Carol Lloyd bids Surreal Estate Good-bye [SFGate]
Goldman, JPMorgan May Prove ‘Mortal’ as Earnings Drop, UBS Says [Bloomberg]

9 thoughts on “QuickLinks: San Francisco Gets Less Surreal, Goldman More Mortal”
  1. There is much speculation on sfgate about the Chronicle letting her go or eliminating her position. I don’t think this is the case. Carol is now living in Costa Rica, which makes covering the nuances of SF real estate a bit too surreal, even for surreal estate.

  2. Did Carol dispatch the column from her home in Costa Rica for the past 8 years, or did she just move there after saying goodbye to the San Francisco Chronicle?

  3. “Just another sign the housing bubble is deflating.”
    Surely it is either that or one woman making a career change.

  4. She never did write that book that she had been talking about for the past 8 years.
    OMG – Did I just say that – how rude!!!

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