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  1. Posted by anoncomplainer

    This side of 1RH is so much more attractive than the candy stripes on the other side. I actually like the top of the tower as well. It still reminds me of Irvine circa 1989 though.

  2. Posted by Jeffrey W. Baker

    543 Howard peeking out in the foreground puts 1RH to shame.

  3. Posted by fortune

    This building is so poorly designed. It is such a missed opportunity. I agree that this view is much better than the others but the color of the glazing and the bright white cladding…. sigh.

  4. Posted by redseca2

    My home in the Upper Haight/Buena Vista hood includes good views of downtown and the east bay beyond.
    One night a year ago or so as I watched video, my attention was drawn to a bright light on the eastern horizon, slowly rising above the foreground victorian rooftops. Very Bizarre. At first I thought it must be a very stationary police or media helicopter off near the Embarcadero.
    But what I was actually seeing was the nigthtime raising of the construction crane at RH1 to keep ahead of the steel erection, and it was finally daylighting into my view.
    Now the tower is complete, and from my perspective, alone all by itself well south of other tall buildings. With the skewed South of Market street grid and my viewpoint, the other new tall towers on or near Mission blend into with the older high rises north of Market.

  5. Posted by Crave

    From Potrero Hill it looks like a Sharper Image – Ionic Breeze.

  6. Posted by hams

    Crave- did you just make that up ??? C- L- E- V- E- R!!! AND fresh..

  7. Posted by Crave

    I was sipping my coffee a few months ago on 20th & Connecticut, looked up & said “hey, that’s my Ionic Breeze”.

  8. Posted by NativeSon

    I love Socketsite. I really do. But sometimes, man! It’s like being in a bad dream over and over and over again! Ionic Breeze! Skewed skyline! Blocked view of the Bay Bridge!
    Yes, ORH is not the most awe-inspiring building ever. Neither is the Millenium and no, not the Infinity either. Put the Millenium or the Infinity at ORH’s location and trust me, they’d be hated too. Really people, it’s the dominating location of ORH that irks more than the look itself. Yes, yes, Irvine. I know, I know.

  9. Posted by atfejf72

    I think it looks great from the ball park–can’t wait to see it at night all lit up!

  10. Posted by anon

    Looks great to me. Especially from this angle and especially compared to the other building in SF.

  11. Posted by Tweety

    OMG! Ionic Breeze! That is too funny! I still like this building and think that it will blend in better when the rest of the skyline in RH takes shape.

  12. Posted by eddy

    ORH and the Ionic Breeze have a lot in common. Overpriced and marginally functional.

  13. Posted by snark

    So have they broken ground on the second tower yet, or what??

  14. Posted by Serge

    Beautiful building. Always enjoy seeing it from the top of Turk street.

  15. Posted by [hams]

    If Idiotic Breeze is the worst the haters can come up with, then this really isn’t a bad building at all.

  16. Posted by wonri

    I love it! Cant wait for tower 2 to rise.

  17. Posted by anon

    Socketsite reads like a tabloid or better yet, a tablog.

  18. Posted by dotcomer

    it sucks. oh, I forgot to mention… it sucks.

  19. Posted by Timosha

    Perhaps the good citizens of San Francisco will scorn Tower 2 and the city will be left with no choice but to approve a grand cluster of new high-rises to tower over these two skimpy offerings.

  20. Posted by spencer

    crave did not come up with the ionic breeze reference. People have been calling it the ionic breeze on this site and curbed sf for months and months

  21. Posted by Joe

    If the average San Franciscan hadn’t gotten used to a level of stasis that would give rip van winkle a run for his money, then maybe these new developments would stand a chance in the court of public opinion. Instead, theres a huge portion of this city that has come to expect nothing to ever change – and even some who have made their livings making sure things never change (rhymes with flu tester)
    I welcome the change, and with it the new blood. Funny how the myriad protections SF has enacted have only served to further ossify the city’s culture.

  22. Posted by EH

    543 Howard peeking out in the foreground puts 1RH to shame.
    And how much are those units again?

  23. Posted by Greg

    Everyone I know calls this the Ionic Breeze Tower … and we hate it … I haven’t seen this view before tho … and it’s MUCH better than the other side. Too bad they didn’t just do that all the way around … at least the circular top and all the horizontal lines break up the boredom. Note to designers: when you build a building that is way out of character with the neighborhood height wise, maybe not such a good idea to have all those vertical white stripes that make it look even taller. Just a thought.
    One final thought — who the F*** designed this thing? How does this side relate to the even uglier other side? It doesn’t even look like the same building. Worst. Architecture. Ever.

