1039 Noe: Facade
A Victorian façade, a contemporary interior, and quite possibly the (soon to be former) home of a contractor (which often speaks to the quality of the renovation). And yes, that’s as opposed to the home of an architect (which often speaks to the quality of the design).
1039 Noe: Rear
Oh, and it does appear to be rather deck-o-licious out back (and up top as well) if you’re in to those kinds of things.
∙ Listing: 1039 Noe (4/3) – $2,195,000 [MLS]

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by Miles

    All good and nice for the current buyer – the renovation looks quite nice, but every contractor who has moved into a home for a renovation project in my neighborhood has been a complete nightmare – they do low grade construction on their own places non-stop (weekends too) and often use their garage as their construction shop for other jobs = non-stop construction noise for years and years. At least when you hire an outside contractor they are in and out in the minimum amount of time, not the case if they live there. I bet the current neighbors within a block radius will be glad when he moves along.

  2. Posted by Someone

    This guy owned his house for close to 20 years, I met him once, and he certainly didn’t strike me like those people Miles complain about.
    From the pics, the house seems quite similar to 4065 25th st. I never understood how that place sold so quickly, and for well above this $2.2M they are asking for this place.

  3. Posted by noearch

    I don’t know whether the contractor had an architect or not, but the interior remodel is disappointing. Appears they just “gutted” the space and removed most or all of the traditional walls and openings. Nothing left of the original spaces. The modern, open floor plan, in my opinion, is not well integrated into the entire house. The rear elevation is quirky, not terribly attractive. The exterior decks with slate tile on a grout system is subject to serious drainage and leaking problems in the future.

  4. Posted by eddy

    Ii suspect this place will FLY off the market. This is what a lot of current buyers are looking for these days.
    I have to ask a serious question though, why the bidet? Why? Does anyone use these. Baby wipes work just as well! 🙂

  5. Posted by movingback

    eddy, I agree – I suspect it will have multiple offers and will be in escrow within 2 weeks – if that long – if the listing agent sets a particular date to look at offers. Great property, great location!

  6. Posted by S&S

    I’m clearly no architect, but I happen to think the interior is beautiful.

  7. Posted by fluj

    Yeah, the location is top notch. We’ve seen some Noe street resistance a bit farther south. This actually is “The Heart of Noe Valley” that lots of realtors falsely proclaim.

  8. Posted by Stefano

    Anybody noticed that this guy has installed a bidet in one of the bathrooms? That’s a rare find in San Francisco (or the U.S., for that matter). I hope more are coming…

  9. Posted by james

    good find stefano. and not just the clean bottom.
    i tried to put one in my remodel years ago but the concrete slab flooring and drain layout prevented it

  10. Posted by Julie

    I live directly across the street from this house. I looks great to me! I hope whoever moves in is a good neighbor. 🙂

  11. Posted by Stefano

    James, you may want to consider those fancy Japanese bidet and toilet in one; I think someone started importing Toto appliances into the bay area as of late. No need to dig additional plumbing.

  12. Posted by james

    yeah, a few years late for my remodel. i did mine in 2000. good idea though. i’d like to see those things installed everywhere. think of the paper we’d save.

  13. Posted by noearch

    Toto is a good plumbing brand,and they’ve been in the Bay Area plumbing supply houses for about 7 years now.

  14. Posted by Me

    I think this is a lovely remodel. I tend to agree with noearch. It would have been great to see at least some original moulding or something.
    My other pet peeve is the obvious staging. That is CLEARLY not the furniture of the person who lived there. Unless they furnished their entire home in one trip to crate & barrel. (Maybe one extra trip to carry all those pillows in the master bedroom)

  15. Posted by david

    I am an architect and my two cents is that this looks like it was designer by a contractor: bad proportions, weird details, poor interior design and the character of a cheap loft in SOMA. It’s just totally generic, especially for north of two mill.

  16. Posted by John

    Well, I am no architect but I think the interior (and exterior) are well done. Certainly I won’t agree with all of their choices, but that’s a matter of personal taste.

