4086 25th Street (www.SocketSite.com)
It’s active but we’re still waiting for any listing photos. And if you’re wondering which one it is, and the “totally rebuilt from the foundation up” description for 4086 25th Street caught your attention (as it did ours), it’s the brown one above (not to be confused with the white one next door that’s on the market as well). Have any reader’s been inside?
UPDATE (7/25): Listing photos are now online.
∙ Listing: 4086 25th Street (4/3.5) – $2,395,000 [MLS]

77 thoughts on “4086 25th Street Is On The Market (And At Least We’re On The Ball)”
  1. I haven’t been inside 4086 but I have been inside 4090 next door and most of the others on the market in Noe. Still no surplus in the neighborhood but a noticeable increase in choice over the past few months. Over 60 properties on the MLS.

  2. The MLS entrant should correct the spelling of “laundry Chute”. I have seen the “Shute” version a few times which is OK phonetically. It’s just like CarrEra vs. CarrEra marble it gets annoying after a while.

  3. I wouldnt call this a “very handsome house”..it’s basically the same as the little dark grey stucco box next door, with a new third floor addition..and some “spanishy” sunshades..sorta home made design, in my opinion..not terribly creative.
    but, we can blame a lot of the exterior banality on the Planning Dept. and the Residential Design Guidelines..very dull, very safe..and very unimaginative.

  4. I can’t believe these prices.
    $2.4 million buys you a brown box with probably makeshift rooms and some not very private outdoor space. I agree with noearch. PLUS you have to go through a combat zone to get there.
    I think if everyone refrains from buying for about 6 months, perhaps prices will get a little more realistic in Noe and everywhere else for that matter.
    I was told that the market hasn’t hit bottom yet and that we’ve got about another 10-12months minimum to go. We should just all sit tight and wait.

  5. well, i appreciate the clean aesthetics of the design. yes, the house has a “boring/uncreative” look, but you can be rest assured that in a decade, this house will still maintain a healthy level of demand without much external structural remodeling, whereas “unusually hip” designs may become dated.

  6. I don’t know about that. 4226 25th just closed two weeks ago for 2.95M, 550K more than this one is asking. That was 961 a foot. We’ll see.

  7. explain what you mean by “combat zone”…? this is a great part of Noe Valley. just 2 blocks off 24th st..safe, clean…walkable…
    tell us. inquiring minds want to know.

  8. For the commission this agent is going to make, the least they could have done is taken an exterior photo to get started…come on people. Earn your money.

  9. Noearch and Fluj
    In order for me to reach 25th St, I have to go on C.Chavez or Potrero. Either way, there’s some shady areas around there and as a single female, I’m always afraid to take these routes after it gets dark. I was caught, in a car, in some gang action about 3 years ago, around Folsom and CChavez and from then on have been really paranoid.
    I love Noe, don’t get me wrong, but investing 2.4million and being afraid to drive there after dark just doesn’t seem to work for me.

  10. rinconrez:
    ok, let me get this right..either youre totally insane, or you’re joking.
    so… your so called “combat zone” approx. 2 miles away from this house would influence one not to live there..or drive to this house…the logic truly astounds me..
    OMG. I just decided I’m never going to the east coast again, because I have to fly over Oakland.
    @ fluj: please help me out with this one. I’m lost.

  11. I just cannot stand the TACO BELL eyebrows.
    Were those caused by the Exterior Residential Planning Guidelines as well?

  12. rinconrez,
    I’m sorry to hear about your traumatic experience. I don’t doubt that it was very scary. But unless you live in Pac Heights and work in the Marina, that’s the reality of S.F. Nice hoods become very shady in just a couple of blocks.

  13. “Wow, 4226 25th hit asking? I guess we’ll see if a high-end remodel is worth an extra $550K.”
    Yeah, it was the first non view $3M Noe sale.
    You gotta think pictures are coming soon for the other one, surely.

  14. Sorry noearch but that’s how I feel.
    You’re so exaggerating with the flying over Oakland bit but if you’re caught in crossfire, in a car, stuck between other cars, with people slamming iron bars on your hood, you would think twice as well.
    And sorry, I’m not the big strong man like you are who can brave it all.

