21 Lafayette
Your Question: What’s happening at corner of Layfayette and Minna (“I heard they are going to be rentals rather than for sale”)?
Our response: It’s a three unit building (21 Lafayette) that we believe was mapped as condos but could very well end up being rented out.
The Opportunity: To prove us wrong (or just add the inside scoop).

10 thoughts on “A Reader Asks, We Respond, You Add The Scoop: 21 Lafayette”
  1. not crazy about what place? The building? The neighborhood? Cuz I live in this neighborhood (right down the street from this place), it’s a wonderful neighborhood. Surrounded by major streets, once you step into any of these alleys (natoma, minna, lafayette, etc) you are peacefully emerged into a quite tree-lined roads. it’s really charming.

  2. lol@every building shown on the main page right now – they all look like something out of LegoLand. Why can’t we have at least one interesting building/development every now and then? Oh well, I’m a 94123 guy so what do I know.

  3. I live right next door and spoke with the developer at length today. He invited me to walk through them and I was pleasantly surprised. While they are town homes (vertical living) they seem to have some nice finishes and very unique floorplans. I look forward to more great neighbors.

  4. Agree with Jessep on the building (I know nothing about the neighborhood). It, like half the stuff on these pages just looks cheaply designed, and even more cheaply constructed – and hardly seem like positive additions to a streetscape. Will most of them outlast that older building that’s peeking above the trees next to it?

  5. Actually, the construction is pretty solid, double windows, good street feel. I will take a new construction with lots of light any day.
    I think part of the draw of SF is the mixture of new and old and I think this one fits well into its location.

  6. It does look like decent quality. I also like that it does not tower above anything else and is in agreements with the rest of the hood. I hope this will alleviate some of the loitering by the street people and improve the safety feel around here.

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