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According to the Chronicle, the long vacant Hibernia Bank building at the corner of Market and Jones (1 Jones) has been sold for $3.95 million. According to broker Stanley Lo, “the buyer intends to improve the building and to make it rentable for business.”

21 thoughts on “Long Vacant Hibernia Bank Sold, To Be Renovated And Rented”
  1. The famous robbery – it was a Hibernia but not that one. It was the one in the Sunset on Noriega which eventually became a video store and now is a graffitti-covered mess.

  2. Pat is right! They dropped off the get away car next to my elementary school on Lawton. Anyone know who bought it? I have a good guess.

  3. that’s a major SF trivia foul.
    [Editor’s Note: Agreed. And that’s why we’re calling dibs on Pat when it comes time to pick teams for Trivial Pursuit.]

  4. Please turn it into offices, or a bank. What an insult it would be to have neon “Walgreen’s” signs plastered all over the exterior.

  5. Why couldn’t Don Fisher make this building his museum of modern art? Some of my favorite contemporary art museums in Europe are built inside of very old structures.

  6. What a lousy bottom staging photograph! For 3.95 million you’d think they could do a little better than a grainy photograph which looks like it was taken in the 70’s!
    Love the ottoman, and the velvet ropes tho — interesting touch!

  7. Tania should have robbed this location…the Sunset branch is too low profile. Maybe Chris Daly can join the SLA after his term is up, it would be a fitting place for that nut.

  8. Dave SF,
    Well you need to provide an appropriate working environment for dealers, addicts, hookers, and gang bangers. The loin is its own agglomeration economy don’t you know. If our local government did something about it, well, they’d be descriminating. I am surprised that our bright government didn’t use eminent domain to turn the building into a brothel. I am equally surprised that preservationists haven’t been successful in declaring the Hibernia bank on Noriega robbed by Patty Hearst a historic building.
    Okay, I’m done.

  9. “Thats some negotiating if you ask me.”
    The seller dropped the price from $10M to $3.95M of his own accord. That’s what got the market moving. Where he got the $10M idea from, I don’t know.

  10. “Why couldn’t Don Fisher make this building his museum of modern art?”
    It’s not large enough– it’s only 38,000 square feet.

  11. Anything is a major improvement here. This thing has sat vacant for so long that it’s been the epicenter of negativity in the area, so any rehab and occupancy of this building is a good thing. I doubt it’ll be converted to residential though – that’s a historic building and punching holes in it for parking (must have with the location) will be tricky and expensive – probably too expensive for the prices they can get there. It’ll be interesting to see what they do with it though.

  12. A lot of SF gate comments insinuate that (or are affraid that) the wonderful Art Academy bought this property.
    I believe the old owner was Thomas Lim (Professor?) and originally wanted to turn this into a temple? talk about a 180 from a temple to becoming a hot spot for vagrants.

  13. When I movedin San Francisco in 1979 I couldn’t wait to open a checking account in the bank that Patty Hearst had robbed. I too was disappointed to find out it was way out in the Sunset, impossible in the days before ATM cards. But I was happy with my runner-up choice, the then Hibernia (then Security Pacific, now B of A) at 18th and Castro.
    FYI – When I first arrived in 1979, the Hibernia at Market and Jones was abandoned as you see it today.

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