Hastings' Parking Garage at Golden Gate Avenue and Larkin (Image Source:
The Question: “What is going up at the corner of Golden Gate Avenue and Larkin?”
The Answer: A 7-story/68-foot tall parking garage by Hastings College with 430 spaces (300 for the college, 130 for the public, and an increase of 170 over the previous surface area lot), two City CarShare Pods, secure bike storage and 9,000 square feet of ground floor retail intended to “encourage students to linger in the community.”
Originally expected to be completed by the end of 2008, expect construction to continue for another 16-18 months.
The UPDATE: As a plugged-in (and perhaps a little dazed) “torchrunner” notes, “The new Central YMCA will go in next door” on Golden Gate. (But that’s not set in stone.)
Hastings Mixed Use Project and Proposed YMCA Community Center []

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by torchrunner

    The new Central YMCA will go in next door.

  2. Posted by Eric in SF

    Didn’t John Burton threaten to yank Hasting’s state funding a few years ago if a parking garage was built on this site?

  3. Posted by tloin

    Thanks SocketSite for answering my question. It will be interesting to see what retail establishments will occupy the street level.

  4. Posted by sfjain

    What a horrible waste of space for a neighborhood that desperately needs revitalizing – new housing at this corner could have helped this, parking is just encouraging the students to drive rather than take transit.

  5. Posted by zig

    well at least the design of our parking lots is getting better

  6. Posted by Matt

    Am I reading it correctly?
    A surface parking lot is replaced by a 7 floor parking garage and the number of spaces goes from 260 to 430 (170 space addition). Is that normal for the efficiency of parking garages?

  7. Posted by phil

    The area is not exactly desirable but housing is desperately needed; something like a podium/parking plus mid-rise slender tower is best IMHO.

  8. Posted by Jimmy (Bitter Renter)

    You lose a ton of space making the driveway that spirals up and up and up 7 stories. NYC and Chicago do it better– valet parking, and a car elevator that saves tons of space. Plus the valets can cram the cars in tight. You could probably squeeze in 1000 cars into this space with that kind of design.

  9. Posted by torchrunner

    The Y is pretty much set in stone. Design Development Drawings are done for a Gold LEED certified building with a pool below grade. Existing Y to be turned into housing, the Engineering testing is already underway. Financing the new Y, turning the old one into housing is what got Daly, Burton et al on board. The Y is slow to break ground due to finding an interim facility and raising money in this economy.

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