254 30th Street
Purchased for $1,150,000 in September of 2005, a sale of 254 30th Street at the current asking price ($1,250,000) would represent average annual appreciation of 2.9% over the past three years (assuming no improvements) for this single-family home on the border of Noe Valley and Glen Park.
And a related reader inquiry:

I’d love to see some SocketSite regulars weigh in with predictions for the selling prices for some of the single-family homes on the market in Noe Valley. There are a bunch right now priced in the sweet spot between $900K and $1.2 million, and they all have parking, nice little yards, and bonus rooms or bonus-room potential.

They aren’t fixers, but they have all have some (or much) potential for improvement. Such as 4090 25th St ($1.09M), 1617 Church ($995K), 3888 26th ($1.15M), 1308 Diamond ($949K). Then there’s 1143 Diamond, which is perhaps overpriced at $1.398M. There are others, these are just the ones I’ve visited.

Also mentioned in our reader’s inquiry was 4339 26th Street which hit the market in April for $1,650,000, was reduced to $1,450,000, and has now been withdrawn.
∙ Listing: 254 30th Street (2/2) – $1,250,000 [MLS]

85 thoughts on “A Noe Valley/Glen Park Apple In The Making And Neighborhood Inquiry”
  1. This section of Noe Valley/Glen Park seems to have picked up in last 2-3 years. Although this is a busy street, it has good access to 101/280 and very (too?) close to the J Muni and walkable to Bart.
    I will predict $1.3MM which factors in the unwarranted bonus room downstairs.
    BTW 1617 church went into contract, after being re-listed for $300K BELOW it’s original list price of $1.295MM.

  2. This is my hood… 4090 25th St had an offer in the first week as was off the market in the second. Don’t know the selling price but it was a 2/1 with about 1,000 square feet, a smallish yard, two car parking and a brick foundation. One would assume that they got asking-plus in that timeframe… Fixed up nicely, but definitely not a gut-to-the-studs remodel. It sold last in 1999 for $600k but that’s not an apple. “Apples” are apparently homes that were bought 1-2 years ago and presumable for sale now under duress. 😉
    The place on Church was a really beautifully remodeled and incredibly small place. Also about 1,000 sqft and sitting right on the J-Church path. You’d be crazy to drop 1.3m on that place given the size and the location. It also last sold for about $600k in 2001. Lots of dough went into this remodel. They also had approved plans for a big expansion.

  3. Dave:
    you do bring up a good point. It is massively difficult to find true Apples, given the amount of change a property goes through while it is held.
    so in the end we are stuck comparing apples with oranges, since it’s at least better than comparing apples with the water they found on Mars.

  4. I have always found there to be an oddity to Noe Valley pricing. These seem like nice small places for around $1M-$1.2M, yet if these places were falling down, like 469 Clipper they would still get over $1M (if the lot is big).

  5. sparky, I have been told that falling down places (especially Victorians) can be “more” valuable because developers can convince the city/neighbors that it’s good to tear them down rather than fix them up. So they pay $800k-$1m for the lot, build brand new units and sell them for $1m each. It’s two different markets, in a way. Mom+Dad+stroller want the cute 2/1, the developer probably doesn’t. And Mom+Dad+stroller don’t want the tear-down, the developer does… But each are willing to pay $1m to get what they want.

  6. i just looked at the permits for 254 30th and it doesn’t appear they did any significant remodels, even though 254 30th st is marketing themselves as newly re-modeled.
    This would make this a good apples to apples comparison to me, if and when it sells.

  7. Anybody who pays 1.2M for this is nuts. This block of 30th St. shouldn’t command a “Noe” or even “Glen Park” premium. You can get an almost identical home in a decent part of Bernal (say, 5 blocks away) for 400K less, easy. But knowing that the premium does exist and people pay it, I’ll say this house goes for $990K.

  8. bernaldweller,
    i will take your bet at $990K. I bet it goes over that price.
    How much are you willing to bet?

