69 Clementina #202: Floor Plan
With “7 offers received” it’s sounding a little bit like 2004 down in District 9 for 69 Clementina #202. Of course that “awaiting final lender approval” line belies what might otherwise be seen as a sure sign of a “hot” market.
And with a tax assessed value of $565,080, an original list price of $589,000, and a recent list price of $438,000, nobody should be too surprised (save perhaps other buyers in the building).
From the listing when reduced from $589,000 to $559,000: “HUGE PRICE REDUCTION! [Property] coming off market Monday, 8/11 if not sold at new price.” Luckily you didn’t panic (or bite).
∙ Listing: 69 Clementina #202 (1/1) – $438,000 [MLS]

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by PRFB

    The floorplan has chopped pillows!
    (on the bed)

  2. Posted by anoncensorious

    I recommend PRFB’s comment for post of the week!

  3. Posted by mitzi

    I looked at this unit several months ago. Nice condo, but it is directly next door to the 80 on-ramp.
    As in, almost touching.

  4. Posted by Ryan

    no matter what its touching, that seems like a pretty attractive price…

  5. Posted by Fishchum

    Mitzi – actually, that would be the 80 OFF-ramp. Sorry. Just a pet peeve of mine. Kind of like when people say they’re going “up to L.A. for the weekend”.

  6. Posted by Bob

    I currently rent in this building and the freeway noise is almost unbearable and it will only get worse with transit building construction. Great location, but too close to the freeway.

  7. Posted by mitzi

    Whoops, thanks for the correction Fishchum – I didn’t actually take the freeway there when I visited.

  8. Posted by T-Money

    Besides the 80 OFF-ramp being your neighbor and the transit building construction providing unpleasant noise the buyer also doesn’t get parking!. No parking!

  9. Posted by chuckie
  10. Posted by San FronziScheme

    No parking, freeway exit and 640/foot.
    Suckers welcome.

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