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A reader asks: “I just drove by what looks like a new condo project on 20th Street, between Mission and San Carlos (right off San Carlos, actually). There were no signs displaying any information about this project. Anyone have any idea?”
We answer: If it’s the development pictured above, that’s 3520 20th Street which will consist of 14 residential condos and 3 commercial spaces. And the last we heard, it should be on the market sometime around February/March of next year.
You embellish: (if you’re plugged-in and happen to have the inside scoop).

3 thoughts on “A Reader Asks, We Answer, You Embellish (3520 20th Street)”
  1. Socketman has his facts right..as usual!! The only caveat to the timeline is wheather or not PG&E has the building powered up by then, which is iffy at the moment. No prices as yet.

  2. Anyone have any info on the new little mini project going on at the corner of Spruce and Geary? They’ve been pouring gases and fumes from cement trucks into the air for months, and I’ve still yet to see the real progress.

  3. This bldg is by the same builder as 3615 20th St (just up the street at Valencia) where #6, a 3-1/2 yr old 2bd/2ba sold in Aug for $950K. Check with Frank Nolan at Zephyr for the pricing.

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