700 Broderick
We’re sure there’s a story out there somewhere about 700 Broderick, we just haven’t found it (yet). And yes, the lack of interior photography did raise an eyebrow (or two).
UPDATE: And not too surprisingly, the conversation quickly turns to NOPA. Or Lower Divisadero. Or Western Additon. Or whatever one feels most comfortable calling it today. And no, we don’t think that’s the end of the story.
∙ Listing: 700 Broderick (6/4) – $1,895,000 [MLS]
Let’s Just Call It NoNOPA (North Of NOPA) [SocketSite]

26 thoughts on “And Like There’s Any Chance We Could Resist (700 Broderick)”
  1. Pretty exterior, but given the lack of photos on the MLS, probably needs 1,895,000 worth of updating.
    We had friends living in this neighborhood, and every few months they would hear a gunshot.

  2. Gunshots/gangs aren’t uncommon in these parts at all, which probably has a lot to do with it. That being said, I like the area and have never been worried there day or night.

  3. That section of Divis has been coming up nicely. NOPA is just around the corner. Cafe Abir as well. Yes, persistent problems with Western Addition gang activities…but it feels a lot better in the neighborhood than ten, twenty years ago. And has really turned another corner in just the last couple of years. Looks like a lotta house for the money!

  4. I think some of the best architechure in the city is in the NOPA area that this property is in (especially this E. end of NOPA). I also agree with curmedgeon that this area is substantially improved from the recent past and still offers a pretty darn good value on a $/sf basis for such a central SF location, i.e. you can still find condos w/ garage (not TICs) for 600-700 psf.

  5. random shooting on divis and fulton last week. While the neighborhood has improved, there are still 3-4 shootings per month in this area. not a place for women or children IMHO.
    as a single male, you may wihtstand a few muggings, but not a $2 million neighborhood

  6. “3-4 shootings per month in this area”
    Really? Not sure if I buy this. Any proof other than typical internet chatter and rumors?
    I have never (within the last 5 years or so) felt unsafe while in this area of the city. I also see quite a few families with children in this area (ie women and children), although usually 2-3 blocks W. of Divis. Perhaps it is dumb luck and unique observations on my part, but I am not convinced.

  7. Well for the entire western addition I will buy that there are 3-4 per month, however from divis to masonic it would probably be closer to .5 per month on a yearly average. Again I love this area and think of it more as NOPA than the WA myself and it is definitely an area we have talked about buying in.

  8. There have been more random muggings in the Marina/Cow Hollow recently than in NOPA. Majority of the violence in this neighborhood happens between residents of the public housing projects and is far from random.
    An ex-girlfriend lived around here five years ago prior to much of the change. Professional and petite and was never accosted.

  9. really.. go here
    search by crime and by adreess for the past 90 days.
    below is a sumary report by SFPD of crime within 1000ft of 700 Broderick during past 90 days.
    ex-ex, please give me an address in Marina or Cow Hollow so i can prove to you that what you said is not true.
    Offense Category Total Chart
    ASSAULT 10
    Grand Total 72

  10. http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2007/09/13/MNJ4S18R0.DTL
    S.F. father, son seek justice for suspected robber, end up in jail
    Jaxon Van Derbeken, Chronicle Staff Writer
    Thursday, September 13, 2007
    It first appeared to be an all-too-typical drive-by shooting in San Francisco’s troubled Western Addition – distinguished only because it was witnessed by a member of the city’s Board of Supervisors.
    But police now say the incident was far darker: an extreme case of vigilante vengeance involving a father and his 16-year-old son against a supposed street robber blamed for holding up the youth on the way to school.
    The 39-year-old father, after being summoned to the scene by his son, allegedly ran over the suspected robber in the family car and then urged his son to shoot the prone man in the street. Authorities say he did. Somehow, the man survived. Both father and son now face attempted murder charges.
    “It’s kind of a little bit of an overview of how things are going on out there – the way these kids are running amok,” says Inspector Robert McMillan of the police gang task force. “When you do have a father figure involved, and he is encouraging them to do these things, it’s pretty sad.”

