72 Townsend: Rendering

A plugged-in tipster provides an update on the warehouse to condo transformation of 72 Townsend down in SoMa:

The existing ground floor windows got a good wash yesterday and are now adorned with the news that [74] Luxury Homes are coming soon starting from the $600s. Development is by Thompson Development, hoping that that plans approved last year is what actually gets built.

And yes, “soon” is very much relative (and in this case likely measured in years).

UPDATE: Our tipster also notes the original (prior to changing developers) EIR for 72 Townsend (pdf) and wonders (as well as hopes): is this what will actually get built?

72 Townsend: Drawing

11 thoughts on “A Plugged-In Tipster Reports: 72 Townsend Is Now “Coming Soon””
  1. What total waste of space. This site could easily handle 150+ units. That warehouse is not “historical” but the self described preservationists have effectively become architectural kamikazes.

  2. I kind of like the scale and setback, and if all that blue remains windows I kind of like the design, but the fact that it’s the same developer as 88 Townsend has me worried – that building is a complete disaster both inside and out.

  3. oh, sorry. did he sell this one to someone else? that was the original plan back in the day, along with another second Fleur-de-lis on the ground floor.
    [Editor’s Note: Lambert Development (the developer of 88 Townsend) sold 72 Townsend a few months back (just follow the links).]

  4. While the building may not be an architectural gem, the set back is good and the infill is a positive thing for the neighborhood, hoping that some retails follows.
    My big question is what will actually get build it’s pretty tough to actually confirm from the SF Gov site that what was approved at below, is what will be built.
    Can anyone confirm, or do we have to wait for the marketing porn?

  5. Yet another luxury development… Is is just me, or does anyone else sense an overload of properties for one demographic?

  6. Confirmed, construction starts in March 2013 and is expected to last 18 months. Current plans suggest building will look similar to current renderings above.

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