  15. rinconrez,
    I think there are other ways to get to Noe Valley, where are you coming from?
    Market to Church, Market to Castro, Highway to Sanjose ave., Dolores?

  16. rinconrez,
    You were very unlucky to get caught in the middle of that, and very lucky to be okay. Regarding your earlier post, no one knows when the market will bottom. For all we know, this is the bottom and in 10-12 months, $2.4m will be a bargain. One of the reasons Noe is so expensive is the proximity to 101 and 280. If you work in Silicon Valley and want to live in S.F., it saves you an extra 1/2 hour commute through the city.

  17. god, everyone is so damn serious here..
    of course I was exaggerating; that’s often my style of writing here. but i was trying hard, hard to get the concept of how this so called combat zone affects a property miles away…
    ah…there are other ways to get to Noe…arent there? Rinconrez: I seriously thought you were joking. honestly sounded that way. If I were you, I wouldnt drive that way again.

  18. rinconrez – No-one should have to live in fear of what happened to you. That’s a sad situation that the SFPD should be addressing.
    But I don’t think that it warrants tagging Noe (or any neighborhood reached by driving through the Mission for that matter) as dangerous.
    By that same logic someone from Noe could label Rincon Hill as dangerous because they could take the reverse route.

  19. In fairness, Noe is proximate to crime ridden areas and there is a higher potential for unpleasant encounters. A number of burglaries and street robberies have occured there as well. I know other families who did not quite feel comfortable in the area and chose to live elsewhere. Your money does not insulate you from the reality of the streets.

  20. I myself saw a guy in one car shoot at a guy in another car on South Van Ness @ Cesar Chavez about four or five months ago, so I responded more earnestly than usual. The Mission is experiencing some problems right now. Twentieth street in particular has seen a lot of gun violence. But I wouldn’t call Cesar Chavez or that part of the Mission a “war zone” myself. To their credit, the Mission Station cops have definitely increased visibility and foot patrols.

  21. Yeah, but also in fairness Noe Valley is also the largest upscale neighborhood that is completely devoid of projects.

  22. Just drove by the place. Not only are there no photos on the MLS, but the agent has yet to put a sign out front. I find it odd that an agent making 2.5% of 2.4 can’t take the time to upload photos or send a minion out to put up a sign the day the house lists.

  23. Sorry, I thought it was a joke too. There is no place in the city where you can avoid driving through some rough patch, unless maybe you own a helicopter… I mean, you have to drive right between Visitacion Valley and Candlestick just to get to the airport.
    I’m not making light of anyone’s experiences but if someone to paranoid to live in the heart of Noe, then I think Los Altos or Mill Valley might be a better alternative than San Francisco. I’m a male but my wife is not big and tough. She motors around Noe just fine, as do many of my neighbors who have lived here for 20 or 30 years.

  24. “There is no place in the city where you can avoid driving through some rough patch,”
    Just try staying north of California and you will be just fine.

  25. “Just try staying north of California and you will be just fine”
    Except for North Beach, which has more than its share of thuggery.

  26. Sorry rinconrez, that you had such a bad experience. I feel like Noe Valley is la-la land compared to other neighborhoods I’ve lived in (and felt safe in). The biggest problem I’ve encountered is dog poop. Commuting home from the East Bay, I generally take Duboce to Guerrero to 22nd over the hill,and sometimes Cesar Chavez to Guerrero. Walking up the hill from 24th Street Bart is also fine (not in the dark by myself, of course).
    I’m totally with you on the price though. I wish everyone would just stop buying, so that prices would go down, so that *I* could buy. Unfortunately, people keep buying in Noe. I’m still patiently waiting for the other shoe to drop. Hope it does.