  9. sure you can pay less 5 blocks away in Bernal for a similar house..but IT’S BERNAL: housing projects, more crime, not as safe, dirtier..
    That’s why NOE commands a higher price..I agree that 30th st. is not that prime. but it’s decent..the J church a block away, Church St. produce..some very cool local eateries..
    I predict this will go for $1.3m.

  10. This place is nice, there’s *no way* it goes under a mil. *And* it has parking, a new downstairs, and a pleasant backyard. Perfect for the stroller set. My uneducated guess is $1.389M, but I wouldn’t be shocked if it went significantly higher.
    It will get a lot of activity and go into escrow fast.

  11. wow, that’s a rather precise forecast Foolio!
    sure it won’t go for $1.388M? do you know something we don’t about this place (like an impending bid from yourself???)

  12. This house (from the pictures) is excruciatingly mediocre. I can’t identify one interesting thing about it (unfortunately). The owners could have made the downstairs a master bedroom, moving the house into 3/2 range. Instead, they made the downstairs a family room, with really un-cozy tiles. This house is 1,375 square feet, without counting the downstairs, which is a good-sized home. The ceiling height (as opposed to the high ceilings of a Victorian) of this “Mediterranean” style house will make it feel somewhat cramped in comparison.
    Property shark says that the lot is 2,848, which is great.
    I don’t love this house but looking at the MLS, there are no longer too many lower-priced SFRs on the market right now. My vote is that the house goes for $1.2

  13. but IT’S BERNAL: housing projects, more crime, not as safe, dirtier..
    What??? yes in certain parts of Bernal but not in the $1mm parts of bernal. On the NW slope low crime, great views, clean streets & good eats on Cortland, on the north slope great views, little crime, clean streets, on the Cortland corridor not the same views, but the feeling of living in a (italian) hill village.
    A Bernal fan

  14. Ah, noearch, where to start. First off, the J is not a plus for transit…it’s a minus in my book. Have you ever commuted on the J? It’s a nightmare. Compare crime maps of this area with anything up the hill in Bernal (not Army St., not Alemany St., not Mission St.) show no discernable difference in crime within a few block radius. The “scary Bernal” story is 15 years out of date and usually speaks more to who is telling it than reality.
    And as for the bet, Sky, I’m not a betting man. But feel free to come back and crow if I’m more than 2.5% off the mark high or low!

  15. i am a fan of Bernal as well but the numbers spell out that Noe Valley is more expensive than Bernal.
    Obviously there are pockets of Bernal which are pricier than pockets of Noe, but overall Noe (even this southern section) is more expensive than Bernal.
    I think Bernal has a better “vibe” but the public transportation isn’t as good and its more gritty than most of Noe.
    Since this is city is so small, 5 blocks can make a huge different in pricing and “value”.
    BernalDweller. No worries about the bet, but if you feel confident enough to bet some money on that price, I will take the $990k price and the over. This way you could prove out your statements and have some skin in your predictions.

  16. The train runs right in front of this house and that’s not a plus (noise, vibration). I looked at this myself a couple of years ago and took a pass.

  17. not here to just “bernal bash”..bernal has some wonderful village like qualities..but the reality is that the public housing projects are NOT going away..and they contribute to crime and safety issues in that neighborhood..Noe has NO public housing. That’s why Noe will always be pricier even when comparing very similar properties.
    Bottom line: I just dont feel as safe in Bernal, even on Cortland, than I do on 24th st in Noe V.
    Yes, I ride the J church sometimes..muni is not perfect, but I can be downtown on the J in about 18 minutes, but I prefer to walk to 24th Bart.

  18. @ex-SFer: LOL. You know, I started out at $1.4M, but in the past the posts SS calls out as the winners on these sorts of things always have the funky-numbered bids. But no, absolutely not my bid (and I think I would still win if it came in at $1.388M).