  11. Gummy bear: These stats say nothing re your claim of “3-4 shootings” in the area. This is a city, crime is around. Marina, North Beach, NOPA, etc. all have this type of crime. I have even seen graffitti in nice parts of Pac Heights.

  12. “And not to surprisingly, the conversation quickly turns to NOPA. Or Lower Divisadero. Or Western Additon. Or whatever one feels most comfortable calling it today. And no, we don’t think that’s the end of the story.”
    Huh? Seems most people here are calling it NOPA. Park North for those who use the MLS. i do not understand the part re “the end of the story”. Perhaps someone can enlighten?
    [Editor’s Note: In other words, we’re still looking for the scoop on the house (and not just the neighborhood).]

  13. Same report for the corner of Fillmore and Lombard in Cow Hollow:
    ASSAULT 12
    Grand Total 93
    More assaults, more thefts and a sex offense for good measure.

  14. Good data pull ex-ex. With the exception of vehicle theft (15 v 6), everything in CH is greater than or equal to NOPA. And, if you want to avoid getting forced into a sex act…stay in NOPA and away from the prep crowd in CH/Marina. 😉

  15. I used to live on that block. I think the 700 block of Broderick has some of the best Victorians around — and I am not a huge fan of them. The long-time owners there have done a great job maintaining or restoring those buildings. They’re also a nice group of people.

  16. Man, count those fireplace flues. 6 just in that one photo! Last time I walked into a house that had that many fireplaces, including one in an upper bedroom like that shown in the photo, the house had no central heating.
    Hard to tell from the spartan info and photos posted on the MLS, but I don’t see any heat registers in the two interior photos. I may be wrong, but if I’m not, is a total lack of heat enough of a scoop on the house?

  17. The crime maps are cool! In a 3/4 mile radius centered on Fulton and Divis, 983 offenses were reported in the last 90 days.
    If you center the map on Union and Fillmore, 717 offenses are listed.
    But if you move the map to center on Laguna at Eddy, the number skyrockets to 2000 offenses in 3/4 of a mile.

  18. This is a great area of town. Lots of cool places like Eddy’s and The Blue Jay. Places I eat at often. Cool local video store. I have a friend who lives on the 500 block and she loves it here. Some of the best architecture in SF. Lot’s of hipsters around free thinking and writing the next great book. Lot’s of families here too. Plenty of children. This side of Divis is much quieter than the other. Mostly residential. Interior photos are online and have been from the start.

  19. I live several blocks away. There are regular shootings and have been numerous murders in the 2 years I’ve been there. If residents continue to look the other way and confuse the Divis groove w/safety — and if the city is incapable of addressing the elephant (the projects) why would an end be in sight?
    Notwithstanding, don’t understand why this stunning house is priced @ 1.9. With average NOPA flats going for 1-1.2, this seems very low.

  20. Alright, see below from NOPNA website re shootings:
    “This is the second shooting in our neighborhood the past 18 months.” 8/15/06
    Equates to an average of one shooting every nine months over the last 1.5 years (05-06). I do not equate this with “regular shootings”, but some may have a different definition than myself. I don’t have the data, but I would guess that there are shootings that occur as often or more often in areas of SF that people generally consider “more desirable” than NOPA. North beach comes to mind…
    Invented, as far as I know there are no “projects” in NOPA. They are all in WA from what I have seen. Some combine these areas (NOPA and WA), others do not. I subscribe to the latter group and feel much different walking around NOPA in comparison to WA or even the Alamo Square area.
    As far as a scoop on this property, perhaps the first open house will hold the answers for those who decide to attend, but it seens incredibly cheap on a psf basis for the area (as noted by invented). If I was in the market in this price range I would at least take a gander and see if there’s any heat or not.

