San Francisco's Millennium Tower: 2/6/08 (
San Francisco’s Millennium Tower construction update via Webcor:

The Millennium Tower is starting to stand tall on the San Francisco, Business District’s skyline. As January comes to an end, the Webcor Concrete Group will be celebrating the placement of the final deck at level 61 (635 feet above street level, which is not the absolute top of this fine building). Soon afterwards, the logistical dance of the tower’s cranes shall commence with the erection of a roof mounted crane (roof mount). The roof mount will then remove the “tower type” crane, piece by piece, down to the level 3 podium, and a mobile crane at ground level will swing the parts onto a truck at street level. The roof mount will stand post until the steel and window erection has been completed. So how are we going to remove the roof mount? Stay tuned.

The construction update via us: Millennium Tower’s “topping-off” celebration is this Friday (2/8). It now rises 645 feet into the sky (which makes it…the tallest residential building west of the Mississippi). And yes, a sales update is on its way (early next week).
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22 thoughts on “Millennium Tower (301 Mission) Update: Construction And Topping-Off”
  1. I’m hearing the Millenium Towers are selling quite well. Location is probably the best among all the new SOMA construction units.

  2. I would have to disagree with the location opinion. It is in a good location, but this beautiful building is still growing out of a sea of urin and bums. I bet that improves over the years, however.

  3. I had an appt there on the 2nd week of their grand opening. At that point, they were approx. 10% reserved. Since then I heard sales have slowed to a crawl. I don’t have hard numbers, but I’m guess-timating 20%, maybe?
    Regarding the location, it’s nothing special. Too close to the downtown grind for my taste, and there’s always urine and bums at the terminal.
    Also, the area will become a huge, dusty construction site once the terminal demolition starts. And that will last years… I hope the buyers know what they are getting themselves into.
    (I live right next to the Arterra and Avalon contruction site in Mission Bay so I know what a nuisance the noise and dust can become).

  4. This is a great project. How come there’s always so much negativity on messages boards? Yes, if you were investing your downpayment in the stock market, that would be reason for pessimism, but the millenium is selling well. Go into the office and see for yourself.

  5. Larry, there is a lot of negativity because on these boards because there is a lot of jealosy. Straight up, that is a fact.
    Anyway, this is a great project and it WILL be in a great location but right now the location sucks. I sure would not want my wife walking alone in that area at night with all the Transbay bums causing trouble. Hopefully the new terminal means the area is cleaner and safer…we shall see.

  6. “there is a lot of negativity because on these boards because…of jealosy”
    “I sure would not want my wife walking alone in that area at night with all the Transbay bums causing trouble”
    So… using my deductive reasoning skills, I assume you are jealous of bums???

  7. One way or another, this is a real gift to the SF skyline, easily one of the most striking high-rises in recent memory. I’m really enjoying watching it take shape!

  8. If you walk up or down fremont street past that area, generally a cop car has set up shop.
    I walk that way in the morning (5ish) and cut over on howard before I head up first because I feel that path is somewhat safer.
    I do enjoy turning in my chair and watching the construction on this project though. I’ll have a nice seat come Friday.

  9. I think this is a great looking building but, I’m not aware of any report that has said it is selling well and I think everyone can agree that the location is going to be ok but not for some time.
    I will be really suprised if they sell this building without some serious incentives or lower prices, however. Especially with the much less expensive secon Infinity and Rincon towers coming on line.

  10. “This is a great location. Condo owners will be able to just stumble downstairs to catch the bus.”
    I seriously doubt the people living there will catch the bus to work 😉
    But having said that, the 1 bedrooms and some of the 2 bedrooms don’t come with parking so maybe they’ll have no choice but to take the bus…

  11. Can someone help me understand how to appreciate this design ? It looks like a 70s era glass box office building to my untrained eyes.

  12. Might I ask what building in the downtown area of SF is a good location? Many comments are about the poor location. I live a few blocks down and think it’s great. Sure, a few homeless but this is the middle of the city not the suburbs. Please someone enlighten me to the high rise building you consider an awesome location. Millenium looks great and I think it’s got a lot going for itself. Top notch dining spots, public transportation if needed, a short walk to union square and the financial district,SF MOMA, galleries etc… Need I say more.

  13. “This is a great location. Condo owners will be able to just stumble downstairs to catch the bus.”
    “I seriously doubt the people living there will catch the bus to work ;-)”
    I double seriously doubt the people living there will stumble down stairs.

  14. I like Infiniti’s location better (closer to the water and further from the bums). And with a bit further walk I like south beach better …. more of an actual neighborhood instead of one condominium tower inbetween dozens of highrise office buildings.
    As for the design….look at all the buildings around it. Bland 1980’s beige boxes. Yuck. The milennium could have been prettier but it is certainly a step in the right direction.

  15. The homeless folks in and around the Transbay Terminal are some of the most harmless you’ll run across. This talk about the area being dangerous is invalid. When I walk home from work late at night, my biggest concern is some asshole driving their car too fast around a corner and snuffing me out as I try to cross the street. Homeless people are just about the least of my concerns in regards to my personal safety.

  16. I don’t know Jamie. A girlfriend of mine got hassled pretty good not too far from there on a Friday afternoon (apparently he wanted to use her cell phone and didn’t like it when she ignored him). Scared her pretty good. I’ve also never had any problem with a homeless person, but then again I’m 6’4″ 240 lbs. But the incident has made rethink whether I want to buy in SOMA.

  17. Luckily, the all day/night liquor stores, paycheck cashing spots, and other magnets for drug addicts and alcoholics don’t really start showing up until you get to 5th Street.
    There are definitely lunatics all over the City … dare I say some work in suits in the high rise towers in FiDi as well as living out of a shopping cart on the street.

  18. Bus stations are magnets for all kinds of undesirable people in every city I’ve visited worldwide.
    You can make it a pretty building, but in the end, it’s still going to be a bus station.

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