  19. I bet Foolio is pretty close on this one. The lot is the selling point here, it’s a very nice size. Noearch — the train stop is like right there I doubt it’s even a block. That’s a minus. Very good neighborhood, enticing price, nice little house. We talked about this one yesterday on another site. (Joemama are you two-timing? It’s cool. I am too.)

  20. I acknowledge the Noe/GP premium, as I stated in my post. I don’t disagree at all on that. I’ve already factored in a 200K premium for Noe v. Bernal in my prediction, or 25%. An almost identical home in Bernal is probably somewhere around 800K these days (there is an almost identical home next door to me, complete with the unwarranted down addition that just sold for $805K.) Not north slope either, but 1/2 block off Cortland.

  21. It would be interesting to compare the listing and final sales price of 254 30th and the identical home in bernal. This would tell you the premium of the two areas….what is the address of the bernal place?
    I agree that the location on the J line is a negative. It’s right on the J line route and I bet you can feel the vibrations of train every day. It’s too close IMHO.

  22. “to some people, perhaps many..having a streetcar stop 1 block away is a PLUS.
    I think that adds VALUE.

    Noearch, come on now. Don’t be obstinate for obstinate’s sake. I’m sure you know that public trans proximity = value. And that public trans line stop practically right in front of your house = minus. Those muni trains squeak big time when they come to a stop.

  23. @noearch: Actually, it looks from Mapjack like there are streetcar rails right in front of the house, so it may be that the J turns off Church right here? That would be a serious negative.
    I confess I do anything I can to avoid the J-Church, so I have no personal experience…

  24. I also agree with Foolio. I live near this place and there’s no way it goes for less than $1M. I probably know a dozen people (including myself) who would buy this place at $1M, which means it will sell for 1.3-1.4. When 3888 26th came out we loved it but didn’t even bother attempting to buy because we figured it would get scooped up right away for more than its 1.15 list price. It’s contingent now.
    Supposedly there’s a housing downturn affecting S.F. I’d love to see price declines in Glen Park, Noe, or nice parts of Bernal but from what I can see anything worth living in is more expensive than 3 years ago. Wake me up when I can buy a place like this or 3888 26th for less than $1M.
    Also, I certainly have not seen any decent similar places in Bernal going for 400K less than the asking price for 254 30th. At least not any part of Bernal I’d want to live in.

  25. This place is walking distance to Pomelo. One of my favorite neighborhood restaurants in the city…Anyway, it’s going to be a true test of the strength of the outer Noe market. This part of 30th is busy, but with 2 car parking and a large lot, it will be very tempting to many. I agree with Fluj and expect this to sell for at least asking, if not more. BernalDweller, I agree with your logic but RE is driven by emotion. Just walk around this hood, it’s really one of the nicer, cleaner and safer parts of the city. Unfortunately, Bernal just doesn’t have that vibe. At least not yet.

  26. 3888 26th Street is literally right next to a Fire Station. It’s been on the market at least 5 times in the last 20 years. People will buy places on a streetcar line or next to a fire station but they never seem to stay for more than a few years at a time.

  27. I’ll stand by what I said..fluj: why do you call people obstinate when they just disagree with your opinion? you need to chill and open your mind to other views.
    thanks Willow for agreeing with me re: Bernal..Noe really is one of the cleaner and safer areas of the city. Bernal does not have that vibe…yet..
    I still think this property will sell soon for $1.3 or over..streetcar tracks or not.

  28. “Also, I certainly have not seen any decent similar places in Bernal going for 400K less than the asking price for 254 30th. At least not any part of Bernal I’d want to live in.”
    I agree. 87 Manchester is one. It sold for 950K, so more like 300K less (and they were initially trying for 1.049M or 200K less — many, myself included, thought they would get closer to that.)