  27. Not sure how to respond to rinconrez, so I’m going to pass on that one.
    4226 25th had an (*) on the selling price, so we don’t really know how much was paid (at least for another 2 years till the tax records get updated)
    Same happened with 4061 (across the st from this one).
    One big caveat for this one is 90′ deep lot, which means the top level is probably tiny-ish, not terrible, but certainly not luxurious, which also explains the 1 car pkg.
    Having said that, there is 300K discount in the price, so it’s really a matter of seeing the interior. If floor plan and finishes are good, it should sell around asking.
    I live a block a way and saw this project finishing last year, and someone moved in (installed shades, etc…). I’m surprised they decided not to stay.

  28. “just stay north of california”
    Are you kidding? The meth problem in Oregon is huge, and have you been to Tacoma or South Seattle?
    Let’s not generalize to protect the feelings of someone who was in the wrong place at the wrong time.
    I wouldn’t call Cesar Chavez between 101 and Noe a war/combat zone. It’s a major street that, like all streets, major and minor (remember the mugging and killing on Greenwich Street in the Marina 2.5 years ago), has a potential for issues in a city where the thugs get free public transportation and a local DA that protects felons.
    I think a move to fantasy land is the only place you’re guaranteed to avoid the posibility of trouble.
    Let me know when you find it.

  29. @ someone
    Yeah, you’re right. Now that I look at it they didn’t disclose the sale price for 4226. I wonder what they got. They did record a $2M loan.

  30. Didn’t realize that property records for this one were updated.
    Again not a googler, but some other lucky guy that his company was acquired by Nielsen

  31. It is much more dangerous to live in Atherton or Mill Valley and commute into the City than to commute from Noe Valley to downtown SF. You are much more likely to be killed in a random traffic accident on 101 or 280 than you are to be killed driving through the Mission.

  32. Does anyone know Scott Ellsworth, the architect? Can’t find anything relevant on Google.
    So far I see:
    – an ugly boring building that’s just maxed out the sq footage possible on this lot, done by an unknown architect.
    – a sloppy agent with misspellings, no sign, no pictures, no floor plans, no square footage, 2 days before the first open house(and her only other listing is a $600K condo).
    sorry, not compelling enough to hang around the city this weekend for the open house.

  33. The realtor just woke up and posted pictures on MLS. I am completely underwhelmed. Maybe I was expecting staged and clean. But aside from the furnishings, IMO it is dreary. Let’s see if address trumps common sense.

  34. Photos are up. Let the bashing begin…Not a flip would be my guess by the photos.
    Also, resp, this thing did not max out the lot.

  35. This could be a partial/cosmetic flip. Certainly at least one bath was not fully remodeled recently.
    I think that the listing agent is understating the views which are listed as “partial” on MLS. Seems as if “city lights” would be more appropriate given the view from the deck. “Partial” makes me think of a keyhole view.

  36. kitchen’s pretty nice. what’s up with that glass door to the dining room? c’mon spend another $20K and take a sledgehammer to that last bathroom.

  37. Need to see it in person but price is quite steep, if it wasn’t for the location I’d say forget it.
    Baths are mostly horrendous, late 80s looks at best, sadly one of them appear newer but with old design.
    Kitchen is nice, floor plan is too open IMO.
    at 90′ deep lot, 45% back yard and >10′ front setback, the house must be 40-ish feet deep. Times 3 minus front deck and one car parking, you get at best 2.5K sqft.

  38. Completely re-built, but not a flip. It was permitted in May of 2006. Someone built it for themselves and are now selling it.

  39. The only way this could be new construction is in it was finished in the 1987 – and hermetically sealed. Take a look at those colors. For 2.4 M, they could have at least cleaned out the exercise room.

  40. Wow. Maybe it was good strategy to the photos off the mls as long as possible 🙂
    At first I was ready to bash the realtor for yet another amateur move by being deceptive in the listing by implying that the house has just been “Totally rebuilt from the foundation up.” I agree with missarticulate- the finishes are circa 1987. And bad, “I decided to save a few bucks and picked out the finishes myself” 1987.
    But the building department shows that a complete rennovation (@$685K) was approved in May of 06.
    I guess its not a crime to have bad taste, but it would still make me cringe to find out this was a flip rather than someone who built themselevs a custom home but unexpectedly had to move from the area. I thought the market shook this level of flipper out already?

