1083 Hollister
Our thoughts on the listing for 1083 Hollister seventeen months ago (listed for $499,000 at the time). A take-charge (which we love) reader’s survey of the property and location soon thereafter. And the “newly renovated” listing today (asking $688,000).
∙ Listing: 1083 Hollister (7/4) – $688,000 [MLS]
Relative Value From Top To Bottom [SocketSite]

12 thoughts on “From Relative Value To Recently Renovated, 1083 Hollister Returns”
  1. Wait a minute. 7 bedrooms? 4 baths? 3 units? In 2,000 (legal) square feet and RH-1 zoning?
    Methinks this listing agent is… oh hell, there’s no nice way to put it.

  2. The listing says: “Newly renovated 7 bedroom 4 bath home set up like 3-units.”
    Foolio says: “Buyer beware.”

  3. this just smells like a junkyard dog barking over a barbed wire fence in the backyard, with a rusting 67 chevy nova parked next door up on blocks..
    nice ‘hood.

  4. Ain’t too much different from a sunset\richmond house with an unwarranted in-law. If it were in the sunset\richmond there would have been multiple offers over $688 – but its not. So Mr. Listing agent please remember location location location and I don’t mean next to the pit bulls and gang bangers.

  5. That neighborhood is not “pit bulls and gang bangers”. It’s also not lavender ice cream and baby strollers.
    I’m pretty sure the owner and listing agent is the same person. This guy flips houses in bayview. My realtor told me is friend does all the crappy work, he jacks up the square footage and the price. One of his properties i looked at had some really crappy work done and the “in-law” was not a place i would see my worst enemy live. Now i can recognize his listings immediately, 6-10 bedrooms, super high square feet, same cheap cabinets, ridiculous high price.
    I’ll bet this was working for him the past few years but i have noticed his properties sitting on the market for a very long time with no or little reductions. Now most of his properties are for rent, also stupid high and not renting, and for sale. However, some poor soul just got suckered into this one for $670,000: http://home-sanfrancisco.com/realestate-listing.cfm?id=4023
    I don’t get the idea many socketsite readers are looking out that way, but if you are, avoid like the plague.
    Wow, feels good to get that off my chest.

  6. What is wrong with a rusting 67 chevy nova parked next door up on blocks? Sounds like home to me. Hey neighbor, let me fire up my air compressor and we’ll rip the rust right off that thing.
    Good thing there is a neighborhood for everyone.

  7. Waiting for the Bottom – I think you are being rather harsh and dare I say it elitist. A flipper is a flipper. It doesn’t really matter if they are flipping high end Dwell homes in Noe Valley or multi unit properties in BayView. Ultimately the end goal for many is to maximize profit. As with cars not everyone can afford a Cadillac, sometimes a Chevy will suffice.

  8. While there may be high end flippers and low end flippers, there is also a qualitative difference in the finished product.
    I’ve seen high end flips done very well. I’ve also seen shoddy high end flips (low quality materials, bad workmanship, unsustainable design, etc.)
    The odd thing is that both the high quality and shoddy flippers aim for similar target prices. And they were both getting those high target prices !

  9. willow,
    I hear you but, this house is not affordable to most people. I wouldn’t mind this dude’s cheap work if were affordable to me or the people i know that want to buy. He can and should do whatever he wants, it just bugs me. The house wasn’t even affordable to begin with at 499.
    My problem with him is more his lying about the the legal square footage. Really, you should have seen this horrible windowless space he called an “in-law” and added to the square footage. His game seems way beyond anyone else’s, and paper thin, so if people cannot see through it and pay these crazy price then so be it.
    You’re right, i’m totally elitist in that i think something that costs over a half million dollars should be f-ing awesome.

  10. Willow,
    I’m not sure exactly why you’re going after waiting for the bottom for being elitist. Pretty much anyone else on this site, sure. I would call him/her more of an idealist. It would be damn lovely if there really was a neighborhood for everyone in this city.
    You don’t think 7 bedrooms in a 2000 sf house is fishy? I think (s)he was just trying to politely warn people (s)he can assume what the story is on this house from experience.

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