2045 Quesada
Riddle us this, riddle us that, how the heck did the planning department sign off on this…
∙ Listing: 2045 Quesada (9/7.5) – $1,088,000 [Coldwell Banker via Pacific Union]

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  1. Posted by ex SF-er

    wow. a triumph of architecture and local planning.
    The home blends seamlessly with the rest of the block. And more importantly, they managed to balance the double-wide trailer home on top of the stucco home.
    the thing that irritates me is that the realtor site lists this a a SFH.

  2. Posted by socketsitereader

    There goes the neighborhood.
    This house represents the worst piece of ‘junk’ that I have seen in my life. The design is just hideous. Furthermore unless you’re running a boarding house why would anyone need “.. 9 BD 7.5BA. approx. over 4,350 sf with 4 separate entrances”? Note there is just a single parking space for a nine bedroom house.

  3. Posted by Jamie

    Is that a double-wide house trailer sitting on top of somebody’s home? Seriously … ??

  4. Posted by gh

    I love the double-wide comment…that is priceless!

  5. Posted by DavidQ

    You’d have to walk through, but the key is:
    “St level: 2 entrace one is 2 BD 2BA other is studio w/BA. 2nd level: 3BD 1.5BA. Top level: Vacant owner unit with Lock Box.” [SIC]
    This is four units. There’s only one picture of a kitchen; I wonder how many kitchens there actually are in the place, and how many people are currently living in it?

  6. Posted by noearch

    This is simply one more example of the best our illustrious Planning Department can offer. Or the worst. The Design Guidelines really mean nothing. The Planning code is a joke, when we end up with this kind of crap in our neighborhoods. I hope some of the planners read this and seriously look at what they are “approving” these days. This is incompetence at it’s best.Another example of how illegal units get built.

  7. Posted by spencer Guthrie

    perfect for a brothel

  8. Posted by Stephanie

    Not only is the house ugly, but the neighborhood sucks. Located in the Bayview area and very close to a liquor store that stays open late. Drive by sometime and you’ll see what I mean. Random shootings, high crime, car break-in’s and violent robberies are increasing, not a safe place to raise a family. Do your homework before you consider this house or any house in the Bayview/Hunter’s Point district. It’s slowly improving but before another 20 years or more, around the year 2030.

  9. Posted by The Milkshake of Despair

    I’m guessing that the planning official who signed off on this also owns the crane company that was hired to drop the top story in place.

  10. Posted by jlasf

    Granted, this is as ugly as an Edsel, but it wouldn’t look so hideous – in relative terms – if the top story wasn’t painted a different color. That’s what truly gives it that trailer-parked-on-the-roof look. Oh well, blind architects need jobs too, you know.

  11. Posted by Wardekka

    This ugly house (agreed) does not blend in with the neighborhood. It never should have been approved. As someone who knows people who have lived in the neighborhood, it is not liked either. Not to mention all those balcanies. It just does not make any sense!

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