. Posted by g

    Smallest IKEA in the world to open in San Francisco?

  13. Posted by sleepiguy

    I’m also puzzled by the Cyndi Lauper reference, and I lived through the 80s. True Colors doesn’t fit… although Madonna had a song called True Blue – is that it? Anyone have a time machine?
    I think the World’s Tiniest Ikea comment wins though…
    [Editor’s Note: You win some, you loose some, and True Colors it is (the “bearish” blue and gold).]

  14. Posted by EBGuy

    We think we know what we’re doin’
    That don’t mean a thing
    It’s all in the past now
    Money changes everything

  15. Posted by SF-new buyer

    True colors or not, I think its over priced

  16. Posted by sfnative

    Hey alumni, GO!

  17. Posted by GlenParker

    Those are also the former Santa Fe railroad’s freight colors. I personally would rather see it painted in their Warbonnet scheme.

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