Contracts are being closed, new owners are making the move, and in under a week Whole Foods should opening its doors over at The Potrero (451 Kanasas). And according to J.K. Dineen, there’s no early indication of any significant fallout in the conversion rate from deposits to closed contracts.
The Potrero currently stands at roughly 60% reserved/sold: 85% in the North building (which started selling seven months ago) and 35% in the South building (which first hit the market two months ago along with incentives).
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3 thoughts on “The Potrero (451 Kansas): Now 60% “Sold” And Closing Contracts”
  1. Thumbs up for this development, drove by recently and it’s pretty neat also that area of the hill has taken a big jump forward.

  2. Can’t believe people are buying these for the price they are asking. Small floor plans and decent finishes but nothing special. So it’s got a Whole Foods… is that really that big of a deal? Apparently so….

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