While the free cars of 767 Bryant didn’t seem to get results (or even much reader respect), the sales team at 733 Front street is rolling out the Vespas. From a plugged-in tipster:

“There is no better way to enjoy Jackson Square than on the back of a Vespa. Zipping to the Ferry Building for the Farmer’s Market or meeting a friend at a nearby café is now even easier. 733 Front is offering a complimentary Vespa scooter and a parking space with its remaining collection of luxury junior- and one-bedroom residences.*”

And sorry, according to the asterisk: “Parking spot is for Vespas only in the building garage…on select residences and cannot be combined with any other offers or promotions.” And no, we don’t know what happens to your space when it comes time to sell (either the condo or the Vespa).

16 thoughts on “The Latest Reminder That Your Neighbor Got A Deal: That Damn Vespa”
  1. Do I have to park a Vespa? Can it be a Honda? Is the space deeded? That would be interesting. Anyone know?

  2. ROFL!
    “soylent green is people!”
    That said, the Vespa is clearly Soylent Red
    I have to admit though, a Vespa is one of the best transportation modalities in all of SF.
    SF is always trying to kill the car… and the Muni sucks… perhaps we should make it a Vespa city?

  3. Ha, Ha, Ha. I can buy my own Vespa. Don’t worry about my Vespa. Just lower the price a few 100Ks and keep your Vespa. Hilarious……..

  4. ya, it is humorous that a Vespa costs $5k (I’m guessing?), and these units are overpriced by at least $100k. I wonder how many people would actually be inticed by this? My guess is Zero.

  5. What’s funnier is how every property featured on socketsite is “overpriced by AT LEAST 100k”, and it’s always “100k”. All the bears must be using the same database and processing tools to conduct their analysis. Fascinating propinquity…
    [Editor’s Note: And with that “tit for tat” we’ll now steer this conversation back to 733 Front in specific. Or incentives in general. Or even those damn scooters. But any comments that even hint at starting another bull versus bear “debate” will be met with a swift and unapologetic demise (i.e., the delete key).]

  6. I’d be more intrigued if it were a proper Italian motorcycle instead…or maybe even a Maserati. But that’s just me.

  7. Ah, the haters. what’s wrong w/ keeping cars off the road? A bicycle person myself, I’d much rather see them give away Vespas than Hummers.

  8. Not every vehicle in the garage at 733 Front Street will be a Vespa. There may be a Ferrari or two. The two top floor units sold from $1.9M to $3.45M.

  9. Maybe this is one of those Nostradamus signs.

    Impending Economic Doom will be signaled by the Lone Scooter Of The Apocalypse.

    I miss Webvan more than Kozmo. I think both companies sold off their gear in dotcom/dotbomb auctions.

    This location on Front st looks like a perfect place to walk to everything, neither Ferrari or Vespa needed. Whatever happened to Lambretta?

  10. Meanwhile, regular condo flats in normal neighborhoods continue to fly off the shelves. Look at 932 Kirkham. Maybe there are simply too many new South Beach lofts for the buying demographic? Lots of us want to live in “San Francisco” type places, don’t we? I dunno. I could be wrong. Seems like normal (and I don’t mean that pejoratively) stuff is doing better.

  11. fluj – these are regular condos not lofts and not in south beach. if you think there are already too many of these types of condos what happens when a few thousand more come on the market next year?
    “regular condo flats in normal neighborhoods continue to fly off the shelves”
    and these two in the marina?
    both seem very “san francisco” and normal to me.

  12. HOA was too much for small units. Like the pyramid scheme, the little guys pay more so top units can pay less. If I had to live there I would hate the people on the top, life too short to hate your neighbors. I bought gold stocks 2 yrs ago, by the time these prices correct with my stocks I could pay all cash!
    Better to rent a nice place and keep my investment going.

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