  21. Ah Craig…names names names.
    Western Addition was what a huge section of SF was called before gentrification. “lower” Pacific Heights was once part of the Western Addition. Alamo Square was carved off when people started renovating the big mansions around the park. North Panhandle was popularized somewhat later, I think, and NOPA (like SOHO, SOMA, etc) is a pretty recent invention which has been even more popularized by the restaurant of the same name. Crass to say this, but it seems that whatever remains of the Western Addition is where poor black people live. Everything else gets a new spiffy name.
    There is indeed a SFHousing Authority “project” very nearby…1750 McAllister between Baker and Broderick has 97 units of housing. Mostly studios, so I’m guessing that it’s largely elderly housing, but hard to tell from the SFHA website. I’ve never been aware of a problem there. But when I lived at Scott and McAllister ten or so years ago, there were definite problems in the greater neighborhood, and you had to keep your eyes open, particularly closer to Turk and Fillmore.
    Finally, in regard to why such a handsome building could be so cheap. Maybe its just because all things Victorian are so out of style right now. Take a look at this website. Many of the featured properties that people love so much are very modern (think Dwell magazine). “Mid-century” is the new black.
    Victorians…well, people see them as pretty fussy. Twenty years ago, gay guys and yuppies were painstakingly restoring them, putting in Bradbury & Bradbury wallpaper, shopping for period moldings at Victoriana, and buying period lighting fixtures. (I tried to hock some fine Victorian furniture I inherited from an ex recently, and was surprised to learn it’s worth about 1/3 of what it was purchased for twenty years ago!)
    I agree that that block of Broderick is one of the handsomest in the City. But I simply don’t think that kind of property is in fashion right now. Good time to be a contrarian, probably, and let someone else overpay for the ultra-cool (but perhaps a bit sterile) cutting edge architecture elsewhere in town, and bag this magnificent house for a pittance by comparison.

  22. Anyone who purchases this house will have to plan on spending quite a lot of money to keep the exterior maintained. A quality paint job on this place would be very expensive (four exposed sides). Victorians in SF need to be carefully prepped and painted a minimum of every eight years. Otherwise you are looking at repairing dry rot along with a paint job.

  23. It was all “The Fillmore” at one point. Originally “Western Addition,” as the city’s annex west of Van Ness. Then came the ’40s and the era of the Fillmore district, then it was redeveloped and called Western Addition again, and on and on, Park North, Panhandle, etc. Now lame ass NOPA. (Not the restaurant. Love the restaurant. I just think it’s lame how we always gotta bite NYC. SOMA too — “SOMA” sounds dumb when spoken aloud. It’s OK written down. But spoken? Cringe.) Anyway, some people still call it the Fillmore. And Turkwood is the sketchy area over there, only two blocks from this house.

  24. Real nice block, I wonder about the inside, walked past it last night on my way back from Flybar, and the lower area, had lights on, and looked like there was a kitchen down there. and was half painted.
    Looked not great. I’m sure the rest of the place is in better shape, and its a great block.
    What I think was a brave purchase was the one a couple of years ago on Hayes and Buchanan.
    I saw the inside of it, and the new owners did a great job with the exterior, and the low income housing across the street will never go away.
    Of course I think it was listed for around 1M.

  25. I lived in this neighborhood for a few years and fondly remember a pair of middle aged Russian guys who used to terrorize the ‘hood every couple of months.
    They used to get completely wasted and I think at that point their wives would kick them out of the house. So they would continue their two day bender on Fulton Street. They would knock on your door and try and barge into your house when you opened it. I remember seeing my neighbor across the street trying to get them off his property by brandishing a nine iron.
    By Monday they would disappear, then you would see them again on the street with their wives and kids, looking like a perfectly normal family. Bizarre.
    Anyhow, isn’t that house owned by one of the Editors at the Washington Post, or something?

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