Site of Two Proposed North Beach Street Closures
“A faction of North Beach neighbors may oppose plans to close a section of Mason Street to build a new library and park, but it is not the only potential street closure locals have up their sleeves.
Plans are afoot to close a block of Vallejo Street between Columbus and Grant avenues. There, neighbors hope to install a piazza where visitors can stroll, enjoy a cup of coffee at Caffe Trieste and visit the Shrine of St. Francis of Assisi.”
North Beach rethinks its streets [Examiner]

7 thoughts on “JustQuotes: Putting A Piazza To Complement The Pizza In North Beach”
  1. Why are north beach residents so deluded about their neighborhood? They want visitors and tourists, but only the ones they hand pick? Wasn’t this their main objection to extended the central subway to north beach? That it would bring too many people to north beach?
    Honestly, I’ve given up on that area. There’s nothing cool there, it’s mostly B&T & old people, and there’s no usable transit running there. Can we evict north beach from SF and see how well they do on their own? They seem to think they know what’s best for everyone, give ’em a shot!

  2. North Beach is as interesting to local San Franciscans as Fishermans Wharf. The only time I go there is when I am forced to by visiting friends. But speaking of Italy, we are well on our way to becoming the Venice of North America. Expensive second homes, great restaurants, antique buildings, and lots of tourists.

  3. I lived in NB in the late 90s. I still miss it… Plenty of people do see its charm in spite of the tittie bars and over-representation of the washed-up beatnik population. I don’t care at all for Pacific Heights or the Marina, so it’s either Russian Hill or North Beach if you want those to-die-for northern views IMO.
    Actually, the idea of pedestrian-only areas in neighborhoods is a great idea…. but I have to admit that I cringe at the idea of this block of Vallejo being closed off. It’s true that NB trasnportation *sucks*, so I almost always drive there… taking the tunnel and making the left on Powell to take Vallejo across to start poaching for parking east of Columbus. Green and Union are usually disasters to cross Columbus.

  4. I will 4th the vote that i never go to North Beach unless forced. It is tacky and has little cultural value. In addition, there are plenty of italian restaurants and cafes in other parts of the city. one caveat. i like city lights bookstore.

  5. There are many North Beach areas. You have the partygoer’s NB, the restaurant NB, the wasteland/tourist trap NB and many many interesting things in between. This is a big chunk of the historical SF all crammed into this funky/ugly/beautiful neighborhood. And some fine residential areas on the top of Telegraph Hill with killer views and quiet streets that sell often north of 1000/sf. And the chain store ban successfully prevents Colombus from turning into this temple of tackiness also called Fisherman’s Wharf. Now if they could do something with the Pagoda…

  6. Living in the neighborhood I can tell you that most average people do support closing down these streets and transforming them into open space (well it’s two tiny streets but it’s something).
    The problem is that in the news stories you only hear about the very tiny yet vocal crazy group that has the time to attend every community meeting scheduled for the middle of the afternoon on a work day. Most people want this change, hopefully the powers that be won’t be dissuaded by a very tiny vocal minority.

  7. I thought the SFFD said that section of Mason was a critical artery for them and should not be closed? The whole thing is a sad example of eminent domain. What a waste of taxpayer money. Plus with the library right there it will just become another stinky homeless encampment. But maybe that is the ulterior motive- lure them out of Washington Square. Coppola cleverly swept the unwashed off his stoop and up Columbus by funding North Beach Citizens.

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