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A Reader wonders if we know what’s being built at the corner of Bush and Larkin, and we do (at least at a high level). What is now an open pit was once was a two-story commercial building (1299 Bush Street). And as far a we know, it will soon become an eight-story mixed-use building with 26 “dwelling units” over ground floor retail and 20 parking spaces.
What we don’t know is if said “dwelling units” will be apartments or condos. And we haven’t seen any designs. Tipsters?

7 thoughts on “A Reader Asks, We Respond, You Embellish (Hopefully): 1299 Bush”
  1. As noted in some previous Socketsite discussions, virtually all the multi-unit residential developments in the city (save for the pre-planned areas like Mission Bay) are built to condo specs with a condo map filed. The profits from selling units have traditionally been so much higher than keeping it as a rental investment that very few new residential developments are rented. Sometimes a developer will keep a property as rentals more for their own personal tax situation where they have some big profits being generated on another development and want to push some profits from a development into another year, so they’ll rent them short term or hold them as part of their personal investment strategy. Also, if the sale market deteriorates significantly during construction in what the developer thinks is a short term blip, they may rent them until they think the sale market will come back. For the most part however, you can assume that they will be condos and that they will be sold upon completion.

  2. There are a lot of these odd lots around the city. What about the northwestern corner of Pine and Kearny…anyone know why that one’s vacant? There’s also that weird strip of land between Pine and Bush, Kearny and Montgomery, parallel to Belden Way. What’s going on there? Both of these are prime FiDi locations.

  3. If you are ever wondering about any vacant lot that you beleive is being cleared for a new building you can always go to sfgov.org, select the building department, there you can put in the address and see if there are any plans that are in process or have been issued. BTW they have approved plans for a 8 story building for 26 residential units and commercial space

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