2100 Pacific #9: View

It’s a big (5,190 square feet) full-floor unit affording big San Francisco views (bridge to bridge and beyond) and a “big” San Francisco address (2100 Pacific).

2100 Pacific (www.SocketSite.com)

And while there is some debate as to whether or not the Luries ever resided at 2601 Lyon, there’s no debate with respect to 2100 Pacific #9 (they did).

∙ Listing: 2100 Pacific Ave #9 (5/5.5) – $9,950,000 [MLS]
Dear Diary, San Francisco Sure Has Changed For Royal Real Estate… [SocketSite]

22 thoughts on “Live As Big As A Lurie (2100 Pacific Avenue #9 On The Market)”
  1. File this under wealthy people liquidating their non-core real estate holdings. A category we’ll be seeing more and more of here in SF I suspect. $10M, no chance? 2500 Stiener is way more exclusive, better situated, and sold for $3M less at the height of the boom. =This Place Overpriced. Same goes for 2006 Washington, #4.

  2. Common Areas Lndry Facilty-Coin
    Thought this was rather funny to see in a $9.9MM listing…No in unit Laundry? But, I’m sure in this price range the Buyer would have a maid to do it… Too bad there are no pics of the kitchen…awesome views!

  3. First post is about right — this is a lot to ask. Very Top tier pac hgts condos could still get 2000 per sf, but this is a huge unit and “eddy” is right — 2500 steiner is in a higher tier. ps, the units there are around 3500 sf area , so total price comp doesnt work, but the psf does.
    just for fun… i think this will sell for around 7-8 mil tops if they want to close soon. obviously, there some very nice houses in the area for 8 MIL you have to like this better than.

  4. Poor – I think it says it does have a laundry room, and there is also a coin laundry in the common areas?
    I like this part of the listing: There are full Golden Gate Bridge and Palace of Fine Arts views from the master bathroom windows- even the water closet has a Golden Gate view!
    Actually looks pretty nice. The kitchen pics leave something to be desired, it’s not quite a galley kitchen but the pictures make it look kind of narrow.

  5. I’ve never been a fan of Anne Brown’s design…
    Anyway, I’d be kind of scared to live in one of these East PH buildings. I think they were all built in the 20s and I just question their seismic stability. I’ve been in some high rises during some pretty big quakes and it’s not a fun experience.

  6. Are there any stories about Pac Heights high rises having damage during EQs? That’s interesting, I’ve never heard that.

  7. Jake: Bob Lurie “saved” the 49ers from becoming the Toronto Blue Jays. He had an undistinguished decade or so as owner.

  8. And then Bob Lurie ended his ownership career by threatening to sell the Giants to a group from Tampa Bay (a fate worse than Toronto). But the Giants stayed, and the Luries ended up in Atherton I believe.

  9. Hi Sleepiguy, do you have ANY basis for questioning the seismic stability of THIS building? Maybe you’ve taken a glance at some of the disclosure documents? Or have you read the JCP report? Do educate us as to the structural integrity of this building please, since apparently you know more about it than everyone else.

  10. And before I get sued, I am not familiar with it and this particular building might be fine, but any buyer should definitely inquire about the seismic soundness of any property in San Francisco.

  11. I think it’s nice though I’m not a fan of most of the furniture, some of which seems you can pick up at Pottery Barn (though I will admit some of the furniture here is nice). I’d prefer more antiques.

  12. I really think this place is grossly overpriced. $7M, maybe, but I don’t think it goes quick at that price. I just don’t think anyone wants to spend $7M to have 8ft ceilings.
    Also, it looks like they combined 2 units on a single floor? The MLS listing states that there are 18 units, and it looks there are 9 floors: 9×2 = 18. Surely the south facing units would have a lower price per square foot than the north/view units, but this person is trying to get a North Side / View Side price per square foot for the combined unit. Even if this was originally a full floor, the logic holds true.
    Lastly, 2500 Steiner is supposedly 40×100= 4000sqft,or 5000sqft for the lower floors according to random posters on the prior SS thread for that place (click my name for the post). So not so sure that 2500 isn’t a pretty good comp here.
    One more thing….
    SF Condo Guy –what is the motivation for your post re: sleepiguy’s opinion on the seismic stability of this category of property? He didn’t specifically cite this building. Your post seems to have some odd sense of offense for such a general comment.

  13. Whoa.. I don’t know anything about this exact building, however I am WELL aware of the structural problems of another Pac Hghts high rise that’s contemporary to this building which also commands similar prices. Like I said, I lived in Tokyo for years and have been through some pretty large quakes. It’s not a comfortable feeling…

  14. What’s the pricing history on this condo? $10m seems hilariously high now that the absurdity of the bubble is coming into clear view.

  15. Ahh, thanks for the info on the prior owners. Seismically speaking this building is probably very solid. Most of the luxury buildings/apartments from this era in Pacific Heights/Russian Hill/Nob are steel reinforced concrete and purposely “over-engineered” (as they didn’t have the technology we do today and went nuts reinforcing etc). As a result, they tend to be strong enough to withstand over 8.0 earthquakes, especially as they aren’t located on the sandy fill of SOMA or the Marina.

  16. I would think the new ones in SOMA are probably better engineered for earthquakes than these oldies in Pac heights. Obviously I would prefer the ones in Pac heights than the structures in Marina but I believe the new ones in SOMA are build more solid than the ones in Pac Heights since building codes have become a lot more stringent than say the ones in 1925 and the technology has been a lot better too. Either way, for $10M, I rather buy the fixer upper on the gold coast on Broadway that was sold recently. Golden Gate Bridge view and closer to the ground.

  17. This is San Francisco… there’s always reason to be concerned about earthquakes. There are a lot more scary examples re: seismic stability or lack thereof, based on what you can see here from the exterior. I don’t think there was a rash of shady deals with contractors in this era like with gov’t buildings, so unless this was the case, you could do a lot worse.
    No soft story and lots of redundancy. In the Big One this bldg might be rendered uninhabitable, but you’re a lot more likely to get out alive compared to plenty of places built 30-40 years later!

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