  29. Frankly, 30th east of Church gets the train and it will have little appeal for families with kids. If you have kids, do you want them to wake up every 30 minutes late at night?
    48 Whitney is a similar house (3/1.5) on a better block and with a 3000+ sqft lot. It closed on July 10th for $1.22M. Fairmont Heights/Upper Noe has some really nice restaurants (IMO better than 24th) and is very walkable (flat).
    This house will sell but for less than the Whitney house, especially since it’s getting more difficult to find move-up buyers and exotic loans.

  30. “I’ll stand by what I said..fluj: why do you call people obstinate when they just disagree with your opinion? you need to chill and open your mind to other views.”
    I don’t. It isn’t opinion, but r.e. fact. You’re just plain old wrong on this one and I’ll stop here lest my own obstinance creep into the foreground.

  31. We bid on 48 whitney in 2005 and was surprised it went so low in 2005 and again in July 2008.
    I thought the curb appeal of the victorian house and the better location of 48 whitney would demand a premium, but the victorian design (ceiling height) did make some of the living space not as usuable.
    I do think i would rather have 48 whitney at $1.22MM than 254 30th at $1.35MM-$1.4MM but again I thought 438 duncan (a big victorian) would go for much more.
    I guess that why we have to wait to see the results.

  32. oh..ok fluj…gosh, I’m so sorry, I didnt know it was fact..I’m so glad you opened up your book of global real estate facts to correct me.
    do you also levitate?

  33. Dude. You realize you are vociferously arguing that a light rail stop directly in front of a house is not a negative, right? And that that is not being obstinate?
    Feel free to take the last word or three. I have summarized my feelings on the issue here.

  34. I also looked at 48 Whitney and it has 10x the curb appeal of this house on 30th. The Whitney house does have a weird layout but that could be fixed provided some of the walls can be removed.
    IMO it just needs another floor to make it a 4/3 with killer downtown views. The added floor would make the 2nd floor that much more spacious. The neighboring houses are all one floor higher so IMO you could get this through planning pretty easily.
    In the end I’m still a bear on housing so I figured I’ll just buy it cheaper a few years down the road :-).

  35. I agree for many of the reasons noted above that the house will not fetch asking. My guess: slightly more than the 2005 purchase price, or $1.175 m.

  36. What’s the deal with trying to market a place with unwarranted rooms? People always try to pass them off as living space but they are usually really messed up – short ceilings, weird not to code plumbing, odd access to the real living space, etc. It’s something that I usually don’t see as adding much value (of course I haven’t seen this listing in person so I could be wrong). But if you are going to go through the hassle of a remodel, why not do it with permits????
    Sooo…the asking price seems aggressive for being only a 2 bedroom and having the J Church right in front of my house would be a less than desirable feature (that corner is noisy!). I’d be very surprised if it went above asking and I would expect something less than that. The upshot to this listing is that there is very little inventory in Noe right now and it’s a pretty desirable neighborhood. So only time will tell…

  37. I can’t speak about rail stops but can about bus stops. I really consider a bus stop in front of a house as a negative. Those diesel busses really make a lot of noise when they accelerate away. You also get trash dropped on the sidewalk by a few slovenly passengers.
    My take on proximity to transit stops is that you want to be a quick walk to the stop but not at it. Same goes for the lines. Better to be a block away from a bus line and a block walk to a stop than to be right on the bus line and still a block walk to the stop.
    Grrrroooowwwlllll !

  38. So it sounds like we a range from $1.15mm (8% below ask)to nearly $1.388MM (11% above ask).
    It will be interesting to see what happens and who was right.
    Also, my sense with 48 whitney is that it must be more expensive and harder to re-model than anticipated as the last 2 owners didn’t fix the layout issues.
    That is why we made a lower bid on the place despite the great exterior. It had a lot of issues with the upstairs space and we thought it would be very expensive to fix those issues.

