950 Corbett Avenue: Exterior
Three new condos at 950 Corbett Avenue have hit the market. And while we’re kind of digging on one of the master bedrooms as well as one of the dining rooms…
950 Corbett: Master Bedroom
950 Corbett: Dining
…we’re really not digging on the placement of the refrigerator in at least one of the kitchens (especially considering it’s new construction).
950 Corbett: Kitchen
What can we say, we’re kind of picky (and just so happen to be kitchen people).
∙ Listing: 950 Corbett Avenue #1 (3/2) – $1,329,000 [MLS] [Virtual Tour]
∙ Listing: 950 Corbett Avenue #2 (3/2) – $1,329,000 [MLS] [Virtual Tour]
∙ Listing: 950 Corbett Avenue #3 (4/3) – $1,895,000 [MLS] [Virtual Tour]

16 thoughts on “A Peek Inside Three New Condos In Twin Peaks: 950 Corbett Avenue”
  1. If you’re talking about the fridge in the island, that’s probably a dishwasher. We’ve got one that looks like that.
    [Editor’s Note: Actually, we’re talking about the fridge that’s on the other side of the island and away from both the sink and the stove.]

  2. Well, the major bummer for me at these prices (or at any price) is that the ceilings seem to be only 8′ (or even less) – I assume those doors in the dining area are 6’8″ doors, and they almost reach the ceiling. However the door in the bedroom appears possible to be an 8′ door, so that ceiling might be about 8’6″ (still low for new construction). I wonder if they did this to stay within the height limit of the building. Similar to 170 Off Third where the first eight floors are all 8’3″. Oh well! 🙁

  3. locatioin is right this really is a bland, ugly building. This glamour shot actually makes it look 10x better than in person

  4. The huge number of vents on the sides is creepy. A better approach would be to combine vents into vertical elements that help to order the look of the building. They tried to optimize for space and materials use, but it came out looking slapdash.

  5. i think that’s a dishwasher, not a refrigerator…
    [Editor’s Note: There’s no doubt that’s a dishwasher in the island, and it was obviously a poor choice of phrasing on our part (since changed from “the placement of at least one the refrigerators” to “the placement of the refrigerator in at least one of the kitchens”).]

  6. uh… I think that’s a dishwasher! (just kidding)
    That has to be the worst work triangle I have ever seen in my life. Cooking there would be an exercise in futility!
    And what is America’s obsession with islands, even if they completely block off a kitchen and make narrow bottlenecks? All of these kitchens have islands that are in the way.
    only one of the 3 kitchens looks workable. The others need to be gutted and redesigned for sure.

  7. Are my eyes playing tricks on me, or is that a fireplace in the kitchen? I live close by so I’ll try to check it out.

  8. OOPS! Looks like the “architect” forgot that there would have to be vents located on the exterior walls. Oh well, we’ll just plop them on the gray stucco in nice shiny metal or white plastic and hope nobody notices.
    What is it with San Francisco and bad design? I just finished reading the article on the condos by Lorcan O’Herlihy in the NYTimes that were built in West Hollywood, and THIS project on Corbett is the SAME PRICE as those units which are amazing? San Francisco really needs to “get out” more and see what the rest of the design world has been up to. The poor product we are expected to buy at top dollar is insulting when compared to what designers are giving buyers in Los Angeles and Chicago in this same price range.

  9. Here is what drives me crazy, the Habitat 825 units were the same price as these! The location of the Habitat 825 is better (though I am sure someone will flame that it is “L.A.”, and therefore not worthy of comparison to our beloved San Francisco), the design is better, the floorplans are better and larger, and it is in a demographic area with incomes just as high if not higher than San Francisco, so why is new residential product such as 950 Corbett and others throughout the city still priced so high? I think we all suffer from high residential costs as being “normal” and justified because it is in “San Francisco” and therefore good design and quality should not be expected since one should be thankful for even getting to own in such a “desirable” location in a “world class” city.

  10. “The location of the Habitat 825 is better”
    While the area is very convenient–near great shops and restaurants– Kings Road is lined with massive characterless 1980’s stucco apartment complexes. Being next door the the Schindler House is cool, but one can certainly argue your point comparing Kings Road to Twin Peaks.

  11. O.K., I will give Dan credit that Kings Road and Twin Peaks are two different types of neighborhoods, and should have not said that Kings Road is “better”. I still feel that the costs of building the Habitat (Land, fees, contractors , etc) is not any higher in West Hollywood (especially that address) than it is on Corbett, so why do we get so many dumpy designs in S.F.? I think that we should start expecting more from new construction in this city starting with better and more imaginative design. The Corbett location would have been a very fun challenge to create something unique.

  12. I agree completely with “whatever”, but I’m wondering how we “start expecting more” from a developer’s single lot R1-R3 project that is built on spec? Where do I inject myself in this process? What leverage points do I have to set my “expectations?” I think the only thing possible is to set up an unrealistic aesthetic review by city planning, which would turn out… well, we all could easily predict how that would turn out.
    I’m open to suggestions, cause I certainly think it’s needed! There’s way too much crap at these price points in new construction.
    Perhaps socketsite and others like it are the main vehicle. How effective is online ridicule, anyway? Oy.

  13. Unit 3 appears to have been bought for ~$1.75 million by a doctor who got a little help (whatever you do, don’t call it a subsidy) from his employer, Genetech, in July, 2008. Unit 1 was sold for just shy of $1.2milion in Dec. 2008. Unit 2 (owned by 950 Corbett Ave, LLC) had a NOTS filed against it on July 1 of this year (the HOA also appears to be after the owners). According to PropertyShark, the auction is set for Sept. 29, with an unpaid balance of $1+million.

  14. Unit 2 at 950 Corbett was taken back by the investors on Sept. 30, 2009 for $945k and resold for $932k on November 25.

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