4432 19th Street
While it took the listing for 4552 19th Street a few reductions to join the Eureka Valley chapter of the million dollar cut club, down the street 4432 19th has done so in one fell swoop: previously seeking $3,999,000, now listed for $2,999,000.
4432 19th Street: Bath
Extensively renovated [beware the background tunes] and retrofitted since purchased for $1,200,000 in 2001, this District 5 single-family home is currently asking $750 per square foot based on its reported 4,000 square feet.
It’s worth noting that both 19th Street listings share the same agent. And while it could be a cosmic coincidence, and the public facing listing doesn’t note a licensed agent owner, it’s a data digging reader that notes the agent and owner (at least in trust) for 4432 19th Street do appear to share the same name.
∙ Listing: 4432 19th Street (5/5.5) – $2,999,000 [MLS] [4432-19thst.com]
4552 19th Street Joins The High-End Half Million Dollar Cut Club [SocketSite]
4552 19th Street Joins The High-End Half-Million Dollar Cut Club [SocketSite]

20 thoughts on “A Street, Agent And Now A Price In Common Too: 4432 19th Street”
  1. Up until now I loved viewing real estate photos… my love has just been abused.
    Come on, the detail of that very special hall tile is crucial…

  2. I almost didn’t check the listing because of the bland bathroom pic above. This house has retained a lot of character and the garden is wonderful. Beleive it or not, I am surprised no one wrote anything nice…

  3. Has anyone seen the home in person? I don’t understand why it was priced near 4 million before, or even 3 million now.

  4. This house is pretty well done. The only problem I have is the location. If this house is in Pac Heights or Presidio Heights, it would have been picked up already. But Castro…. $3M house in Castro? It’s a great looking house but no thanks. I’ll wait till it drop to $1.5M.

  5. You’ll buy it before me, I have a $1mm bid. Until the Dow falls to 5000, at which point I’ll reduce my bid to $500k.

  6. Dow 5000?
    Yeah, if we’re going down the path of Japan, we might get even lower than that. Just think that the Nikkei reached 39K in 1989.
    Today it stands at a cool 7500 or 80% less!!! (and it’s not over yet, imho).
    With a 14300 high for the Dow, the equivalent would be a bottom in the 2800s. Not that I think it will ever reach this level. But just a reminder of how ugly things can get if we go further down in this RE/debt created mess.

  7. Guys! There’s 29 pictures to look at. I’ve been through the place and the owner (Lance Fulford?) did an outstanding job. By the way, it’s 2 units. They over doubled the size of the place and legally added a 2 bedrm,2 full bath unit down. It sets on over a double lot & the back yard is fantastic. When it’s open again you should check it out. It’s down to $3m and I was told they received 2 offers. Lance’s partner designed the place for themselves from what I hear. Too big now & moving on? Maybe…

  8. Yet it still sits at $750 a sq. foot. Probably needs to be at $650 where others have been going into contract.

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