947 Green Street #10: Living

We’re not going to make a habit of publishing on the weekends, but we do prefer to kick them off with an outstanding view and perhaps a little history from the Russian Hill Neighbors (if not levity).

[947 Green Street] is known as the “spite building.” (Not to be confused with the 30-foot “spite fence” that Charles Crocker built around the property of Nicolas Yung in the Nob Hill block that currently houses Grace Cathedral. Yung was the only holdout in Crocker’s mansion block and refused to sell his small property to Crocker.)

The owner of 1000 Vallejo Street built this building to protest the loss of northern and northwestern views from 1000 Vallejo Street by the building at 945 Green Street. The building is L-shaped and higher than 945 Green. It blocks the eastern and southeastern views of 945 Green. The best perspective to understand this is to view the back of 947 Green from the balustrade at 1020 Vallejo Street.

This is a beautiful building with many full-floor condominiums. Elevators open into elegant foyers. The ceilings are high, rooms are large, underlying details are exceptional, and the views are outstanding.

947 Green Street #10: Floor Plan

And hey, if you’re going to live in the “spite building,” you might as well live at the top.

UPDATE: While we still like the story, we believe the Russian Hill Neighbors site might have transposed the addresses, as 945 Green is the taller L-shaped building to the east and was built four years after 947 Green.

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by chuckie

    I came across this another story of a house built for spite.
    A Tiny, Beloved Home That Was Built for Spite
    In the Old Town district of Alexandria, Va., a family stretches out in a home seven feet wide.

  2. Posted by tipster

    Interesting how full circle we’ve come.
    You used to build a home for spite.
    Now for spite, you give the house back to the bank.

  3. Posted by ex SF-er

    that house was on “Small Spaces, Big Style” a show on HGTV. They tour the “entire” house.
    It’s interesting, because since that show he must have got married to the woman in the article you cite. Prior to that it was just him, and occasionally his son.
    as for the spite building: it’s gorgeous
    there are a few areas of uber-gaudiness (like the bathroom sinks and the range hood) but overall it could be toned down pretty easily. (unless someone like my flamboyant friend bought it, then it would make Versace look spartan!)

  4. Posted by noe lover

    This unit is pending sale.

  5. Posted by Michael L

    Cozy – very nice.

  6. Posted by Sleepiguy

    Was this REALLY on the market, then? Anyway, Malin strikes again. She apparently managed to sell 34 Presidio Terrace as well, which if you remember had been on the market for years. It took Malin two months. She also represented the buyer of 2705 Larkin which was available for like a week for only 9.5 million.
    I think that it’s evident that high end view homes in PERFECT condition are flying off the market.

  7. Posted by Jimmy (Bitter Renter)

    What a magnificent pied a terre in the city. Seeing that apartments like this exist just a few blocks from my “lowest-of-Lowes” renovated condo (with a commanding view of the back alley and pigeons) makes me feel secure that the gulf between the peasants (me) and the landed gentry is alive and well.
    It also gives you something to aspire to…. some day, if you’re really, Really successful at whatever it is you do, you might be able to afford … perhaps not this unit, but the one below it that’s almost as good but not quite.
    (Personally I’ve got my eye on 2100 Washington St. which is a nice-sized SFR with good views next to Lafayette Park). I think 2080 Washington (situated across Octavia) is a bit too much for the average guy to hope for…plus it looks like a library.

  8. Posted by Sleepiguy

    You want Peter Magowan’s house? I’d settle for that too..

  9. Posted by Jimmy (Bitter Renter)

    How do you know it is Peter Magowan’s house?
    Hey… says on Wikipedia that he’s a director of Caterpillar, which has been trying for awhile to steal some of my company’s technology. Isn’t that a funny coincidence? And, he supports McCain. Other than him being a multi-millionaire and my not, we have tons in common!
    Howabout this: I’ll email him and offer to trade the worldwide IP rights to my technology for that house. Let’s see if he goes for it…
    I bet the place is in great condition!

  10. Posted by Kathleen

    Too bad this never hit the open market.

  11. Posted by vox

    Yeah. 2100 Washington is Peter Magowan’s house and it’s in very good condition.
    No, you didn’t see that on the market either because he bought it from his mother’s estate for about $20MM in 2001.
    Hehe: no commissions were paid on closing.

  12. Posted by eddy

    Sleepiguy, I completely agree w/ your assessment of the upper end. But when has this not been the case. Fact it that there is nothing hitting the market right now so anything that hits goes fast. Usually there are a lot of high end homes hitting the market this time of the year. I find it interesting that we’re not seeing much of anything north of $6M hitting the market. Very odd IMO. And it’s not like these places are selling off market either, they just aren’t out there.

  13. Posted by albin_sf

    eddie and sleepiguy – I agree with you both – do you think buyers looking to spend 5 – 7 mil for perfection in Pac Heights would spend around 4 – 5 mil for the same in in Eureka or Noe Valley?

  14. Posted by Sleepiguy

    ^ I’m not a realtor, so I really don’t know, but I think 4+ is too high. A perfect property in Noe probably maxes out at 3. Although something like 4924 17th sold last fall for 3.9, so who knows.

  15. Posted by Alan

    You’ve got your addresses reversed. 945 Green Street (to the east of 947, so a lower address number) is the “spite” building and must be where the unit is for sale.

  16. Posted by BR

    You are partially correct. 945 is the spite building and built after (and higher than) 947. This unit appears to be in 947.

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