  24. Posted by anon

    On a somewhat related note, why do no new buildings in SF include window coverings? If you think this is odd looking now, wait till people move in and there’s a patchwork of shades/roman blinds/drapes/screens, etc. In Vancouver window coverings are standard on all new buildings and having a consistent look through the building makes it look much better.

  25. Posted by the ballpark

    from the ballpark?it looks absolutely obnoxious when you are sitting along first base- it rises up out of nowhere with the lights above third base.

  26. Posted by anon

    “when you build a building that is way out of character with the neighborhood height wise”
    I agree, they should have built a 65 story victorian.

  27. Posted by g

    Wow, I must be the only one that likes the “candy stripe” side better.

  28. Posted by condoshopper

    regarding the white stripes, is it a structural or an architectural feature?

  29. Posted by jlasf

    The comparison to the Sharper Image air purifier was made months ago:

  30. Posted by John

    The Sharper Image definitely looks better.
    The color is wrong. If they used some darker color (some mix of blue and gray), like the air purifier, it would look much better.

  31. Posted by anon

    I love the building but I do think it would have been better if the white parts were a warm metallic color such as titanium.

  32. Posted by ex SF-er

    “I agree, they should have built a 65 story victorian.”
    ROFL!!!! that made my day. Imagine 65 stories of bay windows!
    “Wow, I must be the only one that likes the “candy stripe” side better.”
    yeah… you are!
    it’s not just the candy striping, it’s how WHITE it is. My god, I looked at it on a sunny day, and now I need new retinas!

  33. Posted by MCM

    There it is in living colot.
    Speculators giving the middle finger to The City.

  34. Posted by anonfedup

    Strange. Chicago is building a 150 story condo tower (The 40 million dollar penthouse already sold to Chicagoan Ken Griffin btw), and nobody there seems to care. I asked a driver to take me to the construction site so I could see it and he had not even heard about the building, which is called the Chicago Spire. Chicagoans are so used to growth and change that it has become part of their dynamic urban enviroment. We need to stop worrying about one lonely tower of condos and whether or not it is pretty. If 1RH were part of a true urban skyline, it would just be another tower, instead of such a source of hate.

  35. Posted by porta

    Amen anonfedup!! SF’s cbd should be twice as big and tall by now. Everytime I drive west on the Bay Bridge I imagine wish there were tall towers stretching south all the way into Mission Bay. I feel like I have stayed in San Francisco so long based on what I think it can/will become rather than for what it is now.

  36. Posted by anonfedup checker

    No one in Chicago knows about the Spire? LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL
    EVERY time I talk to ANYONE from Chicago they make sure and bring up the Spire. Last month I was travelling through the airport and heard an announcement about “Chicago, home of the Chicago Spire”
    Now, I agree with your other points – but to make it seem that Chicago “couldn’t care less” about their new 150 story building is absolutely ridiculous.

  37. Posted by um

    Wow! The Chicago Spire is a beautiful building. Imagine it at the site of One Rincon. Shoot, even though I love The Infinity, The Spire is a BEAUTY of a building. Puts both to shame.
    Wish SF would focus more on these buildings instead of Soma Bland, One Rincon etc…

  38. Posted by anoncomplainer

    Mr. Checker, that city has currently under construction more residential towers greater than 50 stories than we have in all of California. The Trump Building (90 stories) is going up near to the Aqua which is about 90 stories, next to the 93 story Mandarin, and so on and so on. Go to any architecture blog to realize how fast that city is changing and how slow change is here in San Francisco. Check out the websites of some of their new residential towers. We have nothing to compete with design wise. Our buildings look like they are from 30 years ago. The Chicago Spire website alone should give pause to how “cutting edge” One Rincon is claimed to be. Every single unit in that tower has its own individual unique floorplan. The Penthouse of the structure is a residents only meditation-observation space. I hope to be invited up there in 2010.

  39. Posted by Rich

    I just love these threads concerning RH1, Infinity, etc.
    The repeated frustrations expressed here actually give me some hope. I can envision a blanket of SocketSite Tipsters covering Market Street, protesting to have Santiago Calatrava removed from the supe’s (and other city watch dog’s) Archi-Terrorist watch list.

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