121 Edgehill Way: Living
However subtle, we’re suckers for Japanese influenced design elements. And wooded lots, mid-century modern, and a little bit of history too: “This Contemporary unique mid-century home was designed by the architect of the Japanese Tea House in [Golden Gate] Park.”
∙ Listing: 121 Edgehill Way (4/2.5) – $1,295,000 [MLS]

8 thoughts on “From The <strike>People</strike> Person Who Brought You Green Tea In The Park”
  1. Sold for $1,195,000 in February of 2006. We looked at this house. It was in good condition then, no work appears to have been done. Looks like it still has the original kitchen.

  2. I’ve been an admirer of that one for a while. And those houses get better and better as you go up ’round the hill. That is one of those only in SF type neighborhoods. If you haven’t taken a walk or a drive or a bike ride up there, do it. It’s really cool.

  3. @fluj, but it’s not near bart!!1 🙂
    Actually, this little area is a lot like montclair/parts of the east bay foothills (no flames, please, I’m just sayin’), except there is more fog, and it’s much smaller. Maybe it’s only in san francisco in san francisco 🙂
    Sorry if I ruined anyone’s breakfast by an east bay reference 🙂

  4. We looked @ this house back in 06.
    Great home, except: unusable back yard, No garage: only car port. Small rooms downstairs. Great living/dinning room.
    Too close to the Sanjac clan

  5. what do you call that particular style of floor lamp that functions as an overhead light? I need one of those

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