Treasure Island Model (Image Source: Popular Mechanics)
In other real estate related Supervisor news:

Supervisor Chris Daly tabled legislation Tuesday that he had proposed to increase to 50 percent the amount of below-market-rate housing offered in the planned major redevelopment of Treasure Island.

His decision to drop the item comes a week after another housing measure he backed at the polls suffered a decisive defeat. That measure, Proposition F, would have required the redevelopment of Bayview-Hunters Point to offer 50 percent of the housing at below the market rate, not the 30 percent as proposed.

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11 thoughts on “Supervisor Daly Drops Treasure Island Below Market Rate Bill”
  1. The Sun Tower is beautiful but those widely spaced towers reek of Park Merced planning and we should have learned our lesson. Not a very dynamic or efficient layout at all.

  2. It’s a shame that some of the groups out there that have put some of the existing buildings and property to good use will probably be shoved aside for this development.

  3. sf,
    Those towers are merely the towers poking above the low rise buildings – it’s not a “towers in a park” atmosphere like Park Merced, but more like the Rincon Hill design of 4-5 story podiums with the occasional tower rising above the podium levels.

  4. etslee, there was a lengthy news article detailing Daly’s gaming of the BMR process. hopefully he’ll be unemployed and destitute again soon so that the housing arrangement will be appropriate.

  5. can anyone speak to the engineering that would go into building highrises on TL?
    i’m definitely not one to criticize the high rise movement going on in the city. but on a landfill island i’m very curious as to how the engineering works.. and is it foolproof. this sort of thing has been done in singapore, i imagine. but still want to know how the engineering works.

  6. I take it TL=TI…
    The answer is piles and dampers. You don’t get to go very high without piles, anyhow, so with landfill, it’s just a matter of driving further down than elsewhere.

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