3911-17 19th Street
It’s not exactly an apple but it is kind of interesting (and perhaps the views and architecture aren’t the only things to “see”). From a plugged-in reader seven weeks ago:

It’s not quite a tip, but 3911 19th Street is on the market now. 3917 19th street, designed by the same architect [James Shay] with essentially the same floor plan, and built at the same time, sold in December for 2.095. 3911 is listed for 2.295. My agent says the additional 300 sqft (over four levels?) justifies the higher price, and that the seller will be reviewing offers on Wednesday [4/16]. I guess we’ll see.

A week later the list price was reduced $100,000. And a month after that (two days ago) the list price was reduced another $100,000. Currently asking $2,095,000 (additional 300 square feet and all).
No word on what our reader’s agent is saying now.
∙ Listing: 3911 19th Street (4/3) – $2,095,000 [MLS] [Virtual Tour]

7 thoughts on “Perhaps The Views Aren’t The Only Thing To See: 3911-17 19th Street”
  1. the seller will be reviewing offers on Wednesday [4/16]
    Darn, I guess I’m too late. I’ve been priced out again.

  2. This place could use some serious staging– Its crammed pack with furnishing that don’t match the style of the place. The floor plan is also pretty chopped up– If they want anything close to $2.095 its time to clean this place out

  3. I watched these two homes being built many years ago and it is my favorite. I have been in both homes twice when on the market. The homes have a mix of small and large rooms and the view is good. Maybe in the next incarnation (as a cat?).

  4. Saw the place. My personal estimation:
    The floorplan is very choppy and unsatisfying (and certainly not helped by the current furnishings). It manages to feel smaller than it is.
    How much does one pay for the elevator?

  5. +1 for staging. Also, the current owners appear to be living (and smoking, and burning incense) in the house.
    Spending a modest amount on cosmetic updates to the bathrooms, along with new paint everywhere, would have given the place an entirely different feeling.

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