  39. Remodeling can be expensive especially in a city like SF where planning wants their cut. A house like 48 Whitney is considered a starter home in Fairmont/Upper Noe and attracts first-time buyers. I’m guessing most underestimate remodeling and maintenance costs.
    If you’ve been through a remodel then you know to pencil in construction, carry, and maintenance costs. The remodel gravy train is slowly coming to end for those without hard cash. I’ll be interested to see how many of these units come back to the market over the next 3-5 years.
    The previous owners put 10% down and took out a $1M dollar loan on the property; not much leverage for a remodel. I can’t find a loan for the current purchase, maybe not yet recorded.

  40. Being 1 block away from J church stop adds value if it’s in the right direction (ie away from the tracks). The J passes in front of the house, and more importantly, it turns the corner from Church to 30th very close by and the screeching is very noisy.
    Being right on Church street is a minus, but even it were a block up 30th, I can’t see why someone would be willing to drop the kind of money they’re asking for this place.
    @nowonder…. I think a lot of the places with unwarranted rooms are practicing property tax avoidance.

  41. Re: MUNI.
    The neighbors around this corner have petitioned MUNI for years about the screeching of the trains when taking the corner. MUNI posted 3mph signs (didn’t work) and now go out twice a day to grease the tracks. That’s gonna last…
    As for living next to a stop? Take the stop at Church/27th as an example. Every morning when I walk past it (to Martha’s) I listen to the loudspeaker announcing time to the next train and current time. Every idiot who walks up to catch a train pushes that fricken’ button. If I lived there I’d bust that thing so fast…..
    OH BTW – I’d rather live next to the firehouse at 3888 26th than right next door to Chloes. Oops! Both kill the deal.

  42. sorry Foolio, i slightly missed your estimate.
    1617 Church and 3888 26th (mentioned in the original post) just lifted contingencies, so should close soon. Curious to see what they sell at as they are similar to 254 30th.

  43. Might sound weird and provincial, but 30th east of Church is the Mission.
    As to the track location, does anybody know of anybody who has done soundproofing on the front of a house to obviate the noise, if not the rumbling? I know that the house being attached to the ground won’t allow all of the noise to be eliminated, but at least the screeching corner (which was a problem in many more locations when Willie’s Ferrari trains came on line).

  44. 48 Whitney needed a ton of work: the staircase was not to code, the upstairs bathroom needed work and apparently a bunch of work had been done before without permits. I think the top two bedrooms were both non-permitted space, in fact.
    I am astonished that it went for $1.22M, not denying its curb appeal.
    254 30th will go for asking. How far is it from the Google bus stop?
    The Muni doesn’t squeal anymore, btw. I leave near enough to hear it and they somehow fixed the problem, after years of the neighborhood complaining.

  45. Definitely not in the Mission. I always thought the street that marked the end of Noe and the start of Mission was Guererro. At this point Guererro becomes San Jose and this place is two blocks away. The zip is also still 94131.

  46. Such as 4090 25th St ($1.09M), 1617 Church ($995K), 3888 26th ($1.15M), 1308 Diamond ($949K). Then there’s 1143 Diamond, which is perhaps overpriced at $1.398M.
    I am pretty sure all these are in escrow. The long predicted collapse of the Noe market isn’t going to happen this summer. I keep hoping prices on the 3/2’s come down, but they have not.

  47. The train is loud and noisy at that corner – potential buyers will hear it as well. 30th (From Church to Mission St.) is also an arterial with buses, cars and the Muni rolling buy through the day and into the evening. Buying a SFR on a busy street is always a bad idea, Google bus stop or not. I won’t even mention that this line is used by the F to go to storage.
    I do agree Jim that 48 Whitney has lots of issues hence my suggestion as a bigger 4/3 by blowing off the top. The lot and the block are stellar (there are actual trees). 30th is an ugly street with lots of traffic, although the renovated park will help.
    Chenery to Harper from 30th to Randall but not 30th are great blocks with views. This house will not sell for asking.

