1800 Bryant #107
From the listing for 1800 Bryant #107: “Very conteporary 2 bath loft with 13 foot ceilings and custom coloration, built-in bookcase with ladder, quality appliance and stained cement floor. Tray sheik!”
UPDATE: As a reader notes, “Tray sheik!” has suddenly disappeared from the listing.
∙ Listing: 1800 Bryant #107 (1/2) – $619,500 [MLS]

16 thoughts on “We Probably Would Have Forgiven The “Sheik” (But Not The “Tray”)”
  1. what does it mean for the place to require a business license to occupy? do they enforce that? if you retire or sell your business would you be evicted?

  2. even funnier since “sheik” is pronounced like “shake”.
    “Tray sheik”
    “Be careful, don’t spill those cocktails !”

  3. It doesn’t require a business license to occupy, as noted in the listing it *technically* requires a business license to occupy.
    Translation, get a business license and pretend to be an artist. No one will ever check.
    That qualifies you to live in a place that was allowed by the city to be built only on the basis that it would help struggling artists, as a live/work loft. Nothing could have been further from the truth.
    As I have pointed out so many times on this site: many things are said and done that are not facts.

  4. Is it me, or aside from the living room, do the ceilings look especially low in the rest of the place (kitchen & loft), ie, 13 ft ceiling / 2 = 6.5 feet in the kitchen and loft. (Notice there’s no room above the door jam on the entry door in the kitchen!) Ugh.

  5. I see they have taken the tray sheik out of the listing, but still not done a spell check for “conteporary” I hate sloppy stuff like this.

  6. While I think tipster has it right – it has not been an issue that live/work lofts were occupied on a purely residential basis, I’m wondering if this might become an issue at some point like illegal in-law space. Up until pretty recently, it was held that illegal in-law space was just as good as legal space if the quality was similar – until they started enforcing the building code more strictly and now it’s realized to be something different – especially if your neighbor complains and makes you bring it up to code. Do you think a neighbor can complain and make you prove that you have some commercial occupancy going?
    And another one of my favorites…Chow!

  7. I have the guts to admit I spent about a minute looking for a tray in the picture before reading the
    detail (editors: quoting the word “Tray” would have cut that time to a few seconds 🙂 )

    They could have played the “tray sheik” as irony, but removing it tips their hand 🙂 Also, while we are piling on, the books in that bookcase will hurt you in an earthquake…

    [Editor’s Note: Done (and agreed).]

  8. It is pretty nice for what it is. Very smart? The big window, concrete floor, and other features of this high ceiling condo unit come together well. The custom book case is a nice touch, but might not be for everyone. The blue colors don’t work for me, but I could be rid of them over a weekend. Chop the price about in half and I could imagine being there.

  9. Spelling police, calm down.
    Punny! Very, very punny.
    Plus the agent got all of your eyeballs on the lsiting, that is not so careless.
    Tray Sheik “so screwball”.
    Have a highball.

  10. 1800 Bryant Street #107 closed escrow with a reported contract price of $590,000 (4.8% under asking) on 5/27/08, but was just updated according to the MLS this afternoon.

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