173 Collins
It is on the edge of Laurel Heights, and we’re not entirely sold on the flow of the kitchen, but we really can’t argue with the restored woodwork and Edwardian curb appeal. And while we can’t comment on the “magical garden with meandering paths,” we can appreciate the alliteration.
∙ Listing: 173 Collins (3/1.25) – $1,595,000 [MLS]

29 thoughts on “A Thursday Morning Trifecta: Curb Appeal, Woodwork And Alliteration”
  1. THANKS for relieving us of 1 Rincon. Whew.
    Notwithstanding the ugly aluminum windows, nice facade and — any real estate blog using the word alliteration — (I’m with Mark D) — gets high marks in my book.

  2. the usual realtor double-speak..
    the kitchen layout is bad. do I see track lighting on the ceiling? so wrong.
    laundry in the basement. yuck.
    backyard with a few ratty plants and cheap home-depot lighting.

  3. This house is ok. I’m not the biggest fan of Jordan Park/Laurel Heights, but it is close to shopping and the weather is better than further into the Richmond. 123 Parker, a few blocks west, is still available for 1.8 million

  4. Wow you guys took your grouchy pills this morning. I think this house has been picked up really nicely and I like the way the site shows the place at night as well as during the day. The garden is not just a few ratty plants–its a garden as it looks before spring hits. I too don’t want to live in Laurel Heights (too much like Los Altos or other ‘burbs for this city lover) but if I had to, I would look for a single family home like this. But of course I live in Cow Hollow with old fig trees, plums and lemons (not to mention a meandering path) so I am never moving 🙂

  5. Great location, great curb appeal, love the kitchen, nice garden and outdoor space. Nice price. Love it!

  6. Nice looking place…and sure beats a condo at nearly the same price in the Marina. Jordan Park is great, many families out there. I’m with “Invested”…enough with ORH and the rest of those boring skyscrapers.

  7. Correct me if I’m wrong:
    1/4 bath: sink that isn’t really full sized and a toilet in a very small room.
    1/2 bath: sink and toilet.
    3/4 bath: sink, toilet and shower, but no tub.
    Full bath: Sink, toilet, shower and tub.
    1.317 bath: sink, toilet, shower, tub and realtor in the photo (j/k).
    And, sigh, some unscrupulous SF realtors will advertise a 3/4 bath as a full bath. You need to watch out for that. And you may also want to note that as a potential sign of dishonesty – not a good sign in my book.

  8. What is that pseudo-artsy thing over the dining room table?
    Looks to be staged within an inch of its life. “View” appears to be from small backroom only.
    No, I’m not cranky, just tired of things being oversold having cheesy alum. windows

  9. One thing to note: the happy nuclear family charm of Laurel Heights is fragile. At the corner of Euclid and Collins, it’s strollers and merriment.
    This, unfortunately, is much closer to the corner of Collins and Geary. What a difference less than a block makes. Geary’s nasty.

  10. It’s got the bones of a nice home, but they certainly left the quality upgrades for the new owner. $1.6 million seems high, given the peculiarities and non-rockstar location.
    The quarter bathroom is hilarious. What is exactly is going on with those doors in the sitting room off of the kitchen??

  11. I don’t see what’s wrong with having the laundry in the basement, either, unless you like hearing that in your living space.
    I didn’t catch the unwarranted bathroom the first time through the photos… only 1 place to bathe in a 3bd would be a deal killer. Still… $1.6 million for cheap windows, IKEA track lighting and highlarious “chandaliers”… I don’t know.

  12. The kitchen is precious and loaded with character. The front facade is fabulous even with the window glitch. The rear is just asking for some creative work. Seen in terms of potential this building is worth at least half what they are asking.

  13. Hey,
    Let’s start a laundry thread (no pun intended). Laundry in the basement vs. in the living level? My wife prefers the living level but doesn’t like the noise. Hmm… Also does any one else notice how those fancy new washers take like over an hour to do one load, and also hold a smaller load? Hmm…

  14. What’s up with the complaints about cheap windows ? Sure they’re cheap and tacky but replacing them with top-o-the-line Andersons or Marvins is only about $1000 per window.
    So we’re looking at an upgrade that is about 1% of the asking price. Figure that into your bid.

  15. To Kaya’s point, 1 legal bathroom for 1.6 is a deal killer for me too. Guesses on how much it will go for and when?

  16. offering critical comment about a piece of real estate is NOT being cranky. it means that for $1.6mil a buyer should really get a pretty damn good house..including high quality windows, lighting, functional baths and kitchen..and YES a laundry on the main level, preferably near the bedrooms. The basement laundry is because they did’nt THINK about it during any remodeling. June Cleaver might have been happy with a basement laundry, but not todays very modern housewife..or househusband.

  17. wow… finally a listing that paid attention to PICTURES> (Yeah I know, I’m a broken record on this)
    Look at how great those night pics turned out.
    It makes me want to go and look at the place. and I might be the only one who doesn’t like the facade… but the pics make it look very homey, especially the nightime pics.
    Realtors: learn from this… PLEASE!

  18. Overpriced but do love the bones and the windows can be replaced. Would look great with big single panes.

  19. Wow, Mapjack gives you a great look at location.
    I agree with Eddy. $1.6M for that place? Up the street from Geary? You’ve got to be kidding me.

  20. Is anyone planning on going to the Open House on the aluminum window/track lighting/bad garden/too close to Geary house?

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