  48. In case that wasn’t clear enough, that is my prediction: it will go for $1.25M, busy street and all.

  49. i still stand by $1.3mm.
    168 29th St. #3 sold on 7/31/08 for $1.152MM which is a condo below dolores on 29th street with a $245 HOA fee.
    I would much rather own a home than a condo and the condo wasn’t that nice. Also, I am not sure if 29th street is that much better than 30th, especially below dolores.
    I think that 254 30th wouldnt sell for below 168 29th #3 at $1.152MM.

  50. [Such as 4090 25th St ($1.09M), 1617 Church ($995K), 3888 26th ($1.15M), 1308 Diamond ($949K). Then there’s 1143 Diamond, which is perhaps overpriced at $1.398M.]
    “I am pretty sure all these are in escrow. The long predicted collapse of the Noe market isn’t going to happen this summer. I keep hoping prices on the 3/2’s come down, but they have not.”
    Yes, at this point it’s hard for me to be optimistically bearish. I had hoped to be able to buy a home without dealing with the multiple bidder frenzy. I expected 4090 25th and 1617 Church (at the new low price) to go quickly, but I thought maybe the fire station and Chloe’s would keep 3888 26th St on the market a bit longer.
    If 1143 Diamond went for asking (the two bedrooms were the double parlor–– what’s up with that?), then I think I’ll be buying in another neighborhood. Still watching and waiting for now, though…

  51. “1143 diamond closed for $1.5MM.
    Never saw the place but think it went above asking”
    Yeah. It sold for 102K over asking. It had an “enormous” bonus room down. So figure that into the tax record of 1095 sq ft., and add another 500 feet or so. That’s like ~950 a foot, pretty expensive (IMO) for a 2/1 @ Diamond and Clipper.

  52. spencer we will have to split our beer.
    Posted by: resp at August 8, 2008 7:50 AM
    I don’t drink. you can have it.:}

  53. 48 Whitney ($1.22m), 168 29th ($1.15m), 1143 Diamond ($1.5m), and even 1308 Diamond (list at $949k) all have views. 254 30th street does not. Views (and light) matter; especially in Noe. I’ll be surprised if 254 30th exceeds $1.175.

  54. SFtim,
    i bid on 48 whitney and dont remember a view or much of one.
    And i saw 168 29th’s view and wasnt impressed.
    I agree that a nice view can add alot but neither of those two had views worth much, esp whitney.

  55. @sky- I’m going from the online photos only. Whitney seemed to show a city view out of at least one window. And perhaps I am reflecting too much my own bias towards homes on hills. I like looking out a window and seeing — if not necessarily an impressive view — at least more than my neighbor’s wall or the sidewalk and trees. The windows of a squat house on the Church street flats presumably do not offer much of anything to look at. That counts, or at least should in my view, in the pricing.

  56. “1143 diamond closed for $1.5MM.”
    I can’t believe it! I am truly baffled. Yes, it has views, but the main level is small and the large “bonus room” downstairs was not finished–– on the flier it calls it “storage room or atelier or expansion potential.” I don’t think you should count that in the square footage for your calculation of $/sq ft, Fluj.

  57. “I don’t think you should count that in the square footage for your calculation of $/sq ft, Fluj.”
    But if you don’t count it the $psqft is gonna be like 1300+ or something.

  58. [I don’t think you should count that in the square footage for your calculation of $/sq ft, Fluj.]
    “But if you don’t count it the $psqft is gonna be like 1300+ or something.”
    I know, but the room is literally not finished. I mean, it doesn’t have walls, insulation, etc. So it’s really just part of the basement.
    Check out the website: http://www.1143diamond.com/
    If you scroll to the right of the slow loading photo gallery, you’ll see the “bonus room”. It has a floor, but that’s it. That’s why I’m baffled by the sales price. I went to the open house, and I thought it was way overpriced. Is the $1.5 sales price confirmed, or just a rumor?

