A Reader's Sunrise View
As the sun sets (okay, set) over San Francisco we turn to a plugged-in reader’s view from her two-bedroom, two-bath apartment. In the words of our reader:

I felt compelled to send you the picture of my view and tell you how much I pay for it when I saw the [price] the owners of 1200 California #25a are asking for their [one-bedroom] (albeit 30% larger than my place).

I think it would be interesting to compare…the view from $3200/mo rental vs. $2.895M.

Keep in mind that our reader signed the lease on her 965 square foot apartment four and one-half years ago and a comparable unit in the building is asking $4,095 without parking which is valued at $289/mo (and included in our reader’s rent).
And in related 1200 California news, #12D appears to be in contract. Asking $2,295,000.
[Editor’s Note: While the sun was setting as we wrote and published, it is indeed rising above. Damn you’re tough. And we’d expect nothing less. Cheers.]
Is That A Listing With Big Views (And Price) In Your Pocket Or… [SocketSite]
∙ Listing: 1200 California #12D (2/2) 1,850 sqft – $2,295,000 [MLS]

28 thoughts on “But Keep In Mind, It’s Not Just About The View(s)”
  1. Regardless of the caption, you do realize that the photo is a sun rise over Oakland.
    [Editor’s Note: Definitely a blown caption. Luckily the sun will come (up) tomorrow…]

  2. Not to quibble, but said apartment is almost 48% larger (965 versus 1425), hers is more than 30% *smaller*, and the sun is *rising* in that photo.
    Other than that, all other conclusions are probably sound 🙂

  3. although this view is great, the 1200 California view was much better, IMO. also i didn’t catch what address this view is taken from, but it doesn’t look like Nob Hill.

  4. I pay 1800 for a 700 square foot 1 bedroom in the marina that’s 100 yards from the water. There’s a TIC building with 2 bedroom units that are 850 square feet directly across from me on fillmore selling in the mid 700’s.. our windows face each other. It’s better to rent right now.

  5. jessep,
    Do you live in the FiDi/Barbary Coast area? I’m ready for a change and was thinking about finding a new place to lease next year. I used to work over by Levi’s Plaza and used to walk down Front St. every day from Market & really liked the area. Do you like living around there?

  6. Some people are just so smart and have all the luck…how did you get that great place for so little? It’s rent controlled too, right? So that means that you basically own it too. Good for you! You win again.

  7. My corner apartment in the Met (North Tower) has aspects on both the Embarcadero/Bay Bridge and the downtown/fidi.
    Floor to ceiling windows make the downtown view spectacular from both the living area and bedroom
    1 BR/1 Bath, 800sqft, $2660pm. My calculations tell me this is less than the interest only on a mortgage at the current value of the property (plus I’d have to pay Met’s exorbitant HOA fees).
    Point is, there are some great views from SF condos, and I personally wouldn’t live anywhere that didn’t have one.

  8. That’s a sunrise, not a sunset. If you can’t tell the direction the sun rises and sets in your own city, not sure we should really trust you with forecasts of the housing market in that city…

  9. sfperson,
    N1705? Just seeing how good my guessing is from the pics (You have to be above 12 to clear the PG&E substation, and the floorplate changes the NE corner into a 3 br above the 19th floor).

  10. We have a Pac Heights apt…$2900 for a two bed, two bath, 900 sq ft apt, 1 parking space…city and bay views (think sunset over the Golden Gate Bridge)…close proximity to shopping, etc, bus lines, etc…
    [Editor’s Note: Feel free to send us a picture. We’ll run it tomorrow morning…]

  11. 1200 California #12D went into contract at $2.3 mm? Does the chump who bought that place realize that he could have had #25A for that price if he had waited a few months?
    I can’t fathom a single reason why it makes sense to buy a place that looks like my grandparent’s condo for that amount of money, view or not. If you are looking at buying a place these days I would not bid more than 20% below the asking price.
    Hopefully that buyer doesn’t mind the fact that he basically threw $500k out the window of his new place. Enjoy the pride of ownership!

  12. oh yea? as long as we are bragging about views… i rent a place in cow hollow that has a view of the water through an alleyway and if you tilt your head just so, you can see alcatraz! beat that!

  13. @Paul Hwang, our friendly neighborhood
    Hmmm, it’s one of those floors above 12, not saying which! Skybox didn’t rent it to me, however.
    Seeing as you are an expert on the building, I’d love to hear your thoughts on the Block 8 development plans, which will remove all downtown views the building has from the North side of the Met.
    (I keep my property investment in different city which has already developed – so little risk of loosing views. With views factored into price, which can then be lost later down the line, it’s another good reason IMO not to buy downtown SF)

  14. Block 8 will definitely be good for the neighborhood, anything is better than a CalTran staging area. Most of the negative criticism that revolves around the area is the lack of retail. Hopefully new construction will eventually cure that. It probably won’t be for a while though.

  15. For those of you interested in the Barbary Coast/FiDi area you can visit the Barbary Coast News http://www.thebarbarycoastnews.com/
    This site is updated daily and covers political, new development, SF Port, Restaurant and Farmers Market reviews, among other neighborhood activities. Check the archives about the local personalities and business in the area.

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