1005 Duncan in Diamond Heights
It was in the early 1960’s that Joseph Eichler first tried his hand at large-scale urban development (which might have been his company’s undoing). And it was in 1962 that 1005 Duncan first came to be as part of an Eichler Homes development up in Diamond Heights (under the watchful eye of architect Claude Oakland).
Yes, this is right around the corner from 7 Cameo. And yes, pieces of this home look to have been (perhaps unfortunately) “modernized.”
∙ Listing: 1005 Duncan (4/2.5) – $1,238,000 [MLS] []
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Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by Michael

    Perhaps some of the residents in Palo Alto could be inspired by this remodel – it is Eichler City down there. I do note, however, that an Eichler’s open-air design seems a bit out of place for San Francisco, does it not?

  2. Posted by Lori

    Not bad overall, but the yellow paint hurts my eyes and the Home Depot kitchen remodel hurts my eyes even more. That will have to be a complete redo if the buyer wants to get back in touch with the Eichler’s roots.

  3. Posted by anonarch

    Eichler must be spinning in his grave. A true progressive, both in Architecture and in politics, Joseph Eichler built these homes for “working” families. The inexpensive construction was mandated to allow those who were renters to finally step into home ownership. NOW they are collectors items some. SFGate had some articles a while back reminding Eichler fans that these homes can have many repair costs. Still, I love Eichler’s style and progressive beliefs put into action. BTW, Eichler also was one of the first major developers to not discriminate against African American buyers in the Bay Area (This caused him some financial pain as white bigots stayed away from some of his projects). Imagine giving buyers good quality modern design at an affordable cost? We need more Eichlers in the world!

  4. Posted by anon

    Are those flourescent lights in the kitchen? Why, why, why?

  5. Posted by Mystery Realtor

    Great House. Shame about the weather in Diamond Heights though. The great appeal of an Eichler (I grew up in one in Palo Alto) is having that indoor-outdoor feeling.

  6. Posted by Willow

    Just noticed the price has gone up 30K for this place…

  7. Posted by SF Condo Guy

    Hey, is Socket slipping? What gives? This listing has been back on the market for almost two months now, and I haven’t seen it mentioned here. They’re asking $1,239,000. Uhm, that’s right. ONE thousand dollars more than the asking price last October. Who said SF housing prices aren’t still appreciating!? Whoo-hooo!! Go SF! Actually, I do think this is a hidden gem. I’m curious to know why it hasn’t sold. I could see how the in-door/out-door vibe might not be so great up on foggy Diamond Heights, but still — a lot of space, and cool mid-century modern design!

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