  59. I just walked by this place. I confused it with another one about a half block away that is painted the same color. Boy, it really better be *nice* on the inside if it is going to go for $1.25M.
    I will try to go to the open house tomorrow.

  60. Finishing a basement is much cheaper than add up or out. OTOH basements are rarely finished as well as the above grade levels. A basement shouldn’t get full value per sqft especially if it is unfinished.
    On a side note that is one cheap kitchen in 1143 Diamond. At $1.5M I would have expected more but maybe people are conditioned to accept lesser quality. In the end it sold for whatever price because of the view.
    BTW 48 Whitney does have a view of downtown, not the zoomed in view in the listing but decent. Add another floor and the view goes from decent to stellar.

  61. i saw 254 30th today and think it will go for asking price, if not slightly more.
    It was nicer and had more light than I expected. It also had some limited views from the back, which could be accentuated if you could build up.
    Location is still a bit of a deterrent, so we’ll have to see.

  62. I looked at 1143 Diamond pretty hard. Very charming home, great views, but there was only 1200 finished sq ft. The unfinished space in the basement was 625 sq ft. 1.5 million for 1200 sq ft. Wow!

  63. Aside from these general categories ( Noe, Bernal, Glen Park, Fairmount Heights, etc.) there are the very local benefits and negatives. Yes, 30th street J and 24 cause some noise. i grew up next to Ohare airport, your brain hears it differently after a while. But isn’t Clipper/Diamond noisy as hell too? I lived there for 8 years. And I would much rather have stuff to WALK to – your options there are few. Close to the transit with less noise —– Whitney is the winner.

  64. As a plus to 30th ave, you can walk to Mitchells’ ice cream. mmm…
    And it will be healthier than you think.
    Those hilly 4.7 Miles from 30th Avenue to 30th Street will help you burn all those calories away! 😉

  65. I think 118 Day is an Apple, if anyone cares. At least from the listing photos, it looks like no updating has been done since the last sale in 2005 for $933k. Perhaps the bathroom has been updated, I will go take a look tomorrow.
    It is listed for $1.195, which would mean something like 6%/yr appreciation.

  66. I actually went to last Sunday’s showing of 254 30th and have a few observations:
    1. the interior rooms are larger and nicer and have better details than the listing photos suggested;
    2. J-Church line went by twice while I was there and it was not annoying or rattling–at all;
    3. unlike some suggested, the J-Church stops around the corner, on Church, and NOT in front of 254 30th;
    4. the new park less than a block away is almost done–I walked by there and it looked quite nice (it includes a dog run and a tennis court);
    5. the 254 property is less than a full block from a surprising range of restaurants, a butcher shop, a coffee shop, and a grocery store;
    6. the backyard is deceptively huge–lots of room to work with;
    7. the place next door, on the right, goes really far back on its lot, and it would ostensibly be easy to build backwards on the 254 property, at least half the distance of the right-hand property;
    8. the bedrooms actually have a decent little view (my partner liked the cute church spires);
    9. the workmanship on the unwarranted space downstairs looked pretty good–in particular, the ceiling height looked warrantable without drama;
    10. the huge clawfoot tub with glassed-in shower walls in the upstairs bathroom was ungainly;
    11. upstairs bathroom didn’t have much cabinet space and the single pedestal sink didn’t feel like it would work for modern couple or family;
    12. the downstairs bathroom had an ugly shower stall and an ugly, cheap vanity that had “quick run to Home Depot” written all over them.
    Overall, I liked the vibe of 254 and felt the asking was reasonable. I didn’t ask about the number of disclosures, but I would be very surprised if this listing went for less than $1.3MM.
    Finally, if the price of gas continues to go up, and if urban planning theorists are to be believed, the Bay’s suburbs are going to empty and places like 254 30th are going to be highly attractive to dinks and young families. If I had the extra cash to work this property right now, I would have been all over it.

  67. sanfrantim and I each missed by $37.5k, him low, me high. The Upper Noe market has not collapsed, at least not yet.

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