888 Seventh Street: Rendering
According to a plugged-in tipster, the 888 Seventh Street sales office will officially open this weekend with roughly 10% of the 54 market rate condos already in contract. And the first of the 170 BMR units (which were spoken for long ago) will begin closing within the next two weeks.
Pricing expectations for the market rate units appears to have been lowered a bit from last August, and according to our tipster 500 square foot junior one-bedrooms (with sleeping alcove) will be available from $399,000; top floor one-bedrooms from $532,000; and top floor three-bedrooms will be available from $709,000 (which doesn’t include the last one in the cafe building). All units come with a parking spot (with a few extras available for purchase).
The brief editorial: “Building is looking very good right now. Common areas are nearly complete. Hallways are wide and spacious.” And a few exterior photos over at Curbed.
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5 thoughts on “888 Seventh Street: Sales Office Officially Opens This Weekend”
  1. on a more serious note, i like this neighborhood. It has a ton of potential as it is wedged between the nicely eveolving part of potrero and the ballpark area, and is low wind and super sunny.
    the bum bots are probably better served in the mission or the tenderloin.
    $709K for a top floor 3bdroom is very tantalizing. i don’t think there is a chance we would have seen this in 05, 06, or 07. I might go take a look this weekend.
    PS. Please don’t delete my bum bot post. I really think we should pitch this to Mayor Newsom for use in Transbay, SOMA, Loin and Mission.

  2. That is a very tantilizing price. I wonder how the insulation is in this building, to protect against the noise from Caltrain.

  3. I have been inside the building for extended periods of time (even on the 7th street side) and have witnessed many trains passing. At the speed they are traveling-both to and from the station engine noise and vibration is not a problem (although there a slight increase in noise when the train is heading from the station). The whistle is faintly heard when the train is approaching the intersection at 16th street and 7th street. I do wonder if the train will have to blow its whistle when the berry street intersection opens……which will be very loud.
    Overall though, as an architect and not a previous David Baker fan, I was impressed with this building. I do enjoy the fiber cement shingles db architects chose for the exterior (a good break from the standard palette of pastel db stucco). Where I think this building excels is in the interior public spaces, namely the interior corridors and break out spaces. While developers usually try to reclaim these spaces as sellable area, 888 7th street provides spacious corridors and large break-out zones. I hope this is a trend that catches on….it is a great break from the normal tall narrow halls of the other housing projects.
    While the interior colors won’t be for everyone, again it is a welcome change from the usually off whites, light browns, light greens, of the other projects.

  4. I work in the old Baker Hamilton building facing the side they show here. Before these condos started construction a couple of years ago, there were homeless camps along that street, and there have been a couple of “policeman shoots/kills perpetrator” incidents there in the past few years…one at 7th and Townsend and one right next at the corner of ‘the cafe building’

    The area has gotten a lot better lately…a really good Thai place opened up…Grand Pu Bah. I just hope that after the construction clears out the homeles camps don’t come back. If you buy a place there, wave out the window, and I might wave back!

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