The remodeled kitchen, baths and backyard at 2722 Sutter are interesting. But to be honest, it was the original woodwork, ceiling, and glass (both stained and leaded) in the study that we found worthy of a SocketSite mention.
∙ Listing: 2722 Sutter (4/2.5) – $1,695,000 [2722sutter.com] [MLS]

9 thoughts on “A San Francisco Edwardian With An Asian Influence (2722 Sutter)”
  1. Amazing! The sellers of this house have invented time travel (“built in 2009”)! I was also excited to see was a “Vitual” tour involved.
    You’re selling something worth more than the average American will earn in his/her lifetime. Couldn’t you bother to spellcheck?

  2. Of course, note the irony of me mistyping ‘what’ (‘was’) in a post complaining about spellchecking. Then again, I was writing a blog comment, not selling a $1.7m house.

  3. Funny – I missed “vitual”. Did you notice “Your” instead of “Tour”??
    Now I’m curious what else was missed – but don’t you think that we (or at least socketsite) should get some sort of commission from those realtors too lazy to do their own proofreading???
    And why no price on the website? Is that some new marketing gimmick???

  4. “An San Francisco Edwardian…” ?
    Beautiful place.
    [Editor’s Note: It’s definitely going to be one of those days…]

  5. Love the “double pained windows” too …
    This is embarrassing and completely unacceptable. If I were the sellers, I would fire these realtors for their obvvious lack of attention to detail. When you’re selling a place for that amount of money there is NO excuse for mistakes like the ones that have been noted.

  6. In spite of all the typos, it’s a stunningly beautiful place in a neighborhood that, while not top shelf, isn’t on South Van Ness or next to a freeway off ramp. And all for $500 psf. Have I read that right? 500 psf? Not including the 850 sf storage (read potential expansion) space.
    I never thought I’d see something this nice for that kind of price. I don’t think the typos are going to hold the buyers back. It may not be everyone’s style, but wow.
    In spite of all of the insults directed at the Realtor, he appears to have done what most Realtors cannot seem to do: convince the sellers to set an aggressive price in a changed marketplace. That’s a successful Realtor, no matter how you “spel” it.

  7. It is indeed $500/ft but it’s also a Condo, complete with HOAs and leased parking. Add that to a not-so-great ‘hood and the price seems reasonable, if not an outright value.

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