Pimp Terrace
From a plugged-in reader’s comment and link: “Someone has been having fun with all of the Park Terrace signs in the area; I have to wonder what their beef is with this place.”
And while we can’t speak for that “someone” (unless of course they decide to drop us a note or leave a comment), we can’t help but wonder if it’s more of a “beef” with the signs in general than with the Park Terrace in specific.
Park Terrace (325 Berry) Sales Update: Now 70% Sold? [SocketSite]

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by gh


  2. Posted by pyt

    Hey, he or she even matched the font and text size of the sign. This takes some dedication and a little skill. Hmmm… I wonder if gloves were worn to leave no evidence. 🙂

  3. Posted by emmett_brown

    So instead of an Italian scooter you get an Escalade?

  4. Posted by anon2

    Power to the poster pimper! I’m sick of having them litter my neighborhood. Anybody know the legality of these signs? Can any business simply print up signs and canvass the town?

  5. Posted by McBravio

    Calling Park Terrace “Pimp Terrace” isn’t exactly negative… I don’t get what this sign guy is trying to say. Is he complimenting the building?

  6. Posted by gh

    Be careful when publicizing this…next thing you’ll have a SF Chronicle investigative reporter claiming this is a hate crime against pimps.

  7. Posted by Puke Terrace

    McBravio, the sign a block away read “Puke Terrace”, so who knows.

  8. Posted by anon

    What’s that storefront behind the sign? A closed subprime mortgage boiler-room?

  9. Posted by NM real estate

    Oh, come on; you have to admit that is super funny.

  10. Posted by gh

    You’re right…it’s awesome!

  11. Posted by Jeffrey W. Baker

    anon2: these signs are completely illegal. If you see one, note the location and call the DPW Street Use and Mapping division. They will remove the signs and bill the perpetrator for their time, plus a punitive fine.

    I have taken down dozens of these signs and loudly delivered them to the sales offices of the SoMA Grand, Symphony Towers, Buchanan Lane, and The Heritage on Fillmore. In each case, confronting the sales manager resulted in no more signs in my neighborhood.

  12. Posted by anony

    YEH, Jeffrey! Please tell everyone to call the DPW and waste taxpayer’s time – we all know that the potholes can wait, right? Please.
    The fact that you’ve attached photos of your backpack filled with downed signs is depressing me. I wish I had extra time on my hands to do such pointless activities 🙁

  13. Posted by Spencer

    appreciate the energy, but try to divert it to something useful to society

  14. Posted by Spencer

    For instance, there are plenty of needles and dog poo in nearby South park that need picking up. Or you can try Duboce park where there is a used needle and dog poo every 2 feet.

  15. Posted by Michael

    Odds that “anony” and “Spencer” work for the sales and marketing teams for any of the offending projects?

  16. Posted by Nice Backpack

    The picture of the signs in the backpack is sort of over the top, isn’t it?

  17. Posted by TheRobin

    Jeffery cracks me up. Why doesn’t he pick up real trash in SOMA? What a whiner.

  18. Posted by curmudgeon

    actually, I’m with Jeffrey. There are sign ordinances in this city, and unwanted (and illegal) signs are just another form of pollution in my opinion.
    No, I wouldn’t make it a personal crusade like Jeffrey does. But…I appreciate that he’s looking out for us. Someone else can deal with the dog poo.
    I nominate Spencer.

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