  17. Posted by Toil Let

    BIDETS: I believe you folks might be referring to The Toilet / Bidet combination product called “THE SWASH” that’s made by Brondell of San Francisco. It’s a repalcement toilet seat that has a jet of warm water and even warm air to properly cleanse said areas. You drop it ono your exisiting toilet and tap into the exisiting plumbing. Brondell has partnerships with several manufacturers who are integrating the Brondell Swash seat into their own toilets.
    Frankly it’s amazing how bidets abound all over Europe, but are nowhere in the us. The fresh feeling is so much better than dry charmin, don’t you agreee?

  18. Posted by noearch

    I’m an architect also..and I totally agree with looks EXACTLY like design by a contractor. And no, it’s not really just a matter of “personal taste”. There really is a difference when you compare a project designed by a (talented) architect and something hacked out by a contractor. Far too much residential design in SF is in fact just butchered by contractors. Design experience is a learned talent involving real world solutions as well as a rigorous professional education.

  19. Posted by emmett_brown

    They forgot to stucco over the facade.

  20. Posted by fluj

    I’ve seen contractor-designed houses that are great and I’ve seen architect-designed houses that suck eggs. It’s about talent, not a rubber stamp.

  21. Posted by noearch

    Well I knew that comment would come up. I agree and disagree..I’ve NEVER seen one house remodel designed by a contractor that was well thought out, and with good design sense. They just don’t think that way. But, yes, I’ve seen architect designed remodels that were awful..and some that were very good. (like my own projects.)

  22. Posted by PN

    Just saw it today and have to agree that the quality is pretty good. The layout/design … not so good. And the staging really makes the rooms feel smaller than they are.
    I’m also a contractor and I’ll just add that architects often (not always) include details that are either impossible to actually construct or add significant expense to the project. Looks better, costs a lot more, gets everyone mad at each other. IMNSHO, the best projects are done when the contractor and architect work together with the client to come up with a design that all are happy with.

  23. Posted by david

    Well said PN. A working dialog amongst all parties involved almost always produces the best results.

  24. Posted by noearch

    I agree completely. I prefer to work with contractors early in the design stage to establish a realistic budget, and appropriate, buildable details. I wish there were more contractors like PN..many don’t like to work with an architect, because we are usually higher up in the “decision-making” chain.They often ignore drawings and will go behind the architect’s back to talk the owner into a cheaper and poorly thought out detail.If they understood that it’s all about a team approach, then the result can satisfy everyone,and great architecture can result.

  25. Posted by gs

    The second bedroom upstairs does not have a bathroom… and the one on the first floor is minuscule… it is almost only a 2 bedroom!

  26. Posted by Greg Scanlon

    Does anybody know who the architect was on this fantasticly designed home?

  27. Posted by noearch

    Well, it wasn’t me. Had I been the architect, it would be a much better design, both in function and materials.

  28. Posted by Dapperster

    It never stops surprising me the popularity of a contractors home. I agree that the finishes were sub par and it really wasn’t 4 bedrooms, please give me a break. 12 offers, I guess underpricing in order to look like a hero still works. Oh well, nexxxxt!

  29. Posted by Jim

    The information I heard was that the design was by a well known local architect. Although some of the br’s were small, I looked it up on tax records and it is shown as a 5br by the City.
    You nay sayers really need to get a life. The market is what it is. The beauty of SF is that there is something for everyone. Take it or leave it. Save your negativity for some other more important purpose. Better yet, do something postive. Volunteer for a local charity. Heck, donate some money to charity. Obviously you are never going to buy a house.

  30. Posted by jame

    great post jim. i think you miss the point of their negativity. they don’t have enough money to buy a house.

  31. Posted by Michael

    “they don’t have enough money to buy a house.”
    LOL. That’s the only way you can rationalize how anyone could possibly think the SF market might fall or that a home might be overpriced?
    I already own. I have the means to buy another. I don’t like the design or value of this house. If that makes me “negative” so be it. Talk about needing to get a life.

  32. Posted by james

    so i take it you have the 20% required to put down and close on this place in a money market account? clearly this comment was not aimed at you then sir.

  33. Posted by noearch

    I agree with Michael..having critical commentary does not mean one is negative or needs to “get a life”..I also own a house and am able to buy another, if I wanted to.
    I’m simply adding comments from an architectural point of view. And yes, despite what some may think, there is good architecture and there is not so good. This one is the not so good, in my opinion.

  34. Posted by ron-san

    Just returned from a trip to Japan. It appears they outlawed toilet paper. BIDETS RULE. Al Gore should be GREEN with envy.

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