  41. Sparky- how can you be so certain this is not a flip? Permits issued in May 06. 9-12 month construction time. Move in date at best was May 07. Its not uncommon for a flipper to live in the property for a year after completion before selling it. (Especially if they want to insure that they qualify for tax break associated with holding a primary residence for 2+ yrs.)

  42. can’t be a flip looking like it does. it’s statistically impossible that the owner, architect and realtor are all dumb enough to think this will appeal to a high-end buyer.

  43. Nicole, you are not counting in the time from purchase to permits, which would have been a year so they would be at 2 years at the completion of construction. And I think it is uncommon for flippers to live in the finished product for a year before they sell, with all the costs already spent. I think they do live in them pre-construction.

  44. Sparky, are you a flipper? Or are you basing your information from what you have learned on “flip this house”?
    I know it takes 8 months to over a year to get permits in the city, I’m a developer. Still, I also know of flippers who temporarily live in their completed projects for various reasons … The owner may not be a flipper, but with the short occupancy time period after project completion, I wouldn’t be surprised if he/she was.
    And yes, it is very possible to finish an addition/rennovation in under two years in the city, I have seen a few finished in 14 months.

  45. Nicole,
    I am a “flipper” and GC in the city. I think that most people who “flip” consider themselves “developers” as you stated.
    They submitted this permit on Sept.20th of 20005, so they got the permit pretty quick, but they owned the house, did the drawings, and had neighborhood meetings before this.
    I am sure that some people live in there projects after flips, but most want to sell a pristine house, or as close as they produced. I was commenting on two things in my previous posts; 1) I doesn’t look like a flip because your typically flip wouldn’t cram a room with furniture and work-out equiptment or leave there kids halloween artwork on the walls. And 2)per your 2 year comment, didn’t need to live in there because at the end of construction, list, and close of escrow they would have been way past it.

  46. Does it make sense to pay $2.4 for this place and not spend just a tad more for Pacific Heights or Russian Hill? What’s the fascination with Noe? I don’t get it.

  47. The owners may not be traditional “flippers”, but that doesn’t mean the motivation behind the renovation wasn’t shorter term and profit based. Why would a family go through the painstaking process of creating their dream home- which included a complete gut of their existing home- to only move out after a year of post construction occupancy? In reality, neither you nor I know unless we ask the listing agent. Yes, its strange that they didn’t hire a stager if they wanted to help the home sell, but so is that yellow bathroom.

  48. @Fluj
    ‘ ” Wow, 4226 25th hit asking? I guess we’ll see if a high-end remodel is worth an extra $550K.”
    Yeah, it was the first non view $3M Noe sale.’
    4062 as well as the house next door to it to the West both sold for over 3mill with no views early last year/late 06 – although the sale price for 4062 was not disclosed ( * ), Hill and Company represented the seller and I am quite confident it went for over 3mill!

  49. @albin_sf
    I’ll take your word for it. (But apparently those 25th street properties were either pocket listings or quiet sales.)

  50. This place just ain’t that great. Everytime that comes out it just swept under the rug, so the overvalued SF discussion can start/continue, along with the “real” trash talk. (Not that $1.9M is cheap.)

  51. Satchel- why wouldn’t this be the real noe valley? I don’t understand your reference.
    This does appear to be a ‘real’ medicore/below average remodel job though.

  52. I can’t tell exactly from the public records, but it looks like this house got foreclosed upon on 11/18/2008. Per propertyshark, the amount of the trustee sale was $123,181, so it looks like a second (or third), meaning that the new owner would take the property subject to any more senior liens. Perhaps someone more plugged in could enlighten us?
    Anyway, a foreclosure in Noe Valley. I’m sure there will be many more….

  53. Foreclosure for a house like that in the real SF? That’s a canary in the coal mine for sure, and we haven’t even had the big tech recession of 2009
    Indeed, last sold for $123,181 on 11/18, but I can’t find a sale before that. I sure hope there were more-senior liens, because I think even Satchel would bite at that price 🙂

  54. Foreclosure in Noe! This does not bode well for $1.2M homes in Miraloma.
    Will a “more better” plugged-in SSer look into this, please?

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