Yesterday we asked, “might a reader or two with mad photoshopping skills (and in need of a little afternoon break) care to brighten our day with an interpretive mashup of the Chronicle’s current abode and their favorite Foster design?”
And while it was Andy that responded with the literal, and perhaps not too surprisingly tipster with the ironic (and yes, we’re guessing you can figure out which is which), we’re honestly surprised nobody has gone with the gherkin.
Chronicle Building Mashups
Then again, it’s Friday and perhaps a few others will heed the call…
UPDATE: And now thanks to Sexy&Sassy, we’re proud to present…the “Cherkin”:

The Cherkin
Note To Hearst: Any Chance You’ve Still Got His Number Handy? [SocketSite]

5 thoughts on “We’re Only Surprised Nobody Has Gone With The Gherkin”
  1. Hilarious. This is great to have on a Friday.
    But in all serious the Hearst Tower + Chronicle building does look pretty good.

  2. Fabulous! Even better with special lighting and events during Folsom and Dore Fairs? San Francisco, prepare to receive!

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