236 States #1: Living

While 236 States #1 doesn’t look to be particularly large, it does look to make decent use of the space (although it’s tough to tell about storage).

236 States #1: Kitchen

And to be honest, it was simply the operable windows in the kitchen that caught out eye.

∙ Listing: 236 States Street #1 (2/1) – $769,700 [Virtual Tour] [MLS]

16 thoughts on “Sometimes It’s The Small Things (In More Ways Than One)”
  1. @Lenord:
    What are you worried about? The listing clearly states that there’s “ample street parking.” Whew!

  2. I went to see this yesterday. First, let me say the agent was very sweet. The photo of the living room is a bit deceiving with the mirrors but it’s just big enough for that Ikea tiny couch to fit and not much more. I wouldn’t call it a living room, more of a nook. The kitchen is tight, the bathroom needs updating, the storage space includes a dryer propped up on a ledge and there is a weird cheap looking drop ceiling throughout. The place also feels very much built into the side of the hill. On the positive side, the deck is cute, there are a lot of nice eclectic touches throughout. It’s the right place for somebody just not many.
    I live nearby and do think the listing is correct that generally street parking is ok up here. Just don’t try it on a Friday or Saturday night or during a special event.

  3. Wow, I was just thinking about this place last week. I almost bought it in 1984. The asking price back then was $145K and HOA was $50.
    This condo was just outside the range I could afford at the time… and I was having a hard time trying to figure out basic things like where my full-sized couch would go (it wouldn’t) and where a 31″ tv would fit (again, it wouldn’t, not without bumping up against a window or the fireplace). The front deck had a fairly nice view but two small chairs was about the limit — and the side deck (which was only a lawn then) was in the shade for most of the day. But still, I liked the place. It would have made a good starter condo.
    Not shown in the pictures: States Street is a very steep street. There’s good parking except when the Castro shuts down for Halloween and the street fair. To be fair, the laundry/storage was was a sub-basement — dark and unheated, poured concrete — at least it was in 1984.

  4. The listing says that there is a large storage room, but I see no closets. Anyone confirm? Seems like it would be okay just for a single person……

  5. States street is not a steep street. I live down the block. It has just enough grade to it that you have to curb you tires (I have tried to fight tickets, but I think it about a 5% grade.) I park one of my cars on the street. Never a problem on a Friday or Sat night. Halloween, well that is another story. Never been inside this unit, I love States street though.

  6. The storage is a poured concrete room off of the staircase leading up to the unit. Pretty musty but good sized.
    I think most would say this place is for a single person. The closets had much more than just clothing in them in the bedrooms which is a clear indicator that space is at a premium.

  7. I also went to see this place yesterday, and I liked it. The kitchen cabinets were dated, but they certainly weren’t “mildewed.” Same deal with the drop ceilings; kind of a quirky throwback that not everyone may like, but I didn’t think they looked cheap. The storage area was really big, and closet space seemed on par with most I’ve seen in the city. I agree this would likely be a good starter condo.

  8. “I agree this would likely be a good starter condo.”
    Then maybe they should list it at a starter price $450K

  9. pretty ugly house. I remember I think it was a remodel back in the early 80’s..they stuck this cheap plywood box onto an old, falling apart victorian.
    very cheap construction. just look at the exterior siding peeling away..this needs work.

  10. anon:
    of course I do..just read back on some past posts..I praise quality remodels and houses and criticize work that looks like crap, and in fact is. I see past the glitz and hype that is often just “realtor-speak”…a buyer ought to know what to look for..after all, buying a house is the most amount of money most people will ever spend.

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