2728-2730 21st Street
While Edwardians and Victorians represent one era of San Francisco’s past, this definitely represents another.
∙ Listing: 2728-2730 21st Street (Mixed Use) – $1,150,000 [MLS] [Zephyr]

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by sf

    Isn’t this the Monkey Bar?? These places make San Francisco.. San Francisco!!

  2. Posted by Delancey

    Perhaps if they painted the Big Banal like this, it wouldn’t receive so much hate…

  3. Posted by Erika Burke

    Interested in purchasing this property…contact me. Former Bar/Restaurant with flat above.
    Good bones – neighborhood flavor.

  4. Posted by Robin

    Great part of the Mission. That looks like one good deal to me. Make that, a really really good deal.

  5. Posted by Thatjassemwoman

    Love it!! I want to buy it and turn it into a ballroom….but I am too busy being a realtor..

  6. Posted by fluj

    So no liquor license in the deal?

  7. Posted by missionite

    The bar was originally due to be named “The Comet” at the suggestion of a friend of mine. Hence the giant comet on the side. Sadly, after the mural was done, the bar discovered there was another bar in SF named the Comet Club in the Marina, and that bar wasn’t particularly enthused with having another comet in the city. Complaints were made, and the new bar was obliged to change their name to “the monkey bar”.
    The kind of mistake that can only happen in the 90’s before the internet was usueful for business name searches.

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