65 Caselli: Sinks
It’s hard to tell if the quick price reduction ($295,001 or 12.9% after twenty days on the market) has more to do with marketing or the “motivated seller!” Regardless, it’s actually the bathroom sinks that first caught our attention. Now if only we could figure out where to keep our toothbrushes and toothpaste (without messing up the aesthetic).
∙ Listing: 65 Caselli Avenue (3/4) – $1,999,999 [MLS]

15 thoughts on “And Sometimes It’s Simply The Sinks (65 Caselli Avenue)”
  1. This is a very pretty house IMO…
    Interestingly, I like everything about it except the sinks!!! (smirk)
    Actually, I love the look of the sinks, the originality, but I find them less functional due to splashing…
    anybody know, does it have a yard, or just that double level patio area?

  2. Is that wood? Seems like a built in maintenance nightmare. And yes…the toothbrush, the soap dish, the razor…gotta go somewhere.

  3. location: it’s a couple doors up from the Caselli Mansion–which i think is actually the “Alfred E Clarke Mansion.” Caselli is a pretty quiet street b/c it doesn’t go through past Douglass (ends there). i pass this house on the dog walk each day. i think i may be biased, but i think it’s a good location. you can walk to the activity in the Castro, but you don’t get late night revelers spilling out by your house. not a foggy neighborhood either. Castro Muni is a short walk too. my two cents.

  4. This is indeed a great street for the reasons ds stated above. The house seems like a great value (compared to prices over the last few years). It appears that the parking is in the back.. that block of Caselli has a rear alley where much of the parking is located.

  5. It’s kind of hard to tell from the photos, but it looks like there might be mirrors above both sinks in Photos 5 & 6. If those are indeed mirrors, then I imagine there is a medicine cabinet/storage behind them.

  6. I think that there is a secret compartment behind one of the tiles with slots and cubbies for all your bathroom items. And if there isn’t one, I think there should be — it would go along with the cool look of the bathroom.

  7. Where is the mirror??
    It’s like putting a pretty sink in the middle of the living room and not be able to use it functionally.

  8. I stayed in a place that had similar sinks. They indeed look cool, but I hope potential buyers try using the sinks first. There is always oversplash and then the counters look dirty and get water spots (at least that was my experience). This is a case of function following form.

  9. This location is quite nice. It is just up from the Castro, but not quite all the way to the Swish Alps. Market street is near by so it is not hard to get around or out of the City from there. Lots of shops and a post office are in walking distance as well as Kite Hill which is quite charming. One Possible downside is there is some serious vertical earth involved as it is quite steep there. It is also close enough to party areas to be loud at times, though gentrification has been calming that a bit over time.

  10. Mole Man – ‘Swish Alps’ – hysterical – have not heard that in a long time! This is a great house – should sell now that the price has been adjusted.

  11. i think 65 caselli is a beautiful house, master bathroom sinks and all. there are mirrors above the sinks and the functuality is quite well. the master bath gets great light and is quite large. the house is in a fantastic location, is very well lit with natural sunlight, has 2 beautiful decks and at the current price, someone will be making out very well.

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