Golden Gate Bridge via MapJack
From a plugged-in tipster: “Great new way to see SF neighborhoods – just enter an address and take it for a spin.” showcases a new level of mapping technology. What others have done with NASA budgets and Star Wars-like equipment, we’ve done on a shoestring budget, along with a few trips to Radio Shack. Specifically, we developed an array of proprietary electronics, hardware and software tools that enable us to capture an entire city’s streets with relative ease and excellent image quality.

Our coverage area doesn’t stop street-side, we also include walking areas such as Parks, Universities and famous walking streets.

And while it’s actually not particularly new, we’ll agree that it’s a great real estate resource.
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Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by tipster

    It’s fantastic. Crystal Clear.

  2. Posted by Serge

    Love it! Much better than Google’s Street View, in my opinion. Photos are clearer and all of the sunset is mapped!

  3. Posted by eddy

    This really is awesome. No stitched together pics from what I can tell. I’m sure this was done with a panoromic camera. How do I invest in the company! 🙂

  4. Posted by bats

    [chuckle] The view of One Rincon is clear as a bell and ugly as always.

  5. Posted by vox

    It looks like they borrowed the Google St. view pics for the originals and then layered in the manipulations.

  6. Posted by lemons

    I don’t think they borrowed google’s pix. My house is on this site but not on google’s street view.

  7. Posted by dub dub

    Yes, this is *way* better than google street view.

    It allows you to see the photoshopped travesty of 2221 baker street (first pointed out by another reader) more clearly:


  8. Posted by Serge

    Vox: Highly doubt they copied Google Street View. Legal implications of doing that are not so favorable. The quality of these shots is also much higher. Many Google Street View shots have the sun shining straight at the camera, whereas here everything is exposed PERFECTLY.

  9. Posted by Serge

    I also think these are amazing for any real estate work. I’m a commercial RE advisor and when I cold call, I love to actually have an idea of what the building looks like. Street view gives me a good idea, but this is even better.

  10. Posted by FSBO

    Is this yet another reason to short GOOG?

  11. Posted by quakey b

    Wow this is awesome and a lot better than Google Street View. Loads faster, larger pictures, incredible clarity, and loaded with options. I also like the keyboard shortcuts so you can just sit back with your fingers on the arrow keys and ‘walk’ around. Brilliant!

  12. Posted by anon8mizer

    Darn! Somebody is parked in front of my house illegally and I got his license plate #, too!

  13. Posted by bats

    Oops. Found a shot where Mapjack’s stitching didn’t go so well. The view from the very end of the Fort Mason pier, looking towards the golden gate…
    Nevertheless, wow, this is a wonderful site.

  14. Posted by floristbecky

    This site is amazing! My 11 year old son and I just spent 20 minutes touring the city as he knows it and getting [for him] a much better perspective of where everything he knows is from everything else. Our house, his friend’s house, his school, etc. Unfortunately, we put in my work address and I’m on camera, his friend is too at his house, my son is totally ticked that he didn’t get to be on this… sigh… I tried to explain that it isn’t really that great to know you appear on this stuff looking like ****. He’s not buying it.

  15. Posted by SocketSite

    We’ve moved comments specific to 2221 Baker to: The Only Appropriate Headline: “What The Hell Were They Thinking?” And now back to MapJack…

  16. Posted by doodahman

    Just checked out Mapjack – what a terrific site!

  17. Posted by Ian

    Really nice but can’t get that nagging, “Little Brother is watching” thought out of my head.

  18. Posted by Kevin Montreuil

    MapJack is fearless — I took a virtual walk down Jones Street.

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