1501 Greenwich #604: Floor Plan

Four months ago we provided the scoop on the transformation (as in complete razing and rebuild) of 2655 Van Ness from a 27,000 square foot office building into twenty-nine (29) new condominiums with a more upscale 1501 Greenwich address. And a few weeks later a plugged-in (and quite resourceful) reader found the floor plans (which were then taken offline within 20 minuets of our alerting the readers).

Thanks to another plugged-in tipster, we now know that the website is back online complete with floor plans (including square footage), very rough pricing (one-bedrooms from the high $500,00s; two-bedrooms from the high $900,000s; and three-bedrooms from the high $1,600,000s), and a brand new moniker and mouthful of a tag line: “The Greenwich – Where Russian Hill Meets Cow Hollow, Sophisticated Living Meets The Urban Lifestyle.”

14 thoughts on “The Greenwich (1501 Greenwich): Website Live And Floor Plans Return”
  1. “The Greenwich: Where Heavily-Traveled Franklin Street meets the Van Ness Corridor”
    “Sophisticated living” is about seven blocks away, either east or west.
    Still looks like an Embassy Suites to me.

  2. At one point it was an office building. The most recent use had been an indoor and outdoor private tennis court for an individual. Type in google maps and you’ll see the tennis court on the roof.

  3. “two-bedrooms from the high $900,000s”
    With 2 bedroom units starting at 920 square feet, we’re looking at well over $1000/sqft for these units. If they sell at these prices, I would be pleasantly surprised…

  4. Sheesh, these developers must know many more millionaires in SF or millionaires who want to live in SF than I do. 2 BR from high $900k??? Not this year.

  5. @ S&S – exactly! This is one of those new home developments that has recently cropped up out of nowhere – used to be a vacant piece of land – I wouldn’t dare of looking at these places right now, soon they will be selling for hundreds of thousands less than the original asking price, most of them will be in foreclosure or in short sales. You will be able to get a real bargain. Just hold on tight and wait it out.
    Seriously, you guys really do *crack me up*. You have no earthly idea!

  6. This building is in one of the best locations w/ Polk, Chestnut, and Union St. all right there. The view facing West also is great. I wouldn’t sell this place short. just like I wouldn’t sell the new units on Steiner and Lombard shot.

  7. What a pathetic exchange between S&S and anon. Grow up!
    Come with an insightful take or don’t come at all.
    [Editor’s Note: We don’t care if you’re bullish, bearish, or market neutral, but we will have to agree with t.romo on this one (and have removed the last three throwaway comments).]

  8. The location is mixed imo. It is certainly walkable to both Polk and Union, but otoh this is the busy part of Van Ness and you’ve got Franklin one block to the west as well. The units are priced higher than I was expecting, but I wouldn’t be at all surprised if they sold for those prices.

  9. “Anonymous” who posted after S&S stated that “this used to be a vacant piece of land”. However it’s clear that s/he has no idea what they are talking about and haven’t done their homework. It says in the article DIRECTLY ABOVE that it used to be a 27,000 square foot office building. You’re a genius, anonymous.

  10. I have read the mostly negative comments. The market place appears to be dismissing you nabobs of negativity. I understand 17 units are in contract a few of the homes have closed for more than asking.

  11. I currently am doing a model on this floor plan and I think it so cool. I love the detail and character of the design, it really has changed over time and I like it.

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