857 Ashbury: Master Suite
We quite like the elegant Edwardian façade and interior detailing of 857 Ashbury. We absolutely love the modern master suite with marble bath that’s been added in the attic.
∙ Listing: 857 Ashbury Street (4/2.5) – $2,950,000 [MLS]

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by Tweety

    OMG! That master bathroom is incredible! I think I just wet myself.

  2. Posted by akrosdabay

    I don’t know if I could sleep with a huge eye looking at the bed. That lamp is just funky!

  3. Posted by dub dub

    Isn’t this one staged as well? I *think* I see casually-chopped pillows across the headboard — d*mn you, socketsite for making me notice these things now 🙂

  4. Posted by fluj

    I’m gonna go see this tomorrow. Curious how it went from 2700 to 3400 feet. Maybe wall to wall measurements upstairs?

  5. Posted by Trip

    Maybe they recently converted the attic space to increase the s/ft? Anyway, fantastic place (it better be!) and I’ve always liked this neighborhood (especially since the N started running more reliably).

  6. Posted by kaya

    @ dub dub
    I totally hear you. That’s the first thing I picked out in the photo. There are apparently several chopped pillows in this staging.
    I was happily ignorant until last week…. sigh.

  7. Posted by roger rainey

    Fake (not even gas) fireplaces in houses on that street (unrenovated) for some reason.

  8. Posted by fluj

    I saw this one today. Lots of buzz. Pretty, classic facade, classic foyer with staircase, dining room to one side and living room to the other. But this is not an “open floor plan” and the kitchen is basically a galley kitchen. Two decent size bedrooms on the second floor plus a very nice office space or family room. Very odd decision not to remodel the badly dated split bath on the second floor. The master suite is pretty sexy. Good, though not jaw dropping Western views. Two+ car parking. I give it about an 8 or a 7.5. People seemed to love it though. I bet it goes really quickly and for over asking.

  9. Posted by applepiesf

    This comment is a little late, but I just wanted to say that I worked in this house and they really do live like that! I’m sure pillows were perfectly arranged for photos, but that furniture and art isn’t staging.

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