1495 Monterey
1495 Monterey: Kitchen
1495 Monterey Boulevard looks to be a beautifully maintained English Tudor designed by Henry Gutterson on a large lot with garden(s) and an updated kitchen with doors opening the dining room up to the brick patio (perfect for a housewarming barbeque to which we could be invited). Yes, we like the English charm (and French doors). And yes, we’re looking right past the bathrooms.
∙ Listing: 1495 Monterey Boulevard (3/2) – $1,850,000 [McGuire] [MLS]

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by Trip

    Very nice place. I’d live there. But what’s with the $2186/mo HOA dues? That is very odd. Also, there’s a place that looks to be similarly sized (but less yard) three blocks down the street for $700,000 less — looks to be the better buy.

  2. Posted by EH

    Man, it’s so rare for a Real Estate company to have a decent salespage and photo gallery. Are they skimping on the IT budget or something?

  3. Posted by Henry

    It’s in St. Francis Wood — there are HOA dues to help maintain public areas.

  4. Posted by james

    is this in monterey heights or in st francis woods? i see it’s on the busy street, monterey, and that they paid 1.5 back in 02. did they spend anything on it or was it already remodeled?

  5. Posted by hoa

    The HOA dues are almost certainly per year, not monthly.

  6. Posted by anon

    The HOA dues are yearly.

  7. Posted by kit

    Only problem with that neighborhood is it’s the worst weather in the city…when it’s foggy no where else it’ll be foggy in St. Francis Wood…why is it though that houses out there, in this economy, are still selling over asking??? Saw another house a block away advertised for $2,200,000 by same realtor and heard it sold for $over $300,000 more…amazing…

  8. Posted by Anon2

    “…why is it though that houses out there, in this economy, are still selling over asking???”
    Because there will always be houses that are listed below fair market value in an attempt to generate multiple bids and irrational behavior.

  9. Posted by Chris

    This is one of the most charming houses in the area…a large Monterey Cypress tree fell on the house a number of years ago and it was damaged but extensively remodelled and beautifully rebuilt…except for the incredible multi-color slate roof which was not replaced. It’s very “country cottage” but much bigger than it looks since it’s built down-hill… and has always been one of my favorite houses in the “Wood”…and I live less than a block away…

  10. Posted by harry

    has anyone been down to the basement celler/storage area? it’s very musty…smells like mold to me. i’d check the foundations for H2O problems.

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