4733 25th Street
We found it so much more interesting when the listing for 4733 25th Street up in Noe noted: “NEW PRICE! NEW ATTITUDE!” After all, the list price has been dropped $184,000 (15.6%) over the past two months. And “classic single story home on prime noe valley block” is just so generic (and so much less telling).
∙ Listing: 4733 25th Street (2/1) – $995,000 [MLS]

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by anon

    This place looks tiny. How about lowering the price some more.

  2. Posted by Amen Corner

    Classically ugly.

  3. Posted by fluj

    Above Fountain street, eh? you know why it’s named Fountain street? Because there’s a year round spring under it, bubbling up from the side of Twin Peaks. It runs halfway down 25th and into part of Jersey st. I wouldn’t touch this. Worst Noe location there is.

  4. Posted by james

    too bad for the tear down moratorium
    i’m surprised we don’t have a set price for anything like that here like they do in burlingame. it’s 1.3mm there to buy anything at minimum you plan to tear down. they let you build 50% coverage however, which can be quite nice compared to other parts of the bay area.
    anyone know what that code was here before the new restrictions?

  5. Posted by jake

    Fluj won’t touch it because it might require him to venture south of chestnut street. Which clearly no one with any sense will do. [Removed by Editor]
    That said, I went by this house a while ago shortly after it came on the market, and… it’s TINY. Seriously – I don’t think I’ve seen two-bedroom apartments as small as this place.

  6. Posted by anon

    Wait a minute…According to propertyshark, this place was just sold in June. No purchase price listed. So, is this a flip?

  7. Posted by jake

    I think the realtor mentioned something about an estate – it could be that the current owner just inherited it and lives elsewhere.

  8. Posted by fluj

    You don’t know me, and you don’t know what I do. I’ve done a ton of stuff in Noe Valley. I think it will take a bit of a hit because it’s overpriced, but in general Noe Valley’s gonna be just fine. But this is one of the worst blocks in Noe. Some of the people on here are really too much.

  9. Posted by "Dave"

    This is a half block from Grand View, where another shoe box was for sale a couple months ago. That place was listed at 7-something, I think.
    It’s incredibly steep in these parts, plus windy and foggy. To me, it feels more like Diamond Heights b/c it’s actually not easy to walk anywhere from here. (Well, you can walk down to 24th but good luck climbing home.) I agree with previous comment that this is one of the least desirable spots in Noe. Obviously priced too high.

  10. Posted by Lil ol' me

    zillow.com has the following information:
    sold on 6/18/2007 for $1,077,000

  11. Posted by EH

    If that wrought iron bed is a queen, that bedroom looks to be &lt10ft wide.

  12. Posted by Rebecca Johnston

    OMG If anyone ever ventures over the hill. The Sunset is full of these houses out past 36th Ave. This is a doelger ‘jr 5’. A variation is the doelger full 5. I know families of 6 living in these, some are just starting to add space under, over, and in back. This is not a $900,000.+ house if it has not been expanded. NO WAY.

  13. Posted by anon

    Maybe not a $900k+ house, but how about $700k? I think that’s about how much they are going for in the Sunset.

  14. Posted by BernalDweller

    Just a couple of comments to add some perspective here. First re: location. About 18 years ago I lived on Grand View about a block from this house. Don’t underestimate this neighborhood…yeah, the hill is steep, but the views are incredible, and there are a lot of arguments for living up the hill. The top of Noe Valley, as it is called, tends to command a premium to the Sunset. That’s not an apt neighborhood for comparison. A bit more on that below.
    As for the property itself, I own a very similar property, albeit remodeled, and with a bed and bath added downstairs, in Bernal. This property would probably fetch about $750K in Bernal, plus or minus depending on location. That’s the competition, in my eyes. Given the premium for the “better” location (and some prefer Bernal…just sayin’), I would say this is overpriced by about $100K.

  15. Posted by james

    anecdotal i know but this could be a great sign for those of us that dream of owning an sfh in the city. let’s hope that attitude just keeps on getting better.

  16. Posted by Lil ol' me

    Bernal Dweller:
    But, it sold on 6/18/2007 for $1,077,000
    Is this a short sale?
    Is this a speculator wanting out?
    Is this someone who was transferred and needs out?
    It is selling for almost $100k less than what it was purchased for a few months ago.

  17. Posted by james

    according to the city website, they didn’t pay their december property tax bill until march. might be in trouble.

  18. Posted by sam adams

    My April payment shows up as being paid in June 07 because the title company screwed up.

    So a late payment date by itself means very, very little.

  19. Posted by james

    good point sam. is that because you impound it? i’ve never been a fan of that method.

  20. Posted by Lil ol' me

    Are my posts not showing up? How could someone who bought the home in June 2007 be in trouble for delinquent December 2006 property taxes, which by the way were very low for 2006.

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